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Chapter 8 : Chapter 08 : Feeding each other in the classroom!

My Grandfather or My Boyfriend

Feng Yin and Feng Xuan entered their together after Feng Xuan making every effort to get rid of sticky Xuan Ming and he even forced to giving the team his advice to improve after school.

"Good morning prince!"

"Good day prince!"

Every female in the started to greet Feng Xuan and calling him 'Prince'.

"Good morning! Why are you all called me prince?" Feng Xuan greeted everyone back and asked.

"Prince you didn't know? After you defeated Xuan Ming yesterday, all female in Nan Ming high school fall head over heel to you and decided to build your fans club named 'Silver Prince Yi Xuan Fans Club' consist of all female student in the school! Now all people in the school will probably call you Silver Prince." one of the female telling to Feng Xuan.

"Really? Then all the people in the school should be calling my girlfriend 'Silver Princess' then right?" Feng Xuan smiled mischievously while looking at Feng Yin.

"Who…Who wants to be your princess…" Feng Yin quickly retorted and looked away but Feng Xuan could still saw her cheek turned pink then Feng Xuan laughed gently.

Many females in the got really jealous when they hear that but since the one saying it is Feng Xuan himself they could say nothing about it.

While everyone in the is busily chatting. The school chime is ringing and everyone back to their own seat, the teacher enters the and the begin.

After about 30 minutes since the begun, Feng Xuan starts to doze off. Actually, he got many works to do but he still forced himself to finish it all in one go till morning and attending school in the morning with Feng Yin even though he still did not get enough sleep. But the teacher in the now of course not knows about it.

"Feng Xuan! I know you are smart and could get all the perfect in the but that doesn't mean you could sleep in the ! Now come forward and finish the problem on the whiteboard!" The teacher angrily shouted at Feng Xuan.

Feng Xuan walked forward and finished the problem on the whiteboard swiftly then he turned to the teacher and talk.

"Teacher you made a mistake in using this You should use it like this instead of like that so we could finish this problem easier without extra variable since it would easier to make a mistake in when doing so. You should study it more thoroughly before teaching it to your student about it, so you won't make your student repeat your mistake later on!" Feng Xuan reprimanded the teacher for his mistake.

"Oh… Yes, you are right. I am sorry about it, I won't repeat it again!" The teacher nodded his head continuously then he realized that he is still in the and coughing.

"Silver Prince is so cool!" one of the females in the said it while the other has an intoxicated face when watching Feng Xuan.

The teacher let the Feng Xuan sit again on his seat. After Feng Xuan sat on his seat, he began to dozing off again until the over and this time the teacher afraid to wake him again.


The bell chime is ringing signaling the break time.

"Grandfa… Feng Xuan If you still exhausted from working then you don't need to attend today and rest in your own room. Especially, since you don't even need to study anymore!" Feng Yin tells Feng Xuan worriedly.

"Don't worry I am alright… Since you are so worried why don't you feed me instead, aren't you brought your lunch today?" Feng Xuan smiled mischievously.

"You also brought yours right? Why I should feed you mine?" Feng Yin answered while opening her lunch box.

"Aaaah…" Feng Xuan already opened his mouth while looking at Feng Yin.

At first, Feng Yin didn't want to do it since it was too embarrassing. But when she remembers that Feng Xuan's fatigued looks just now, she felt a trace of pity and pain in her heart. Then she began to spoon-feed Feng Xuan.

Feng Xuan thought Feng Yin will not do it and he only teased her for it. But when she begins to feed him, Feng Xuan happily eating it like a baby until Feng Yin's lunch box is empty.

After that, Feng Xuan began to open his lunch box.

"Aaaaah…" Feng Xuan is saying it to Feng Yin again.

"What? There is no more…" Feng Yin confused.

"I am saying that I will feed you in return. Now open your mouth! Aaaah…" Feng Xuan to Feng Yin and brings his spoon to her mouth.

"There is no need to return it. I could buy some bread at the nearby convenience store." Feng Yin tried to refuse.

"How could I make you do that? Listen, this lunch box of mine would be wasted if no one eating it and I also could not owe you for feeding me so I will return it to you now!" Feng Xuan face and sound is but he is laughing in his heart.

Feng Yin's will has wavered and she opened her mouth then Feng Xuan grinning widely while feeding her little by little until his lunch box is empty too.

Feng Yin's face reddened like tomatoes and not dare to stare at Feng Xuan anymore. While the rest of the female in the is burning with the of jealousy.

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