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Chapter 12 : Prelude in the Solar Kingdom of the Sun

The Legend of the Neanderthal Mage

"Orchid It does not matter! There's nothing I can do about it, I must follow she it!" Max was , but there was no for him to choose.

The Phoenix then let out a shrill scream and majestically landed on the Tower's terrace.

"Come on, you do not expect me to take you in the arm, right?" seeing Max with a confused and distant look, the woman called him with a look of disapproval.

Max then took a step forward and jumped into the back of the Phoenix, which made another shrill scream and seemed to disapprove of an insignificant ant to mount it, refusing to follow in flight.

The woman was not surprised. She took off her beautiful staff and began reciting a spell.

"Do not tell me that ... She's a witch... This staff... It should be at least a staff of the epic post or maybe... Legendary... Incredible!" Max murmured inwardly, more and more impressed by how this woman was.

"The strangest thing is that this woman does not seem to be an NPC..." As Max was in her thoughts, the meticulously woman finished her spell.

A great crack began to open in space.

"She has the power of space? What a superb woman! She could not just travel around opening a space crevice? Why mount a phoenix?" Max was wondering internally and then, they went into the crack.

At the same instant, they left the other side of the crevice.

"What an incredible , this seems more like being a man's paradise..." Max was watching the scene he had just come in and was dazzled.

In a vast field of red roses with beautiful women in their white dresses, are a great contrast of charm and beauty.

Unfortunately, Max did not have much time to enjoy this incredible scenery when the Phoenix landed towards a large castle.

As Max jumped out of the Phoenix into the castle courtyard, a series of announcements echoed in his ears taking him by surprise.

System: You were the first to the Orchid Rewarded: 100,000 ED, 500 fame and 10 merit points.

"10 merit points? This is very good!" in the past, Max knew that by exploring new lands if he would earn 5 merit points and never before had anyone earned 10 merit points. "It probably happened because of the fact that I'm the first to explore a star." Max concluded, when his surprise did not stop there.

<< System Announcement: to the Neanderthal of the Kingdom of Sun for being the first to explore a new star, the of the Orchids. Rewarded: 100 silver coins, 100,000 ED, 500 fame and 10 merit points. >>

<< System Announcement: to the Neanderthal of the Kingdom of Sun...

<< System Announcement: to the Neanderthal of the Kingdom of Sun...

This new series of ads took all off guard. While still discussing how Maximum had achieved such a feat, another unknown was even more impressive when exploring an entire star.

There was no matrix since no one had reached level 10. How did he achieve this? What is happening with this game? Is there any secret behind this Kingdom of the Sun? Everyone wondered.



In a line of adventurers waiting their turn to repair their weapons at the , a young man in his early twenties looked doubtfully at a middle-aged man just behind.

"What's going on here? It's okay for that to break the of an ad in a that is not , as we could still see where the Tower was located! However, someone even more unknown with this strange nick Neanderthal appears and explores a star? And all this came from unknown from the Kingdom of the Sun!"

The middle-aged man was equally shocked. "If this continues, I fear that the small Kingdom of the Sun will increase its and attract even from our Green House Empire that we are its neighbors." speaking up to this point, the man frowned and became gloomy to releasing a strong to kill.

The passers-by who were discussing whether there was any kind of privilege for the in the Kingdom of the Sun shuddered at the strong intent of death and closed their mouths quickly.

The young man who had spoken first looked thoughtful and then made his "Gustavo Gui, I will leave this case with you! I do not care about your means, I want to know if there is any secret behind the insignificant Kingdom of the Sun and all about this Neanderthal and that Maximum ;

"Do not worry, I'm going to send my nephew Gustian Gui to the Kingdom of the Sun. He has his tricks to deal with it!" said the middle-aged man with a cold smile.


of the Rising Soul.

In a 3-star hotel that was the highlight of the , a chubby man was in one of the bedrooms supporting a beautiful woman in formal clothes in the dog's

He had just lifted his long skirt and was about to tear the lady's underwear when he suddenly froze and his instrument, which seemed to be proud of standing up, faded and went back to sleep.

