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Chapter 18 : Niflheim (Part 1)

Transmigrated by Accident

As Eldrid was leaving the battlefield 3 scantly dressed and beautiful women rode up to him on golden haired horses to invite him to Freya's court.

The redhead and blond both had Large assets in both the top and bottom of the body, and lithe figures. However the was shorter with smaller assets, but just as beautiful.

However he declined saying that he was only interested in finding the fugitive Leonard Welser.

The women left somewhat surprised that he resisted their charms, but they had no clue he was relying on the system to stay calm.

[If it wasn't for me you would have been charmed and probably been turned into one of Freya's debauchees. and don't think I didn't know you were about to get a (author censored this for the MC's pride.)]

'I can't deny that were super hot. However I do have plenty of willpower.'

[Not when it comes to women it appears.]

'Shut up Dave!'

After leaving the battlefield Eldrid found that the area he was in now had numerous snakes and vipers.

He ended up having to use his constantly(1), as he had a pet snake back on earth he wouldn't kill them unless they were dangerously close to killing him, which none of them were.

After several hours of dodging snakes, lizards, and breath attacks, Eldrid arrived in front of a large frozen river.

Eldrid made it half way across the frozen river before he heard a low rumble.

The snakes suddenly and lizards began backing away like loyal subordinates.

Eldrid had an ominous feeling and had the sudden urge to check on his dragon egg, which had incubated for 30 days already, which meant it was almost ready to hatch.

Upon summoning the egg, a strange energy began rushing out from the river towards the egg, causing it to burst open, a little lizard with wings began to chirp, click, and squeak at him. The little dragon was and orange, like a fire's embers.

A glyph of a sword was visible on the forehead of the little dragon.

'I know you everything back at but can you what it's saying?'

[Yes, I can almost every single language, whether it's human based or not.]

'Well what did it say? Wait can it even talk yet? Human babies can't talk for months.'

[Don't underestimate the primordial dragon bloodline. I was only able to purify it's bloodline to 1% however, but I was able to change it's base bloodline to that of the dragon emperor.]

'But I used the bloodline rebirth ticket to completely change the bloodline to the specified one.'

[You didn't read the fine print.]


[It's because it was too thin a trace and the bloodline itself is too powerful.]

'Well, It's something we can fix later. Now what did It say.'

"Hiya chief!"


"Hi there, what would your name be?"

"I ain't got one."

'Dave, why is my dragon so... southern?'

[Beats me]

"Since you don't have a name how does Magmus sound?"

The little dragon nodded in approval before releasing a cloud of fiery and chaotic energy.

A few passed before a large dragon head broke the icy surface of the river to stare down Eldrid.

The dragon proceeded to speak in a deep and ancient voice, "Why have you come here human?"

"To seek out my enemy," Eldrid said with a

The dragon scanned Eldrid with it's aura, before a confused was noticeable in it's eyes.

"You confuse me human, you have the spirit of a weapon which slew dragons, the blood of a dragon , yet you didn't harm a single one of my offspring on the way here and even have a dragon as your contracted beast."

"I love you and your kind especially dragons. I had a pet snake on my old world. I have no enmity with you or your kind."

"I can't sense that you are lying... fine you may cross the river."

The dragon sank back into the river, leaving Eldrid and Magmus alone.

Eldrid made it across the river safely arriving in front of wall of mist.

[I won't be able to help you find your way in that mist, you need your willpower to make it through.]

'Thanks Dave.'

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