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Chapter 2 : Waking up

Transmigrated by Accident

Adrian woke up and looked around. He was in a large bedroom, which was lavishly A few passed, when he realized he could see from his right eye again. Upon this , he scrambled to look at himself in the mirror.

His face was the same, except his eye was healed. He was also the scar remained, as in the past year it had a part of him.

When he stayed in the hospital, his pride surfaced and he treated it like a trophy of valor, this caused him to reject any treatment that would cause the scar to be removed.

"You have a great attachment to that scar my ;

Adrian was startled and turned around to find his new master standing behind him, his figure was no longer a hazy He was 6'5", wearing robes, laced with golden patterns, and at his side was a sword. His face was handsome and smooth, featuring hair, and azure eyes.

"Oh, it's you. How long was I out?"

"Three months, your body had just finished transforming an hour ago, a servant brought you here. How does your new body feel?"

"Great, how's Eldrid?"

"Eldrid has long since left. Let's get you ready for dinner though, first of all get some clothes on."

Adrian's face flushed bright red, he had been too engrossed in his scar to notice that he was only wearing underwear.

---2 months earlier---

Eldrid woke up to a grumbling stomach, a cold , and a smell that could kill. He was sitting in a pool of liquid, which barely came up to his stomach, the smell was radiating from the liquid he was in. The smell was so bad, he passed out.

---1 hour later---

Eldrid was roused by the smell of food, he felt cold and realized he wasn't wearing any clothes. He also realized he didn't smell that awful smell and was laying on a soft bed in a rather lavishly room.

He walked up to the dresser and of the large amount of clothes of all colors he chose pants and an orange shirt, while he was putting his clothes on he realized he was no longer fat, once he had finished he walked to the mirror.

His body was still stocky, however there wasn't even an ounce of extra body fat on him. Upon seeing this a smile crept over his face, he hated being fat, but was too lazy to actually exercise other than fencing.

While he was thinking about everything that had happened a servant entered.

"Guest, please follow me."

As they walked out the door Eldrid noticed he was in the middle of a giant courtyard. The courtyard had ponds filled with many strange and beautiful fish, trees that looked like something straight out of myth and legend.

Birds' whose matched those from stories back on earth were perched on the trees. The most eye catching was a tree that looked as if it was made entirely of fire, and what he could only assume were phoenix's were perched on its branches. After a minute of walking, they reached an archway.

"Please step through the gate, it will take you straight to the master's study,"

Upon stepping through he arrived right in the middle of a study.

" my boy, we have much to discuss."

"How's Adrian?"

"He's still having his body and soul being rebuilt, however he also has to have his bloodline purified."

"He has a bloodline?!"

"Yes, some ancient existences that dwelt in your realm many millennia ago must have sired his ancestors."

"There were the supposed Greek and roman gods, the Norse gods, many many gods."

"Many are still alive, though something happened in your world ages ago that I am forbidden to speak of by those ascendant powers." Malthael said with a frown.

"What's going to happen now?"

"You will awaken here, as there are several factors that in a person's awakening. First is the person's aptitudes, is the quality of the awakening alter, third is a person's will and desire, fourth is fate, and the final one is if one has an inheritance left to them or not.

The first has been made perfect, the is also perfect, the third depends on you, and the fourth is beyond my powers, and you don't have an inheritance, and I doubt you would desire one, as your path would be set and unchangeable."

"Sir, does that mean you are going to have Adrian take on your inheritance?"

"Goodness no! I chose him because of his bloodline, it's the strongest bloodline I have ever , it would be a waste making him manage the realm."

"Sir, What's today's date?"

"You will awaken tomorrow, I can sense it."

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