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Chapter 16 : Realm of the Dead

Transmigrated by Accident

After passing through the portal Eldrid found himself atop a tall tower, from from which he could see several different of the realm.

To the far north was an icy frozen (1), a misty fog entirely covered the mid north(2), and to the near north was what Eldrid could see a golden city on one side, and on the other side was a large field, both had food and drink (3).

To the near northwest was a field and forest filled with music, merrymaking, food and drink (4), in the mid northwest were full of wandering phantasmal figures(5), and to the far northwest was a shrouded in a mist of blood, the sound of screams were audible even to Eldrid, however that area was surrounded by a wall of bronze and it's gate guarded by a hundred handed giant(6).

The west was entirely dominated by a vast sea, stretching all the way into the horizon, however many vague shapes could be seen under the water(7).

The southwest was a giant forest filled with all sorts of creatures.

In the near south was a man holding a feather who had a jackal's head, he was standing in front of a large scale. Behind him was a creature with behind of a hippopotamus, the chest, and forelegs of a , and the head of a Behind them stood a large bark, and far southwest was a house of the dead(8).

To the far southeast was a burning with many lakes of lava (9), while the near south was a of epic with a gate guarded by many majestic and holy angels (10).

To the near east was an old lady with a bowl of soup, to the mid east was a long path leading to the far east where there were six large gates(11).

The northeast was entirely shrouded by a veil of mist, phantasmal shapes danced would be visible for mere of a before sinking back into obscurity.

Eldrid couldn't see beyond this, but he could feel there were more of this ream that were out of his view or too small to notice from how far up he was.

Eldrid then looked around to find that there was no portal behind him.

'Dave, what's going on?'

[An outside force has switched where you would come out of the portal.]

'. You have any info on this ;

[All of them are heavily tied to the mythology from earth.]

'I guessed as much, anything else that can help? Such as a map?'

[I don't have a map of this area, I only had the info about the world of Golkindarr and some of the major it's in this universe due to Malthael passing them on to me.]

'So we're flying blind.'

[Yes, but don't crash.]

'That was a horrible joke.'

[ the author.]

'Very funny Dave, but we don't have time for bad jokes.'

[Says the one who makes puns in the midst of battle.]


[Hehe, got ya there.]

Eldrid looked at the long spiraling staircase which was circling the outside of the tower.

'No fun going down this way.'

Dave didn't even have a chance to protest before Eldrid jumped off of the tower and began using his powers to materialize a pair of wings.


[You're insane!!!]

Eldrid failed to notice Dave's protests as he was having too much fun gliding northward.

Eldrid did all sorts of aerial maneuvers, and Dave began swearing like a sailor, as he thought Eldrid was going to get them killed.

What Eldrid didn't realize was how far it actually was between the different of the realm, but the time he landed he was only in the "near north"

[I suggest you visit , you Likely have a Norse background and would be more easily. You may even be able to get some on Leonard's ]

'Sure why not, I've heard nothing but good things about it from mythology.'

---Elsewhere in the realm---

A man strange man stood in the middle of an army of skeletons, draugar, and zombies each wielding weapons made of ice. He was wielding a scythe of ice in one hand and a and green in the other.

The man had white hair, eyes with red iris, pale blue skin that looked frozen. He was wearing a white vest and gray pants over a a set of coal armor. He had a crazed on his face while his arms were raised.

"Rise my !!! Rise for your master!!!" Which was followed by a cold and evil cackling.

An icy mist shrouded their figures from view, letting only the of light pass through the misty veil.


An ancient figure who's skin and clothes were stone gray, who would easily be mistaken as a statue of a an old monk, suddenly began chanting.

"As the prophecy foretold

By the elders it was enscrolled

That their destinies would unfold

By an adventurer bold

And a sorcerer of cold

Wielding powers aeons old

Their might

Destined to fight at the realm's stronghold"

The figure repeated this over and over, before finally opening their eyelids, revealing a pair of glowing purple eyes.


Happy Thanksgiving!!! (It's not yet Thursday for me but apparently it is in other countries)

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