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Chapter 20 : Training

Transmigrated by Accident

A bright orange figure stood before the shores of an icy river with a dense fog only several yards away from him.

Eldrid had to spend a month to try and learn the fine control of mana, which much to his dismay only gained him a rudimentary control of mana.

What Eldrid didn't know is that there were only two ways to advance to the spirit metal realm, rudimentary control of mana slowly transforming the spirit into the next realm or by sheer quantity of mana bursting through all at once.

Needless to say Eldrid used the method of sheer quantity of mana, however most people had to spend at least a year to even gain the level of rough control over mana.

Eldrid may seem like the perfect cultivator, however each of the multiverse had it's own supreme talents like him, and many of them have the advantage of a bloodline, such as Adrian.

Eldrid's bloodline was that of a normal human who slew a dragon, which improved his strength and compared to normal humans, but was too thin to help much.

In fact it was an extremely weak bloodline compared to most, however the perk of his bloodline was that you weren't shackled by it when reaching the ascendant realm.

In fact Eldrid's bloodline was still , he only knew he gained it from Sigurd the legendary , but nothing else.

What puzzled Eldrid even more so was that Malthael couldn't sense it but that Odin could.

What he didn't know was that it was a hidden bloodline that only people of Norse heritage could see, only Dave noticed this.

When Eldrid first began training his sword spirit had to had to guide him through the entire process, making him feel the entire process to form the energy of muscle memory.

After several weeks of training he was forced to perform mana control while doing such as dodging, , punching, running and other other exercises.

During the entire process both Dave and his sword spirit were coaching him.

By the end of basic training he could guide mana through his body to an level, which was what was required to strengthen his cells by using Odin's manual. However he wasn't able to control mana as precisely outside his body yet, and was still wasting about thirty percent of the mana he used during combat.

Eldrid's cells had been their enhanced greatly by Dave when he lost his limb allowing it to regrow, however they were just as "soft" as before, which was at the level of steel.

Eldrid began guiding mana through his cells in the complex manor shown in the manual.

"AAAAAAH!!!" Eldrid screamed in pain before swearing profusely enough to make a sailor blush.

After calming down Eldrid tried again, this time he was able to withstand it, barely.

His cells felt like they were being torn apart and burnt by hot coals and acid before being frozen back together.

Needless to say it was an unpleasant experience.

After an hour of practicing he knew if he practiced anymore it would cause irreparable damage, mostly because Dave told him that he had to wait a full day before using the method again.

After training for a month Eldrid had finally strengthened himself enough to earn the part of the manual.

'The first level of should be enough to deal with the river right?'

[Probably, however you'll need to adjust yourself to your new strength as you don't have enough control of your body now.]



Eldrid began looking forward to finding Adrian, as necromancers had plenty of for him to test his strength on.

Eldrid walked over to the river and took a step, instead of losing feeling in his leg, it only felt cold to him this time.

Eldrid had, to training, attempted to both fly and teleport past the river. When he tried to fly over the air pressure increased so greatly around him he was shot back to shore fast enough to break the speed of sound. When he tried to teleport, the was some sort of barrier preventing him from doing so.

Eldrid began to walk across the river, however with his now greatly enhanced eyesight he noticed that there were many strange things darting around under the ice, and since he was constantly met with random he summoned his sword spirit expecting a fight, however nothing happened during his journey across the frozen waters.

This made him wonder what those shadows were, however he knew that if he broke the ice, the saying "all hell broke loose" would likely apply.

After crossing to the other shore Eldrid's got the best of him, and made a giant stone sword and hurled it at the ice.

However the sword did nothing, not even a scratch was left behind on the ice.

[You're not going to break that, it's both unbreakable and unmeltable. It's a connected to the river you passed before, however this is it's source. This is the élivágar, it's tied to your ancestry, leave it alone.]

Cold sweat broke covered his body as the dawned upon him.

He was trying to mess with one of the two primal forces that existed even in the chaos of the void and overcame it, élivágar.

Eldrid quickly retreated towards the realm of Hel. Unbeknownst to him, all the ascendants of the realm had sucked in a cold breath as the primal of force of élivágar retreated into it's icy depths.

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