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Chapter 7 : The Wyvern

Transmigrated by Accident

The chief led him to a large cave hidden at the base of the local mountain, Mt. Ierrech, which the chief didn't dare go down, as the wyvern was much stronger than him.

Eldrid went into the cave to find the wyvern right in front of him, eye's glowing.

The beast was around 35 feet long (the tail is 20 ft), with a wingspan of 20 ft, and it's scales were bright orange and , like the ember's of a fire.

The beast had spikes going across it's back, with gaps in between that could fit a person. It's eyes were glowing orange, and gaping maw ready to strike at any moment.

Eldrid wanted to fight the beast without using or his spirit, as they made things far too easy.

Eldrid lashed out with a wave of water attributed qi, which was dodged by the wyvern.

While the beast was dodging his strikes Eldrid moved closer and left several shallow wounds on the tail.

The beast was annoyed by this and began spewing all over, which had no effect on Eldrid.

Eldrid danced back and forth with the beast, dodging strikes, attacking, using his chaotic style of fighting.

The wyvern swatted at him with it's tail, at which Eldrid jumped and flipped over it while leaving a shallow wound, being careful to not leaving any lasting damage.

"You will be my mount!" Eldrid roared, entering his enraged state

Eldrid used his bare hands to punch the wyvern all over it's body, which caused the beast to think of escaping this strong opponent.

As the wyvern was trying to leave Eldrid grabbed the wyvern by it's tail, spun it over his head, and smashed it against the floor.

The wyvern entered it's berserk state, which caused Eldrid to smile.

"Let's get this party started."

Eldrid jumped backwards off of the wall punching it in the gut, laying the beast on it's back.

The wyvern used it's feet to at Eldrid, which missed, however Eldrid now noticed that the talons were covered in poison, along with the teeth.

Eldrid waited for the beast to get up, but it never did.

"Did I kill it?"

The sentient beast shuddered at this.

Eldrid walked up to it, summoned his sword and began poking it with the pommel (A spirit can't harm their wielder), it didn't move. Eldrid began healing the beast, which startled it.

"Be my mount or my armor."

The wyvern bowed his head to Eldrid.

[Wyven has chosen to submit. Y/N]


[ on receiving your first subordinate.]

[Received 1 bloodline rebirth ticket]

'Stats: Wyvern'

[: SSS mana pool equivalent]

[Bloodlines: Fire wyvern 73%, Poison wyvern 15%, Fire dragon 7.5%, True dragon 2.5%, Dragon king 1%, Dragon emperor .1%, bloodlines .899%, Primordial dragon .001%]

'Which bloodline is the strongest?"

[Primordial dragon: Born alongside the multiverse and magic as the first dragon, it's body is tempered by the elements, space, and the aging of time. At adulthood they are immortal, able to use magic as easily as moving a limb.]

'What's the difference between the Primordial dragon and the dragon emperor?'

[The Primordial dragon has a stronger body and doesn't have to cultivate to reach immortality.]

'Use bloodline rebirth ticket on the Primordial dragon bloodline'

[Warning this will cause the wyvern to turn into an egg and be unusable for 1 month and will completely restart its , and it will lose it's memeories other than it's loyalty to you. Proceed? Y/N?]

'Do it'

The wyvern began howling, in anguish at the extreme pain of the process of losing it's and having all the cells in it's body being changed.

After several minutes of agonizing pain from it's body shrinking, it turned into an egg as tall as Eldrid.

Eldrid walked out with the egg in hand, which stunned the man.

"What of the wyvern?" The chief asked with worried eyes.

"The wyvern faught to the death because of this egg, it's likely it was consuming more due to it." Eldrid said with a straight face.

"That makes sense, sorry that you couldn't tame it, however at least you still have a tamed beast for the future. Once again thanks for removing the threat." The chief said with an earnest After this he gave his soul seal, marking it approved.

"It's no problem, I could help!"

With that Eldrid headed back to the guild to turn in the request.

On the way: 'Can I store the egg somewhere?'

[In the System storage yes, however nothing sentient can be put in storage. However the egg won't mature in storage as time is frozen there.]

'Thanks, can I get a of storage with time?'

[All frozen or nothing frozen.]

'For now everything is in the storage ring from Malthael, so for now let time be I'm my storage.'

[Time will run the same as normal. I'm not time.]


Eldrid returned to the guild and turned the quest in without any issues.

On his way out to the next quest...

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