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Chapter 11 : Armor Spirit

Transmigrated by Accident

The group was moving steadily, not a single beast was in sight, which Eldrid hoped was caused by the fight he had with the tarrasque, however he was still on guard in cased something big happened.

While the group took a break Eldrid checked out the reward from the wheel of prizes.

[ spirit slot: Room to gain another spirit from the spirit realm. Limit to 2 spirits in total for the rain realm]

'Do I need an altar again?'

[Not this time, the system will provide you with a random spirit if you don't have an alter]

'Will it be as good as my current spirit?'


'Then go for it'

[Received: armor spirit]

'Nice! Is it any different from my current spirit?'

[Yes, you can give it metals and it can turn itself into that material, so if you have an unbreakable metal for example, you'd have an unbreakable set of armor.]

'This is gonna be amazing! How strong is it on its own?'


'Ok then... Which is stronger tarrasque bone or hide?'

[The bone is significantly stronger than hide. However the hide is more flexible and better for joints of the armor.]

'Can I use those for the armor spirit?'


'Can I make it orange?'


'So I just summon the spirit and give it the materials?'

[Yes, you can give it extra materials to compact it into a stronger set of armor]

'Can you just give the armor all the materials in my soul space?'


'Do it.'


After a few Eldrid saw the armor spirit go from a set of phantasmal armor to a solid form.

Just as Eldrid equipped the armor several darts, throwing knives, and shurikens bounce off of it.

Eldrid looked around, but he couldn't see any of the attackers.

"Everyone group together, otherwise you might be hurt!"

All the girls huddled together at his command, the older girls and women were on the outside and the younger girls were on the inside.

Once he saw they were safely huddled together, he jumped above them and completely obliterated the surrounding forest with a large wave of fire.

A hundred figures could now be seen, half of them burnt to a crisp.

"Smart move, but now you don't have much mana left!" A figure said, while shedding his disguise, revealing blood red cultist robes with the figure of a nine headed hydra turning into a it's final stage.

"What are you talking about? The king of the forest didn't even drain a tenth of my mana!"

"Quit boasting boy, like you'd be able to do so on your own!"

Eldrid deduced from this that they only recently arrived, and also had some way to track the girls.

"So you're those crazy cultists worshiping a beast, huh?"


"And now he's pissed off." Eldrid muttered under his breath.

"I WILL KILL YOU!!!" The man charged along with the other surviving cultists.

"CAN'T I GET A BREAK?!?!" Eldrid yelled.

The nearest cultist teleported behind Eldrid and landed a blow on him, though the armor protected him.

" time I've been hit after training. Interesting."

Eldrid summoned his sword spirit, right through his attackers head.

'Though I feel bad for Han Solo, the move his son pulled was pretty d*mn effective.'

Eldrid's blood began to boil in excitement, and he headed teleported to each cultist and dueled them.

First one he dueled was a water mage, needless to say the he was quickly dispatched.

was a swordsman, who managed to last 3 hits before being sliced in half.


Thirty eighth was a hybrid, who had an earth attributed mage hammer. He made countless try and skewer Eldrid, use sink holes, after stalling Eldrid thirty Eldrid just teleported to him and decapitated him, as he keep using the same boring moves.

The final man was the first person to speak.

"Let's dance cultist freak."

"I WILL KILL YOU!!!" The mean screamed, his eyes pitch eyes were bloodshot, his hair blood red, his features sharp and animalistic, his nose like a hawk's beak. The man's spirit was summoned, it was a large pitch scythe with a blood red edge.

Eldrid limited his own power and traded blows with the man, each stepping backwards and forwards in a dance of death, it was graceful, savage, primal, chaotic, and orderly all at once, this is what man's blood boiled for, a true fight to the death, though Eldrid was having fun, he really couldn't go all out.

"Show me your final move or I'll kill you right here and now."

"Such boasts! FINE! PREPARE TO DIE!!!"

The man coated his scythe in a pitch , and ran towards Eldrid.

Eldrid blocked the fiery strike that would have killed a normal mana pool cultivator with ease.

"If that's all you have, then goodbye."

The cultist was stunned at this, and his head separated from his body with that exact

"In the name of justice, you met your end."

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