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[Warning! Excessive elements of gore are present in this chapter!]

Axel, with the same exact smile on his face, started walking towards the prisoner.

He didn't run, nor did he use any technique, he simply walked towards Johness, completely unafraid of him and his threats.

Not only were the other prisoners and his own team shocked at the sight of this, but Johness himself as well. What was Axel to do that made him so full of confidence?

And when he was only less than two meters removed from Johness, he instantly sped up. His movements during this time were very unclear and couldn't be percieved by Johness. Not by Johness and not by the others.

He didn't even had time to react before Axel, in the blink of an eye, had already appeared behind him.

Nothing seemed wrong.

There were no wounds on Johness' body, nor was there any visible sign of pain to be seen on his face. The only thing that had changed was Axel's

A moment of silence

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Johness suddenly fell down to the ground while tightly clutching his head with both hands. He covered himself with his arms and curled himself up in a ball.

He turned, rolled and struggled on the floor like something inside of him was torturing him. He then proceeded to smash his head into the ground, multiple times.

He didn't even have the strength to take a look at Axel, who was still smiling. He simply stood there and watched.

Like he was watching a show, he regarded him as nothing more than entertainment. That was what Johness felt.

The others, especially the prisoners, were completely stunned.

Blood started spurting out of his eyes, his pupils and his eyes rolled backwards, making his eyes entirely white. He kept screaming and moved on the ground as if a demon had possessed his body.

Blood kept spurting out of his red eyes and cherry colored cracks started to form within them. Both of his eyes eventually completely shattered, which caused more blood to come out.

He was struggeling on the ground, in a pool of blood, like a maniac. He had numerous strands of hair in his bloody hands, which he pulled out himself.

His body started to twitch, pieces of flesh, bone and other body tissue started coming out his mouth and his bleeding started to slow down.

He like a balloon.

During this whole process, he still screamed. He kept on screaming with such intense agony that it made everybody's skin crawl.

He let out one long and slow ragged breath after the air in his lungs had been emptied by his excessive screaming, and ultimately lost all signs of life.

He was dead.

Axel avoided the big pool of blood and walked back to the rest of the group. He turned around one last time to the other prisoners and said coldly, "I won, right?"

The brown coloured guy wiped off the sweat on his forehead with his shaking arm and nodded, "H-Hm-hmmmm, y-yeah."

He didn't react and simply proceeded to walk towards the rest of the group, who were completely shocked and a tiny bit scared as well.

even backed off a bit when he went back to his

Because of this, he said, "He deserved it."

Killua didn't look to bothered, Gon and Kurapika seemed a little bothered, but they understood. also calmed down.

But they knew now, that Axel was the most fearsome existence in their team aside from Killua.

Axel was no saint, he could even be considered evil if he had to be judged to normal standards, but he knew himself that it wasn't true.

That man before him was a mass murderer, someone who had killed more than dozens and dozens of children, women and men. He did this all on purpose, with a clear intent to kill. He even performed the act with his bare hands, yet he felt no remorse.

What kind off punishment would someone like that deserve? Some may say that he deserved death, some might say that he deserved a life-long prison sentence, some may say he deserved a fate worse than death.

And Axel was one of the latter.

He might have smiled during that whole process, but that was just an act he put up to scare Johness and the other prisoners more. In fact, his other teammates couldn't even see it.

He didn't find it very comforting to watch someone get brutally tortured, even though he deserved it. He didn't mind watching, nor did he mind performing it on someone like that, but it wasn't something he regarded as: "entertaining"

He was internly frowning. He hesitated at first if he should use "that" ability of his. But after he saw Johness, that inmediately disappeared.

Before the battle, he released the seal of his aura and used the advanced technique In, to hide his aura. He then switched his Nen-type to his original Nen-type, which was a Specialist, through his Specialist-type Hatsu ability.

This made him able to use Hatsu abilities of the Specialist, Conjurer and types with almost perfect The only thing he lacked was time before he would perfect them.

He created a name for his Specialist ability. It was short and straight to the point,

Type Switch.

What he did looked very , no one had been able to figure out what just had taken , not even the main Examiner knew what to make of this sight.

It was a Hatsu ability that he used in his early days during training, one he had used for a very long time. It used both the Conjurer and types of Nen, which made Specialist the only possible choice for him to switch to.

During his training, he created a few of other abilities, and this was one of them. He called it;

Bug Revolt

What he did was shape his Nen in the form of a bug and then conjured it to make it an object. This bug was special because it had razor sharp teeth, a incredibly strong jaw and a large-sized body covered in spikes and

They were still very tiny compared to humans and other animals, but they were about two times as big as normal bugs.

He used to use these bugs in training to kill animals that went beserk, without having to engage in close combat with them, and also do that as efficiently as possible. What he did with beasts was to a bug inside of it and let it travel to the heart as fast possible.

With Johness however, he didn't. He didn't go for the heart, but for other organs and tissue.

He basically conjured his Nen into multiple of these bug-shaped objects. He then them on Johness' body with a simple touch when he passed by him with his enhanced speed that came from his training and then proceeded to these objects from a distance.

This only worked in a thirty meter range, outside of that range, it wouldn't work. Furthermore, if the opponent was a Nen-user, he could simply expel them one by one with his Nen. But that would take some time, so it could still do considerable damage to a Nen-user if they weren't careful.

Johness wasn't a Nen-user though, he was an easy target.

He let all of his self-created bugs travel inside of his body, eating and destroying everything from the inside out, avoiding the heart to prevent him from getting an early escape. The result always varied, but the fact that it brought unimaginable pain stayed the same.

This was only possible to carry out if one had insanely good Nen-control, which Axel had, so he made good use of it.

And he will continue to use it, and get better at it.

That was one of his current goals after all, to stronger.

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