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Chapter 10 : Tarrasque

Transmigrated by Accident

"I killed you once, and I'll kill you again!!!" Eldrid roared while charging at the beast.

The tarrasque roared in return, the thunderous roar could be heard all across the forest.

Eldrid reached the beast, and jumped towards it's leg, stabbing his sword spirit into it.

Eldrid leveraged himself into the air, to stab the sword into the beast's leg again, however this time before he could pierce the tough hide he was swatted away by it's before it began charging at him.

Eldrid flew through the air, before smacking into a tree with a loud thud.

Using his spirit to form lances of ice jutting out from the ground he managed to stop the charging beast, however the hide completely crushed the ice , not even a bit of damage was left behind.

Eldrid got up and charged towards the beast again, he dodged the gaping maw that was closing in on him, and attempted to cut the beast's throat.

The beast swatted at him again, forcing him to abandon the idea of attacking the front.

Eldrid tried to teleport onto the beast's back but couldn't for some reason, so he used his control of the air to get onto the back of the beast, only to be shaken off, as he couldn't stabilize himself, the beast's hide repelled mana to a degree.

Eldrid ran behind it's legs and tried to cut it's tendons, but he only cut a few inches in before being trapped by the thick muscle.

Eldrid tried channeling cold energy to freeze the cut, but it didn't freeze, neither did fire burn it, however lightning did manage to do some damage to the area.

As the beast began to lift up the leg that he had cut into, Eldrid yanked out his sword, drawing a large amount of blood, though it was minuscule considering the tarrasque's size.

Eldrid teleported right behind the giant beast, just to have to teleport away from the tail that was flying at him.

'I can't do anything to it's hide Dave.'

[Remember that movie?]

'Please don't make me do that, there has to be another way.'

[You can use up the reward from your first , you completely ignored the during your glee at having a pet dragon.]

'What was the reward?'

[You get to spin the wheel of prizes]

'Really? Better than THAT anyways.'

[You received: Spirit slot]


[Not my choice.]

Eldrid had no choice, he had to do THAT.

What is that you might ask? That is where you get inside the beast's mouth or intestines and wreck havoc.

'Screw it.'

"LEEEEEEEROYYY JENKINS!!!" Eldrid shouted before teleporting into the beast's mouth.

Eldrid got a whiff of it's breath, and he almost passed out. The smell was to everything rotten that he'd ever smelled, skunk, and sewage, but worse.

Eldrid stabbed the sword into the roof of the beasts mouth, which was no where near as hard as it's hide. He channeled every single type of magic he knew into the , making the mana around him tremble, and the roof of the beasts mouth began to turn into dust.

The sword kept going, and after a half hour of trying to avoid being crushed by the beast's insane bite force, he finally managed to pierce the beast's brain, and turn it to dust.

Eldrid quickly fled the beast's wretched mouth, rejoicing at the fact he was now breathing fresh air.

'Dave, can you turn this into pieces like in a RPG and store it?'



A wave of went off in his head, which he ignored.

Eldrid ran back to the group of women.

"I took care of the beast." Eldrid noticed that they could smell the tarrasque breath on his body, and were repulsed by it.

"Let's go then." Liz said while holding her nose.

"Hold on."

Eldrid completely drenched himself with magic, not much change happened. He repeated using the spell over and over and over. The total number of times he used the spell before the smell went away totaled up to be several hundred, however he ended up creating a small pond in the process.

"Now lets go."

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