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Chapter 18 : Is.... This really it?

The Adventure of a Lifetime (HxH Fanfic)

Axel was laying on top of one of the bunk beds in the flying zapelin, staring at the dark roof of the small and messy room.

The Phase had ended. Currently, they were on their way to the Third Phase of the Exam, the Trick Tower. The distance between the two to a little bit more than nine hours, so it gave the applicants some time to rest.

Axel had decided to do exactly that. He visited the buffet after Netero finished his and then went straight to a private room and locked the door. There were only a few of those on board, so he had to be quick.

And there he was, staring at the ceiling with both of his hands behind his head, thinking about what he should do next. The room was dimly lit by a small star-shaped lamp beside the bed, and a few random scribbles were seen on the wall.

Like a kid's room, the room looked like that of a child's bedroom. It gave him a little bit of nostalgia. It might have been pure coincidence, but he always used to scribble on the walls when he was younger.

His life on Earth, it bothered him.

He had all these memories of a whole different life, a whole different family, multiple friends and even multiple loved one's. He may have ignored it in the beginning, but it was bothering him. These memories kept resurfacing everytime he went to sleep, basically reminding him of his wonderful past in his dreams.

He didn't think this life was worse, far from it actually. He felt very satisfied here, far more satisfied than he had ever been on Earth. He felt like he didn't belong there, his home, to his feelings, was here.

His past wasn't bad, it wasn't bad at all. The innocence of a youthful mentality, the memories of his first love, his other parents that also cared for him.

They were great, absolutely wonderful.

But it made him feel that something was wrong. It wasn't right. Should he have memories of his past? Why did he needed to be reminded of those times?

He always wondered how people in stories did it. They re?ncarnated and had all of their memories intact, yet they almost never seemed to be bothered by them, even completely ignoring them whole, and the same exact thing happened to him.

He had tried to do that, and it worked for him for a while.

This Nen stuff, the new geography and terms, almost everything in this world was different. It had him for the first eleven years, but it wasn't enough to keep him completely busy.

One couldn't stop mental development, this was something that was inevitable. His thoughts just kept shooting back towards his past, not wanting to move on.

Like he should never about it.

Every building, every face, it all came back to him.

His life back on Earth seemed more real than his life currently, even though it all felt like a multiple years-long dream.

It was.... just too He knew the events that he was going through, he knew the personality of each "character" in this world, he even knew developments that this world hadn't gone through yet.

between these people, Axel felt it to be too ungenuine. He didn't their humanity, it had been proved again and again that these people were a 100% real.

It just felt like that to him.

The problem was that he regarded these people as characters, not as real people. It was to be seen in his with them; cold and unbothered.

Axel sighed, "I wish I had a piano...."

It was his favorite and only instrument he could His parents taught him how to , everyday. He never skipped a lesson, although he didn't like it, he still continued on.

Until his parents suddenly stopped teaching him, he was apparently regarded as good enough for them.

He stopped practicing for a while, but he began to miss it, pressing those white and keys. He started again by himself only a few weeks later, getting better and better at He even started to compose his own songs.

He smiled just thinking about it. All he did here was train.... and although it was fun to see him improving, it wasn't something that would be fun if it was done too long without anything else to focus on.

People who instruments or sang knew how wonderful music could be when they were stirred.

It helped him calm down a lot and it also let him stabilize his thoughts.

But if he wanted to buy things in this world, he'd have to pass the Exam first, or earn money in another way. It kind off motivated him more to try his best to stronger, it made him feel more safe and secured.

Even though he was a little bit bothered about the fact that he still had memories of his past, he didn't let that stop him from moving forward.

He had goals, and he wouldn't just give up on them. He was sure that everything would be fine, besides, there must have been a reason for him to arrive in this world. He didn't know it, nor was he going to find that out anytime soon.

But he knew....

He knew that the reason for him to have come here was not to sit around and do nothing, that was for sure. He was going to with everything he has in mind, even the most ridiculous wishes of his will be granted. Not by some other force, but by himself.

His own effort, that was what mattered. And that was the only thing that he could willingly change by his own choices.

He had the blood of an adventurer after all.

Axel stood up and punched the wall with a tiny bit of his power, eventually creating a few cracks. "This life..."

"This is it"

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