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Chapter 572 : To Beg For Forgiveness


Qing Er was just like back in the day, following Chu Yu by his side, leaving this lonely and cold universe.

When she left, her eyes showed a sense of longing. She was not heartless, she was just innocent.

Soon, the two of them left this

On their return journey, Chu Yu saw that there was a fleet of vessels flying towards the system.

He thought that they were the invaders who did not give up, but something was amiss.

These vessels were all pristine and different.

There were no aggressive magical or equipment on board.

Some of the cannons were even removed.

Chu Yu hid in the shadows with Qing Er as the observed them.

The vessels were beautiful, their speeds were incredible.

Some of them even had Legendary Emperor Beasts inside with beautiful women.

They interacted amicably like friends who were familiar with one another.

Their divine senses were open, there was nothing to hide.

"Are you going there as well?".

"We have to.".

"Indeed, I never thought that the system would be so powerful.".

"It's a pity, what a shame.".

Many of the people were quiet.

There were no smiles.

There were the defeated who were going to surrender, to beg for

No matter how high and mighty they perceived themselves to be, they had to lower their heads.

"Divine Lady Jing Hong is here as well?" a young man asked.

A divine sense echoed from one of the vessels, "Long time no see, Divine Son Lie Tian.".

"You're going to seek as well?" the young man asked.

"Seek Do we have that right?" a light laughter echoed.

She sighed, "If it's possible, I'll one of his servants.".

"Why do you have to lower yourself to such standards?" the young man shook his head.

He was a talent that could easily suppress the older exponents, and was in the process of retrieving ancient objects. But he was trapped within the magical and unable to join the battle with the system.

He didn't mind at first, he thought that they had the system beat.

He thought that the beings there were all dead, that it was an undeniable truth.

This was something that couldn't be changed.

The system could never have withstood the attack of thousands of Saints.

Divine Son Lie Tian was not interested in such trivial affairs. He felt that everything would settle in once he was there at the system.

It was the attitude of a king.

But even he could not have guessed the - the system was terrifyingly powerful, their men had all died.

Up till then, he could not believe that this was reality.

But the news was widespread, he knew that their alliance had lost.

An utter defeat!

But how in the world did they lose? He wanted to get this clear, and he wanted to be the first to seek

No matter how they lost, he knew that no one in their alliance was powerful enough to the system now.

To sink the armies of an alliance across the universe, how terrifying was that?

Despite that, he didn't think that someone of Divine Lady Jing Hong's stature would do such a thing.

He liked her.

He even wanted to propose to her after the battle, he believed that she would no reject him.

But now, that seemed to be impossible.

If the system came out guns , they would all die.

Divine Son Lie Tian had no answer for her problems, he did not need to answer her.

She didn't believe that he could not see this.

For all he knew, perhaps he was intending to do the same thing.

"Are they very afraid of you now?" Qing Er asked Chu Yu

"Looks like it," he nodded.

"You're great!" Qing Er smiled.

The two of them followed them back to the edges of the system.

Its thick shell was still there.

Under normal circumstances, the outsiders would just their way through, but that seemed impossible now.

All of them stopped outside the shell in an orderly manner.

Some looked at each other with awkward

They were all from noble origins from different part of the universe.

But they had come to beg for

From one of the vessels, an old veteran alighted.

His brows and hair were white, he was tall and had a hidden divine light in his eyes.

He was a cultivator that had reached the peaks of the Saint Realm.

He could clearly feel that the world had gone through a big chance.

Even his was affected!

He was confident that he could surge into the Great Saint Realm within the next hundred years!

But there was a problem, the system was there, and they probably harboured a deep hatred towards them.

He could not bear to give up the next of his family, hence he flew here alone.

Not all cultivators were heartless, blood was thicker than water.

That was why he had to come!

He wanted to form a peace treaty.

Once he reached the Great Saint realm, he would come back and massacre them! To return the favour!

Such Elders of the Mortal Realm were far and few.

But he had to get two things straight.

One, how did this world change so drastically to allow Great Saints again? Two, how were his men defeated?

As long as he could ascertain this , he could come to a common understanding with the system.

He could ask for , he could compensate them, everything was fine!

All he needed was time.

Time for him to reach that stage of

The Old Veteran and other elders exchanged some

They all knew each other's

After congregating there for three days, their numbers increased by many more.

In the end, they chose a beautiful girl with the system's blood.

It was Divine Lady Jing Hong.

"My body has the blood of the system? How can this be?".

She didn't believe it as she looked at the elder.

She had a strong sense of in her heart.

After all, her ;s blood was always as the best.

She looked like a woman in her thirties, but her age was far older than that.

She sighed.

There were only two people in the room she was in.

"Child, our … belongs to the system. Because back in the day, the one I married was a powerful being from there," the ancient ancestor of her said with a look of nostalgia.

"Why haven't you told me about this?" she asked in disbelief.

The ancient ancestor looked her in the eye and said, "My is the most powerful in the , if this news were to spread, it would incite great chaos!".

"What about now then?!" Divine Lady Jing Hong thought to herself.

The female ancient ancestor looked at her, "What about now? Do you want to return to where you belong?".

Divine Lady Jing Hong did not make a sound.

The system was undefeatable now that they had so powerful.

What was the harm of announcing her bloodline and returning there now?

"You're too na?ve. If that were to happen, our would be ripped to shreds by the many angry people. Moreover, it's too late! When they had their troubles, we never helped them. If it were you, would you us now?" the ancient ancestor sighed.

Divine Lady Jing Hong said, "Perhaps they won't have that sense of rivalry anymore?".

The ancient ancestor sighed again, "This grudge is as thick as blood, it isn't something that we can change. Go on child, no matter what happens, things wouldn't affect you much. Bring my name and imprintment to the Son of the Emperor of the system. If you can stay by his side, that will be your destiny!".

"I… I don't want to leave the ," Divine Lady Jing Hong sighed.

"No matter what happens, that Son of the Emperor will a great man. He will go to the of Stars eventually. Your future will be bright if you follow him," the ancient ancestor added.

"Elder, what about you…".

"When we die, the grudges would be resolved.".

"Go on, someone is observing our When the Son of the Emperor sees my mental imprint, he will understand everything.".

The ancient ancestor's last two sentences were , but Divine Lady Jing Hong seemed to understand what she meant.

She nodded her head and left.

Following this, a few powerful old figures appeared from their ancient vessels.

The blocked her and her before letting her go.

She could feel that a powerful storm was brewing.


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