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Chapter 3 : Spirit Summoning Ceremony

Transmigrated by Accident

The day of Eldrid's spirit summoning, he woke up early and got dressed in his typical orange and , and went outside.

Malthael was standing before him, but not the silhouette, he was 6'5", wearing robes, laced with golden patterns. At his side was a warhammer. His face was handsome, with a red tattoo running from under his hair, down past his eye, featuring hair and beard, and azure eyes.

"Follow me."

Eldrid followed behind Malthael through countless gardens with many exotic and animals. After walking through several gardens, they arrived at a large and white shrine which was surround by 100 semi-transparent crystal obelisks.

On the inside lining the walls were countless white runes and symbols each shimmering.

In the center of the room was an alter, it had every color imaginable on it, the altar's shape was amorphous and ever changing, though each shape it formed was far too profound for Eldrid to understand, however at the center a core could be seen.

"Step up to the altar and your hand onto it's core."

Eldrid reached through the ever changing form of the altar around the core, it felt like he was reaching through a thick, silky, jello. Once his hand reached the core he felt that it was sucked into something, and his whole body seemed to follow.

He found himself staring into a darkness, while standing on gray ground, the whole world seemed void of life. He looked at his hands, only to realize his body wasn't there. He assumed that this was just his "; based off of the books he read back on earth.

He tried moving, and was able to do so with great difficulty. After much with his form, he realized the easiest way to move around was to send tendrils of his to search around.

He suddenly felt like things around him were being drawn to him, he finally saw a trace of life, and it was a mosquito, a mighty mosquito with countless colors inside it.

'There's no way I'm a dn bug as my spirit!'

After his of the bug, it disappeared, and he felt his drifting back towards the altar.


His will tore the veil of darkness, revealing countless spirits, and he saw the one he desired. A king was standing among all of them.

His reached out and grabbed the hilt of the sword, which tried to resist.


Through the sheer power of his will, he finally by the sword after wrestling with it for what felt like millennia. With this his returned to the physical world.

"What did you get boy?"

Eldrid summoned his spirit, the majestic form appeared as a 4' hand and a half sword appeared in his hand, it had a crystalline near-transparent and guard, the edge was clear but shimmering colors of every kind could be seen on it, a silver handle, and a clear crystal pommel in the shape of a crown.

The sword had the aura of an arrogant overlord, looking down on all other swords. The elements around seemed to submit to the sword, solidifying around it to form a sheath.

This caused Malthael to be stunned, as he this sword, in fact every person who knew of sword spirits knew this spirit had NEVER acknowledged someone as it's master.

Only those who reached the ascendant realm of could gain a spirit, and tear through the veil. Many sought after this sword, none

"Boy, tell me everything that just happened." Malthael said with a solemn tone.

Eldrid the whole process of him rejecting his original spirit, which caused Malthael to think he was insane, until he realized that the boy had no knowledge about spirits, and that rejecting the original spirit spelled for a crippled in most cases.

Eldrid noticed Malthael's incredulous , but still continued on about how he tore the veil of darkness and wrestled with the sword for what felt like an eternity.

"Boy, you have no idea how you completely defied common sense."

"Thank you!"


Eldrid was confused at what part of common sense he defied.

"Rejecting your spirit usually cripples your due to the stress on a person's will and soul. The fact you felt nothing when you rejected your original spirit is a rare case on its own.

The thing is the sword you fought with has been sought after by many people far more powerful than you or I, none of them

This sword only have a few rivals among the spirits, they have never chosen anyone to wield them.

They are called the council of hybrid kings, they all consist of weapons, except the spirit beast king. They all are a of weapon spirits, mage spirits, and body spirits (Except the spirit beast king).

Your spirit is considered the strongest among them."

Eldrid was stunned by this

"So I have the strongest spirit?"

"In this realm, yes you do boy. However don't arrogant from this, there are many who could kill you.

Boy, enough boy this for now, here's the artifact, bind it by blood to make it your System."

In his hand appeared what looked like a clear rubik's cube, but the corner pieces were with symmetrical octagonal crystals, which ended in a conical and helical shell shaped points.

Eldrid took the unexpectedly light artifact in hand, and used one of it's sharp points to draw blood from his hand.

The point of the artifact drew in his blood, and within the whole artifact was blood red.

The artifact then began to turn into a liquid, which seeped into his skin and he felt his soul trembled as the artifact fused itself to it.

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