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Chapter 19 : Hunter Exam: Phase Three #1

The Adventure of a Lifetime (HxH Fanfic)

"Woooow! It's really freaking tall!" Axel looked outside of the window and wondered at the incredibly tall structure in front of him. It was the most tallest building he had seen so far.

That tower was called: Trick Tower, where the Third Phase of the Hunter Exam was going to be held. The applicants, in just a few minutes, would all be dropped on top of the tower.

The challenge of the Third Phase was; to reach the base of the tower in 72 hours, which meant the applicants had exactly three days of time to travel downwards as quick as possible.

It would be riddled with obstacles; for every applicant a different one.

The applicants on the ship were ordered to leave it, which took about ten minutes. Axel saw Gon and the rest and walked up to them.

was key in the Third Phase.

And he fitted exactly in there.

The Bean guy messaged them this in the main terminal, " to Trick Tower everyone! This is a prison which hosts the most brutal and fearless criminals in Zaban City, so be careful! The goals of this Phase is to reach the bottom of the tower in 72 hours, I wish you all good luck!"

He did all this while flying away, it was some very impressive sound enhancing technology. The Hunter x Hunter world was way more advanced than Axel had thought, even more advanced than Earth probably.

He talked a bit with the group and hung around them; he couldn't lose sight of them. If he remembered correctly, this Exam, for the main group, was a five-man

With him joining in, it was exactly five people. , Tonpa, the rookie crusher, joined in with them. But he wasn't going to allow that.

He'd tag along, create a better bond during the Exam and leave them afterwards. Besides, they were very nice people, which wasn't really shown that much in the anime.

And then, right at that moment, some rock climber inmediately started climbing down from the sides of Trick Tower.

It all looked fine, his pace was quite fast and his grip was really strong. If everything went right, he would easily make it. He also didn't seem scared of the wind currents that messed up his pace, he just kept on going.

But, a few later, a pack of some huge ass birds arrived and snatched him from the side of the wall. This happened in an instant.

He was a goner, he literally became bird food.

Axel was a little bit impatient, which is why he decided to tell the group in advance about the hidden trap doors that were present on top of the tower. "Yo, guys, there are trap doors present here. See this right here? Look."

He showed them that he could push them a little, this indicated that it really was what he it to be.

"He's right" said Gon, "I can feel that there are some hollow around us. And not only around us, but literally everywhere."

"So that is the reason why so many applicants just disappeared all of a sudden..." pondered Kurapika.

They all grabbed a that were the most closest to each other and gave each other a brief farewell.

They jumped on the and, at the same time, everyone disappeared.

They tried to land as soft as possible and tried to look around. It was all dark, they could see very little. What they did know was that they were currently in a small and unclean space. landed on his face, not very pleasant...

Axel grinned and said, "Oi, , does the floor taste good? Want some salt or sugar on those bricks?"

"Shut up you brat!" yelled

"Be quiet you two" said Kurapika. "We found something important."

There was a sign on the dimly lit wall in front of them, saying, "The five of you must follow the will of the majority to reach the goal"

Under it was a pedestal with five stopwatches. On it were an "X" and an "O"

Axel had a little bit of nostalgia seeing those buttons, they were two of the four main buttons used on consoles he used to with.

They had multiple meanings, but oh well.

They all attached the stopwatch to their wrists and heard an announcement from the right-bottom corner right after, "Yo! My name is Lippo! I am the prison wardener here, as well as the Third Phase examiner"

Axel almost lost it again, how did parents in this world think regarding names? They had no sense of good names at all!

Lippo?! More like a Hippo.

He continued on, ignoring Axel's grinning, "Multiple routes through this tower have been prepared, you guys have chosen the route of the majority rule. will be key if you wish to clear this phase of the Exam. One person in the group who is selfish could cause trouble for the whole group, keep that in mind."

"Best of luck, gentlemen!"

After the announcement ended, a hidden door showed itself. On it were two ; X to open the door, O to keep it closed.

Everybody naturally picked X, or else they would be stuck in that space for a very long time, 72 hours to be exact.

They walked on for a bit, until they another two-choice They could either choose to go left, or choose to go right.

Axel voted for left, he already knew where the right path was going to. If they somehow ended up going left, a whole new part of the Exam would surface itself, one that wasn't shown in the manga.

Knowing everything was a burden on his enjoyment, but it was very practical in the end, so he was grateful that he knew all this stuff.

Eventually, even though Axel voted for left, the rest all chose to go right. Except for , because he was simple-minded.

People generally choose to go left when they have two , so the Examiner, in their , would make the left path harder.

Axel pouted and whispered to himself, "Nothing goes my way in here.... When does this damn Exam end..."

They walked for a few more minutes and arrived at something completely different then last time. There was a big, floating in the middle of the room, with no bridges attached. Axel knew they were built in, but it still looked pretty cool.

There were five people at the other side, one of them was sitting in the back, completely unbothered by them. The rest of them decided to them. Their shackles were removed, and one of them took off his hood,

He looked quite intimidating.

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