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Chapter 6 : First Quest

Transmigrated by Accident

Eldrid noticed a quest on the board that caught his eye and made his blood boil in excitement: Wyvern Removal, it a minimum requirement of low tier mana pool realm.

Eldrid had always been fascinated with dragons, and wanted to tame one and ride it into battle like a badass.

A poster next to the quest caught his , it was a wanted poster.

Wanted: Leonard Welser

Reason: Abuse of power, and use of the cruel methods of the dark arts.

Reward: Honorary core member in your

Suggested minimum : SSS tier mana pool

'Perfect! A challenge!'

During Eldrid's training, his stabilized, allowing him to reach the realm surpassing the SSS tier. SSS tier can be called a mana sea or ocean, Eldrid reached a mana universe, and his mana pool was still growing.

Eldrid grabbed both papers and went to the

"I'd like to take both of these."

"I'll have to get my boss..." she nervously replied.

"I can wait."

"I'll be right back."

After about a minute a buff man followed behind the

"So you're the young punk daring enough to take on an SSS tier in their level." the man said with a condescending tone.

"I wanted a challenge."

"You're not even after the reward?"

"Nope, can I trade it for an artifact or some useful gadget?"


"Can I?"

"You'll have to talk the leader of your ;

"I didn't join one."

"You're assigned one by your spirit, you don't have a choice on which to join."

"Ok then... Can I still take the quest?"

"If you can beat an SSS construct in the training facility."

"Sure, lead the way."

The man was stunned by the of this kid about defeating an SSS grade construct.

"Do you even understand you may die?"

"There's no risk with a mere SSS tier."

The man was stunned by Eldrid's 'arrogance', however Eldrid was just being honest and didn't think it was a big deal, as SSS tier constructs of the mana pool realm were cannon fodder to him during Malthael's training.

"Let's see if you can live up to your arrogance kid."

"I was arrogant? I didn't mean to."

The man was once again stunned by this kid.

The two arrived at a large courtyard with a large amount of constructs, racks full of armor and weapons, and an assortment of training equipment.

The man walked up and messed around with one of the constructs, which was a golden color.

The construct got up and adjusted it's shaped to be the exact same as Eldrid.

"Let the fight begin."

Eldrid dashed at the construct and used his bare hands to separate all the joints before it could even react, which left the man staring, mouth gaping at the scene.

"Are you convinced?" Eldrid asked with his head tilted.

The man dumbly nodded at this, and after a little while himself and had the officially assign him the two quests.

"Oh can I get a map for the area, I'm not that familiar with the area."


[Map unlocked]

'I about you Dave.'

[I'm hurt.]

'Can it psycho.'

[Y-yes master]

Dave seemed to be in a submissive mood at the moment, hopefully the severe mood swings wouldn't be too bad, as he hated certain personalities.

'Can I teleport there?'

[Unless you have the coordinates or have been there before, no]

'Dang it.'

[Have fun walking]

'Fun... yeah right.'

And with that Eldrid walked off on the designated path.

After several hours of running he completed a 3 day trip, arriving in the right outside of a small medieval style

The quest had said to go to the chief, so he asked a nearby for

"The chief is currently at his home, the largest one in town."


" I could help!"

Eldrid then walked to the house, where there were two guards at the entrance. Eldrid held up the request from the guild.

"The chief just posted that yesterday! How can you have it already? It is a three day trip after all."(1) The guard on the left inquired

"A three day trip? I ran here in 4 hours."

"Prove it!" the guard on the right yelled, in disbelief.


Eldrid sprinted to the edge of the and back in mere , a gust blowing in the face of the guards.

"You're certainly fast boy, thanks for coming to our aid so quickly. Most of our livestock has been eaten by that dreadful beast. Please follow me inside.

The guard took him to a decent sized office where a middle aged man greeted him.

" to the of Aiken. Thank you for coming to our aid so quickly. Do you need to rest or are you ready to kill the wyvern?"

"I'm perfectly fine, however I came to tame the beast."

The chief stared at him.

"As long as you get rid of it I don't care how you do it."

"Of course, please lead the way."

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