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Chapter 22 : Hunter Exam: Phase Four #1

The Adventure of a Lifetime (HxH Fanfic)

After Axel and the rest had defeated most of the prisoners, they travelled further and further. They had more than enough time to make it all the way down to trick tower, without even any trouble on the way.

They all passed the Third Phase without having to make a huge effort.

Including them; 24 applicants passed this Third Phase. And these 24 applicants will all enter the Fourth Phase, which consisted of something called; A Tag Hunt.

Every applicant had a number tag. They were going to draw from a box which contained those numbers and that was going to decide who would hunt who.

And after Axel had picked a tag, he looked at the number.

Everybody had already hidden their tag, including him, but this number....

He knew it.

It was someone who he really didn't want to pick; number 301.

Gittarackur, or a disguised Illumi to be exact, was his target for the Fourth Phase of the Hunter Exam.

He hid his tag in advance, to prevent someone who would get his number in the lottery to come to know who he was. After he did this, he memorized all the numbers of the applicants so he could figure out more easily who is target was.

And his target was Illumi.

Luckily though, he didn't need to solely go after him. It wouldn't make the hunt any easier, which it was supposed to.

This was because your target and your own tag were both worth three points, while all of the other tags were only worth one point.

Moreover, you only needed six points in total to pass the exam, which you could either do by not losing your own tag and killing your target or killing three other people who weren't your target.

You didn't really need to kill them, but it wasn't forbidden.

It was quite a hard way to test someone, but it was also designed for the most strongest applicants so they could fail, or even die here.

The most horrifying thing about this phase, was that he didn't know who had picked him in the lottery. Hisoka or even Illumi could have picked him, which would cause them to go after him.

And that was something he didn't really prefer.

The applicants, including some of the Examiners that acted as guards, were transported by boat to Zevil , the where the Fourth Phase was going to be held.

Axel had quite a lot of confidence in this phase, he just hoped he wasn't unlucky to Hisoka or Illumi, cause they were the only people he regarded as worthy opponents in this whole Exam.

They all boarded the boat, and Axel inmediately went up to everyone to ask if he was their target. He asked , Kurapika, Gon and Killua, none of them had him as is target, nor did he have any of them as his target, as Illumi already was his.

He then wished them good luck, he wasn't going to stick around them.

He was going to go hunt for other targets all by himself, maybe even polishing his skills a bit.

The boat ride took about thirty minutes in total, it wasn't very long, the boat was just super slow. Khura, the announcer on the boat, also had to give an first.

It was nerve-racking for most, as they were probably going to die, or lose the opportunity to a Hunter this year.

When they all arrived at the and stepped off the boat, Khura announced that they had one week time to gather all the points needed to pass the Exam.

Now this was tricky.

You could alreayd gather the points in the first few days, but that meant that you needed to hold them on until the last , cause you couldn't lose them to another applicant.

The thing you could do, was wait until the later stages of the Exam, or even only hunt at night when the rest of the applicants were tired, and then points.

Axel chose the first , he didn't need to use the advantage of suprise and lack of sight due to the abscence of the sun to defeat few small fry.

He only needed three tags; they were easily obtainable. He was a lot more powerful than the other applicants besides Hisoka and Illumi.

None of them knew Nen, that alone made him ten times more powerful. Nen was a fearsome power to have, and to face if you weren't a Nen-user.

Just like how it was shown in the anime, Hisoka merely waved his hand and directed some of his Nen towards Gon and Killua, who hadn't learned Nen yet at the time.

They instantly froze and couldn't move, if they stayed there for any longer than they already were, and if Wing hadn't saved them, then they would have died.

That intense.

As Axel, Gon, , Kurapika and Killua were the last one's to finish, they also became the last one's to enter Zevil ;s forest.

It was a severe disadvantage, they could easily be tracked. Axel was an though, he could simply use Zetsu, In or even Godspeed to lose every tailer he had. Following him was like a normal person trying to keep up with the

Simply impossible. He was completely confident.

It wasn't arrogance, he knew he still needed to be careful around Hisoka and Illumi. The rest however, he simply did not. That would be nothing more than underestimating himself, and that was a stupid thing to do.

After all of the other applicants had entered the forest, it was finally Axel's turn. He waved the rest goodbye and ran straight through the forest.

He first wanted to distance himself from the starting point as much as possible. He kept on running and running, without using any special abilities of course.

Hisoka and Illumi could easily sense that, besides, he was already really fast while running without the use of Nen.

The power of his body was truly strong, a bit too strong in his He had never really gotten about the exact kilograms of force behind his punches and kicks, but they were higher than that anyone on Earth could achieve.

After about twenty minutes of pure running, he stopped.

He his surroundings for a good, high view point and headed towards that way. He jumped up the tree with no effort all the way to the top, and layed there.

Axel put his hands behind his head and stared at the sky, the leaves were covering the sun and the massive tree trunk under him was easily supporting his weight.

He needed a nap.

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