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Chapter 26 : A Fool's Dream

The Adventure of a Lifetime (HxH Fanfic)

Axel calmly watched the woman point a gun at him and retracted his aura; seemingly unbothered by her This made the maid even more , she started sweating and her hands were faintly trembling.

The woman loaded her gun, took it off safety and screamed, "Don't move or I will kill you on the spot!"

Axel nodded and asked, "May I ask why you are trying to kill me? Don't think I didn't notice it before, I knew all along."

The woman looked suprised, how did he know she was there to kill him? Her disguise was perfect, there were always some people like her on board to please Hunters, so she decided to disguise herself as one of those people to then kill Axel the moment he let his guard down.

"What should I call you, Mrs. Hitman?" asked Axel whilst not changing his at all.

Seeing this, she frowned, "My name doesn't concern you. All you should know is that someone very important hired me to kill you for a lot of money."

He sighed, "If it was someone important, why didn't he send someone who could actually threaten me? You're lying. You're not a Hunter, nor can you use Nen, your death is already written in stone."

"Tell me, why did you decide for yourself to kill me? I'm not stupid you know, I can easily tell that gun is not yours and that you have never shot a gun before."

He continued on, "Look, you have two choices"

"One, you can tell me why you're attempting such a futile effort to harm me and I might let you go. It depends how detailed your answer is and if you are telling the truth."

"Two, you can kill yourself right now, which saves me some work."

During this announcement, the woman kept quiet. Only after Axel was finished did she talk, shocked by the fact that Axel knew she wasn't a hitman or a killer at all.


"I needed the money."

She was probably on stealling his liscence, it was almost worth a whole , that valuable.

Axel wasn't suprised, "For what?"

"My m-mother, she's sick and she needs money for surgery. My sister had died early on which made my mother get into smoking, eventually she got lung cancer. I however, don't have the money to pay her bills, let alone a surgery. Knowing that a Hunter was on board, I decided to threaten you for money.."

Axel frowned and quietly switched his Nen-type to The woman wasn't a Nen-user so she didn't notice anything.

He instantly stood up and made a gun sign with his thumb and forefinger, pointing it directly at her most vital spot; the heart.

Before the woman could react, Axel whispered softly, "Liar."

A stream of Nen shot out from his finger, the woman's heart. Although the woman didn't notice Nen, she did see and feel the results of him using it.

She had a huge hole in her chest and her whole heart was gone, nowhere to be seen. The lifeless body of the woman quickly fell down and the last thing she saw was Axel smiling and making a weird sign with his hands.


* Thump *

Her body fell down to the ground and blood flowed out of her body.

She died.

Axel didn't even need a lie detector to notice she was telling absolute bullshit. He used his Nen to enhance his hearing while he was listening to her so-called "sob story"; it turned out that during the entire story, her heart rate quickened.

She even started fumbling with her hands to distract herself from the lie she made. This was basic psychology, he didn't even need Nen for this, but he wanted to be sure so he still did.

He had no idea why she lied, he could have asked, but he didn't want to waste anymore time with her. She might have been pretty, other guys might have tried to her. Axel however, had a rule.

Whoever threatens the safefty of him or his loved ones had only one ; death.

He even gave the woman the chance to tell the truth, but , she decided to be a fool. Besides, he had all the right to kill her.

A camera in the right-side corner of the room had captured the whole scene, the wasn't captured but the footage was. It clearly showed the woman pointing a gun at him, his kill would be justified as self-defense.

He didn't even need to go to the police , the would handle things like this for the Hunters, as this happened almost every day.

He walked up to her and looked at her once more. She was really quite beautiful.

What a pity, she could have used that in other Her future seemed bright, but she threw it away just by angering the wrong Hunter.

You could even say she was quite well-off, other Hunters are known for their cruelty. Raping or torturing their victims wasn't an thing under the Hunters. It was illegal if there was no reason behind it, even for Hunters.

was even completely illegal, but Hunters often got away with it. Sometimes this is all within reason, girls try to frame Hunters so they could receive a fee that almost filled their bank completely.

It was a disgusting reality to be honest. Back on the other Earth, this wasn't rare. There were tons of gold-digging whores good men of , the same goes for here in the Hunter x Hunter world.

Axel sighed and called the staff with the phone on the , the The crew was suprisingly calm seeing the body, they even calmly carried it away.

He was assigned to another room for the time being, he still had about 3 hours to go until the would land in Yorknew Airport.

He notified room service with the same he gave to the woman before and waited for a new robe that wasn't covered in blood to arrive.

After he received a towel and a robe, Axel turned on the shower, took off his clothes, and enjoyed a shower he hadn't had in a very long time.

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