"What the hell, we can not even find out about Maximum and another unknown has appeared with an even more absurd system announcement!" the chubby quickly tucked his pants into the air and dashed out of the hotel.

In a restaurant, a group of with their intimidating auras fought each other about the new ad when a chubby little ran in.

"What do you know? Am I the only one who has never heard of this Neanderthal? Or is him that another hidden ; the chubby man asked hurriedly.

The others looked at each other and nodded in response. "We have already pondered our data on any Neanderthal and all we found out is that he is as as Maximum !" one of the men said in a helpless tone.

"Damn it! That bastard of the Maximum did not give us a face even after we've raised the proposal for the signing of the contract to 15 credits. Does not he know that this sum is just the door opening to his profits? the chubby man was agitated and

It was not without reason that the chubby man had lost his temper. For he knew that whoever hired them first would have great gains in the future and this has been proven with games by who have broken of other achievements. Today, they were all and especially the companies that had their contractual rights over each one of them.

"We can not stay behind the other media ! We have to take advantage of the fact that we are in the same Kingdom ... Phantom hand... publish in the forum..."


Forum Domain of Inhumans


Theme: CYCs Media offers 20,000,000 credits to contract with you, Neandertal. Get in touch!

1: Passer-by : It looks like it's CYCs Media's turn to make your move now!

2: Passerby Y: As expected from the great competitor of the Ghost !

3: Passer-by A: Not if surprising! Although they it did not manifest itself by Maximum , it would be bizarre if they were silent again.

4: Passerby B: In the end, it looks like this Neanderthal is another hidden

5: Passerby C: What will be the of the Ghost

6: Passerby D: Wow! Ghost Hand just posted a new topic even more impressive!

7: Passerby E: Damn! Entered i the wrong post...


Topics in forum highlights.


Theme: The Phantom offers 100,000,000 credits to close a contract. Neandertal please contact us!

1: Ghost Hand: Preferably, contact me to negotiate ...

2: Passer-by X: Wow! With all this sum, I would not even worry about the CEL project anymore.

3: Passerby Y: Oh my God! Ghost hand take me as a lover? I know how to warm the bed!

4: Passer-by A: Why not sit on your father's lap here?

5: Passerby B: Has anyone anything about this Neanderthal?

6: Passerby C: I just looked at the Ranking of the fame of the games and I did not find anything!

7: Passerby D: This is certainly another hidden !

8: Passer-by E: No matter who he is... The is, how the hell did he get to explore another when we did not even explore our

9: Passerby F: How to know? Never before have I heard of games with other stars!

10: Passerby G: As far as I know this is the first VR game that it is possible to go to other stars.

11: Passer-by H: Whatever it is, things will get restless in our Kingdom of the Sun...


like these were springing up even faster than the first ad. In fact, if the game had barely begun and the had not yet exposed their , how was it possible to explore a new That was the doubts everyone had.

If Max had not attracted enough to his Maxima , now he had in awakening even one who was not looking at this Kingdom. Anyway, things will be shaken in the Sun Kingdom...


"What a curse! I just got my nick changed and I get another system announcement? It looks like I'll have to deal with some challenges later!" Max was thoughtful when he stepped into a large courtyard with rugs and curtains, vines draped in rose petals.

At the end of the path, there was the rug stretched and a few steps leading to a throne. "Even the throne is wrapped in rose petals. It seems that roses must be to their crops." looking closer, Max then looked at a beautiful lady sitting on the throne wearing a beautiful Phoenix crown.

The beautiful lady looked at Max with a faint smile and bright eyes, making Max uneasy. "Then the young heir came to pay me a visit!" his voice was so heavenly that she could even leave the fairies with envy.

"How seductive she! Just per hear her voice, I almost had a ; Max thought and fought not to lose his composure.

"Young man, I've been waiting for you for some time! An old friend and I made some for you." the beautiful lady sayd with a smile of overthrowing Kingdoms and Empires.

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