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Chapter 9 : Escort mission

Transmigrated by Accident

"Now what to do with you all..." Eldrid said after turning to the women.

He couldn't take them with him on his quest, but he wouldn't leave them to fend for themselves, leaving him in a dilemma. However Eldrid remembered something about the

"First of all, why was your hidden by an array?"

"We were hiding from cultists..." The leader said.

"Hold up, cultists? How are you involved with those psychos?"

"Our family has a special bloodline that they are after."

"Why would they want your blood?"

"It's to the Cosmo hydra..."

'System, what's a Cosmo hydra?'

[Cosmo hydra: Descendant of Primordial snake and dragon's lineage, starts of with one head which has a cosmo fragment, and with each new stage in it grows a head. The advancement looks like this: fire->water->earth->wind->lightning->light->dark->space->time

After growing surpassing the ninth stage of it merges it's heads and cosmo fragments together to forms it's own cosmo(1)]

'How does that even work?'

[Do you want a lecture on space time theory that's longer and more boring than all boring lectures from earth combined?]

'I'll pass.'

"What does this bloodline have to do with it?"

"It's the bloodline of the cosmo hydra's descendant, the Lernaean Hydra."

'Isn't that from Greek mythology?'

[Yes, it has had many references in the cultures of your old world, not just Greek.]


"Where do you want me to take you?"

"We don't have anywhere else to go."

'What have I gotten myself into?'

[So the plot thickens...]

'Shut up, it's not like we're in some book like the ones I read on webnovel."

[Host does not have to this ]

'Very funny Dave.'

"Ok ladies, do you have a to go?"


"Well that makes things harder..."

"We're sorry for troubling you, however can you take us to the nearest pad? After that we can probably find refuge in the capitol."

"That I can do."

As Eldrid led the way, he realized that something was wrong with the bandit leaders testimony, as they shouldn't have been able to find the if they didn't know where it was.

"How did they find your ;

"What do you mean? They were just bandits."

"That's my point, how would bandits find a hidden without ;

"They couldn't have."

"I think the memories of the bandit were likely altered..."

"The cult found us again..."

"Does this have any affects on your ;

"We have nowhere to go..."

'Dave! I need here!!!'

[Turn them into your harem.]


[Quest: the survivors]

[: the survivors to the portal to the next universe in the middle of the forest. Portal closes in: 1 week]

[ marked on your map]

[Reward: Varies on how many survive.]

"There's one way out of this... but I can't tell you how I know about it."

"Anything will help!"

"We have to go to the middle of the forest."

"I'd rather risk the cultists!"

"You can't be !"

"The middle of the forest is where the most dangerous ones live!"

"I can take care of them! We have to hurry to the portal before it closes!"


"Yes! A portal to another universe! You won't be hunted down again!"

"Fine! We'll risk it."

Two days passed without any major incidents, other than Eldrid dealing with a pack of wolves, and learning the girls name was Liz. They reached the edges of the middle territory of the forest.

Eldrid was thankful the map chartered where the territorial beasts stayed, but his told him that he couldn't avoid a big fight.

Eldrid heard low rumbles, which started to pick up, the ground began to tremor, and Eldrid's up again.

On the horizon a hulking figure could be seen approaching them, it was 100 feet tall and 300 feet long, with spikes covering it's back and tail, horns in front of it's eyes, and a mouth full of jagged teeth.

"IT'S A FREAKING TARRASQUE?!?!" Eldrid in shock.

"What's that?"

"It's the strongest creature from a game on my home world."

"This was from a game?"

"Please don't ask, the cosmos are a strange thing, and we don't have the luxury of time right now."

"Fair enough."

"I'm going to take the risk and face it head on."

"Are you insane?!"

"No, however I don't want any of you to die."

Liz was silent at this, she knew they would die to the monster if they were there during the fight.

Eldrid bounded off towards the tarrasque with his spirit summoned.

"Hey lizard!"

The tarrasque turned towards him, raising it's head. The beast roared at Eldrid, the sound boomed like thunder, scaring away everything in the vicinity.

"I killed you once, and I'll kill you again!!!" Eldrid roared while charging at the beast.

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