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Chapter 12 : Just a flesh wound

Transmigrated by Accident

After having killed all the cultists, Eldrid used his control over the air to move the fly the whole group to the portal, it drained his mana a great deal, however he had plenty to spare.

'What are the of my armor spirit?'

[If your armor breaks you have to get more materials to it. If you run out of materials you run out of armor. However you can use your armor spirit over any armor you own.]

'Nifty. You've been pretty cooperative lately, and I feel something's up.'

[Nothing's up, but now you it...]

'I shouldn't have said anything'

[You shouldn't have]

'Sigh, by the way is the portal completely safe for them to cross?'


At this point Eldrid and the group arrived at the portal, which was a white and blue spiral (with a radius of two and a half feet) rotating at high speeds.

"Good luck on the other side."

"Thanks, good luck with your quests and goals."

The group lined up single file and went through the small portal's entrance.

As the last person went through a person tried to rush past him to enter the portal as well.

[: Stall the cultist leader]

[Info: The leader of the cosmo hydra cult is trying to capture the survivors, stop him at all costs]

[Bonus : Kill the cultist leader]

[Rewards: Double rewards for the ]

[Rewards for bonus quest: Increasing the max capacity of the mana pool to perfect grade]

[Penalty for failure: No rewards and no help for the amount of captured in years]

'Dave, why you gotta add the penalty?'

[Hehe, I was being too cooperative you said.]

'I regret saying that.'

Eldrid summoned his spirits and stopped the intruder.


"YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!" Eldrid yelled, and as a lord of the rings fan, he always loved doing that.


'Please tell me you have a scan ;

[Since my life is tied to yours, I'll let you use it before earning it this once.]


[Name: ???]

[Rank: Copper metal spirit]

[Spirit type: Hybrid of Body spirit and death mage]

'What are the realms in the spirit metal tier?'

[Spirit tier:

Copper spirit:

Bronze spirit

Iron spirit

Steel spirit

Titanium spirit]

'That's it?'

[No, however you don't need to know the rest for now, as you're in the middle of a battle, but please note that an average copper spirit metal cultivator is 10x stronger than an SSS tier mana pool ]


All this happened in a of a , and Eldrid was able to teleport behind the cultist, however he found out the man was able to block his strike.

"DIE PAGAN!!!" The man roared before trying to punch Eldrid, the attack missed but a of energy blew past Eldrid.

Eldrid was using up mana much faster than he wanted to, and he only had half left from flying the entire group to the portal.

'If I don't end this quick I'm done for.'

Eldrid dashed towards the man, entering his rage mode, towards him.

The man punched Eldrid's armor, completely obliterating the first few layers of compressed Tarrasque bone.

"WHAT?!?" The man yelled in surprise for two reasons, first is that his death energy normally passes through armor, and that the armor was able to block his punch.

Eldrid used this moment of surprise to cut off the man's right arm.

The cultist was incised by this, he had never been hurt by a puny pagan mana pool cultivator, he was so mad in fact, he threw away all face and decided to go out.

Eldrid noticed the man was building up death energy around his fist, and a lot of it at that.


Eldrid teleported behind the man once again, but this time the mana completely destroyed the armor he had.

Luckily for Eldrid the death energy was dispersed by the armor, however he still had to deal with the amount left behind.

Eldrid quickly decapitated the Cultist leader, but not before having his right arm blown off.

"ARGH!!!!" Eldrid yelled, which turned into a roar, the whole forest quaked in fear.

[It's just a flesh wound...]


[Taking emergency 3...2...1...]

Eldrid fell to the ground,

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