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Chapter 24 : Hunter Exam: Finale

The Adventure of a Lifetime (HxH Fanfic)

"Gosh, I really didn't think the Hunter Exam would be this easy," said Axel dejectedly

frowned at his statement. "You, Killua and Gon are crazy, you three are probably the only newbies who said it would be easy to achieve.... this card." said while waving his new Hunter liscence around.

All of them had passed, except Killua, which was the same as in the story.

The Fourth Phase went by pretty fast. After Axel had walked around the for a bit longer, the only thing he came across were a few weak applicants, who he easily defeated.

The Fifth Phase was even easier for Axel, he didn't even need to search for his targets. The only thing he needed to do was beat an archer and an old man. The rest of the exam went exactly how it went in the anime, so Illumi still caused Killua to fail, which also angered Gon to a point where his head was as red as Elmo.

The others were basically Gon's loyal followers. Kurpika and passed as well. They decided to follow Gon and help Killua.

Axel however, decided to say goodbye. He had stayed with them, fought with them and hung around them during the whole exam. He could continue sticking around Gon, being a side character of his story, but he wasn't going to do that.

He was going to follow his own path.

He gave them all a bear hug, even teared up a bit seeing him leave. Gon and Kurapika smiled, they wished him the best.

When walking to the exit of the outer perimiters of the building, he looked back one last time to wave them goodbye.

And he left.

He had his Hunter liscence with him, as well as a designated HunterPad that would let him search for secret that wasn't to the general public. Only Hunters received this Pad, as it was the only device that could check and perform the of the , such as hiring a Hunter.

He finally had it, the Hunter status. Although the liscence didn't mean much to him, the advantages of being one and the adventures that went with it did.

The first thing he did was contact his parents. He sent them a message containing the fact that he had passed the Hunter Exam, with a picture of course.

a Pro Hunter would be even easier, the only thing he had to do was show his "teacher" that he could use Nen, and that was it.

He only had to wait for someone to approach him, which is why he didn't use any Nen-abilities. It could take a while, a few weeks at most.

Just a few minutes after he sent the message, he got a reply back.

It contained the happy faces of his dad and mom, wishing for him to have a nice journey, as well as the request for a visit once in a while.

They left him a bank with just enough money for a ticket; 10 000 Jenny (1000$) His father thought it was nice training for Axel to earn money for himself.

"Greedy bastard," whispered Axel laughingly.

His father didn't know he was as strong as he was, he refused to let him know that. He didn't want to disturb their lives. He wanted the best for both of them. He could've asked long ago for his father to train him, which could've helped him a lot, but he decided not to.

Mainly cause he had found out that his father was retiring after they had enough funds to live comfortably for the rest of their lifes, which they already had. So he didn't want his dad to train him, besides, he could manage by himself.

He was a Hunter now.

Axel had some to do good for others and for himself in his heart, which tempted him to get to work as fast as possible; as well as making money and gaining in the progress.

But he couldn't walk aroud and throw his identity everywhere, that'd be dangerous. He needed a codename, a disguise, maybe even a suit and a mask.

However, the first thing he needed to do was figure out where he wanted to go. The Kakin Empire and of Ochima were off-limits for now. Although there were multiple high-valued targets there, it wasn't a where he wanted to live.

You could compare those Empires and to North-Korea, a dictatorship. The Hunter x Hunter world was filled with uncertainty due to the existence of the Hunters. Power was hard to come by due to them. Hence why so many dictatorships still existed.

There were three he had in mind where he could live.

Somewhere in the Begerosse , which was Australia. Somewhere in Yorbia, which was the US or somewhere in the Kukan'yu kingdom, which was Africa. Zaban City was located in the Kukan'yu kingdom, it was a hugely more developed than the original of Africa on Earth.

That could certainly be a good to stay.

He also looked for about the Begerosse , as there wasn't much known about it in the anime or manga.

"Oh?" Axel wondered at the latest news about the In a very recent news article, news about a Mafia family and corrupt politicians showed up. Some news about a few celebrities and the of an unhabited

"Wow, New was unhabited here."

It wasn't a bad to go to, the only problem was that the was probably corrupt as well, not only those politicians. There weren't a lot of targets besides high-profile ones there as well.

'Not ideal, but a nice for a safehouse; the terrain is good.' thought Axel.

After considering most of the factors involved with his circumstances, Yorbia seemed the best. Most people on the list of killing requests were in Yorknew city, which was in Yorbia.

Yorknew was the center of this world. The most people lived there, the most famous people had a there, as well as the most rich and high-valued targets were there.

He had to go.

He looked for the most nearby airport and saw that it was only 30 minutes removed from here, if one went by car. He looked at the prices and saw that it only cost 50 000 Jenny (500$) and decided to order a ticket inmediately.

He had 3 hours to go there and hop on that He didn't have anything with him except his Hunter card. The good thing about that card was that he didn't need to sign a contract with a seperate bank cause he could just use his liscence as his method of payment.

He went further outside; following the route he had looked up and already saw a few zappelins flying off into the distance.

Technology was also a bit different, still cool though.

He used En and checked if anyone was spying on him in the vicinity. Noticing that there wasn't, Axel activated his godspeed and said while grinning,

"Let's do this in 5 minutes."

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