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Chapter 21 : Hel

Transmigrated by Accident

Upon entering the realm of hel, Eldrid tried teleporting but found that it seemed an almost impossible feat. This was likely caused by the influence of Hel. As she suppressed the ability of those under her domain from escaping.

While walking Eldrid felt the temperature was almost as cold as the frozen river he had crossed. There was also the feeling as though the air was several times heavier than before.

The sight that was before him was an unpleasant one. As scenes of frozen bodies were strewn about the ground with signs of each being by the birds and beasts.

Further along it was entirely white, the ground was covered in layers of snow and bones. Also within his view was a strange skeletal with leaves of ice that grew from the ground.

It was cold enough for energy waves to form in the sky. to Aurora borealis or better known as the northern lights.

However, unlike the northern lights this energy is deadly to the touch due to the extreme cold(1).

The Aurora in the sky was the only thing providing light to the dark land of Hel. In its own way it offered the only thing pleasing to the eyes, as even the falling snow seemed to bleach the land of all traces of life.

The air grew colder as he walked further into Hel's depths, the landscape more bleak and depressing. Whatever scenery there may have been was blocked out by the relentless blizzard.

As Eldrid finally arrived at the gate of éljúenir, Hel's home there he find a wolf laying down blocking his way to the gate.

The wolf's neck was bound by strange chains that seemed to flicker in and out of reality. They rattled and as the giant wolf rose up and howled before laying back down.

"Fenrir(2) son of Loki I presume." Eldrid stated.

"I do not sense the smell of death upon you, it appears my sister will have to deal with you."

Eldrid kept silent as the mere sight of Fenrir's eyes made him nervous, as they were darker and than anything he had ever seen, betraying Fenrir's desire to devour everything.

"Devourer, has anyone living passed through these gates recently?"

A female voice was heard aloud "Yes, but what of it?"

Eldrid looked behind Fenrir to see an average looking women with a grim and fierce her unpleasant personality, she was half and half white.

He then went on with his usual speech of seeking out Leonard Welser.

However Hel stated, "What I do in my realm is none of your business. Unless you come with gifts or would you perhaps offer something to barter. This in itself is highly unlikely, you can leave."

However a sooty red rooster dashed through the walls a quarter mile away from the gate, leaving a gaping hole.

"I see you have a rooster problem... If I can catch it would you let me know what I seek about my bounty?"

Hel laughed at this before saying "Good luck boy."

'Dave you haven't been much help other than languages you know, can I get some sort of heavenly chicken feed or something?"

[Fine... I guess I owe you some rewards...]

[Item obtained: Heavenly chicken feed]

[: All chicken's, even those in the ascendant realm, will immediately come running for this feed.]

Eldrid proudly stated to Hel, "How much are you willing to bet the food I have will lure back your rooster?"

"The food of a mere mortal? PAH! I'll give you whatever you want if your food can do it, HOWEVER this food can't have come from within the realm of the dead or been given to you by an ascendant. However, if you lose you will serve me for eternity." Hel stated with a cruel and greedy smile.

"Deal, however swear on your divinity, I'm well aware of the fact you're almost as tricky as your father." Eldrid said.

Hel frowned but obliged, at which Eldrid pulled out the bag of seed.

"You said it couldn't be given by a transcendent, you said nothing about a system."

"There's no guarantee the rooster will come for it..." Hel said before trailing off as the rooster came running back even faster than it had run away.

'Trickery has it's uses, I have to love the fact I always used to trick friends back on earth.' Eldrid said to himself in an internal monologue.

"I'll hold onto this favor for now... however I do believe you also owe me some info on Leonard Welser's ;

"He left a while ago, heading westwards."

"That wasn't so hard, now was it?"

"Don't be so proud mortal."

"I need a way to contact you to cash in the favor."

Hel frowned while tossing Eldrid a small bone before fading into the snow behind her gates.

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