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Chapter 17 : Hunter Exam: Phase Two #3

The Adventure of a Lifetime (HxH Fanfic)

"What should we do, Chairmain. Menchi has gone back into her old habits again, she failed everyone, not even one of all the applicants passed Phase Two," said the green slime with a dejected and worried on his face.

That slime was the same guy who handed the number tags to every applicant in Phase One, he was now in a Hunter airship, acting as an assistant for Netero, the Chairman of the Hunter

Netero sighed and stood up, "I guess I have no choice then. I'll have to interfere in person."






Axel decided to ignore everything that the Examiners said from the point that Menchi fired back and ponder about his own problems, as it was mostly nonsense.

He really got irritated by her , she didn't even want to admit her faults. He completely lost respect for her as a Hunter, and as a person.

'Wait... I just realised, I don't really know a lot about this world. There was no in my house, nor was there any café on Whale , I had no to any online device at all. I could've bought a phone, but I had no money... How are the politcal affairs in this country? What kind off celebrities are famous here? What is the most desired job? Most movie?'

He knew little to nothing.

'I'm definitely going to get a phone, a house, a car, a house, multiple houses even, when I finally get my license and earn money after this Exam is finished...'

'But also, how does work in this world? I made homework that was incredibly easy when I was at home on Whale since there was no school there, but was that the case everywhere? I'm sure that there's some kind off school in this world right?'

'Jeez, I only know the plot and nothing else, that's a problem... I had been too busy with training and didn't try to do anything else but that. I focussed too much on the Exam, but there is a whole world out there that I know little to nothing about....'

Axel sighed, "I've been quite ignorant, huh."

"Aaaaaahhh!!!" screamed a fat guy while off into the sky.

Buhara punched him a tiny bit too hard.

Menchi started her speech on why they weren't qualified as Hunters, which was filled with unlogical and unreasonable arguments.

In the end, to her, they all failed.

And then, he felt it.

Hisoka's killing intent.

The whole athmosphere was oozing with it, like a closed room that was filled with an unknown invisible substance. Killing intent alone was not visible, it could be felt, but it could only be seen when it was coupled with Nen.

He didn't use any aura, but Axel could feel his skin itching because of it. He was a sensitive person regarding the ability to feel things, hence the intense It was also directed at Menchi, not at the crowd. This resulted in the others, who weren't nearly as sensitive as Axel, not being able to sense it.

Axel however, could easily sense danger or anything which seemed out of context in a certain It was a very useful skill that one could have, it could save his life on multiple

The rest all seemed ignorant, and the Examiner in the front were apparently too far away to sense it.

However, an airship carrying the slightly distorted voice of Netero with it interrupted his "That said, it would be very excessive to fail every single applicant"

The killing intent inmediately disappeared.

It was really fearsome, if Axel would suddenly be targeted at with such inmense killing intent at once, he would be unable to react for a moment.

And that was dangerous, he needed to get more used to killing intent, or he needed polish his own.....

Netero jumped down from a height that seemed almost impossible to survive like a brick, eventually landing with a force that shook the whole ground.

He inmediately started debating Menchi, saying that she wasn't being reasonable. Axel said that before, but she didn't listen to him as he was not as important as Netero.

She admitted her mistakes and came up with a All of the applicants entered the airship where Netero jumped out of and flew to Mt. Split-in-Half, where the new challenge would be held.





"So, that's how you get a Dream Egg!" said Menchi proudfully.

The challenge was to jump down the cliff between the two mountains and catch an egg that hung in a spider web.

This would be impossible if there wasn't an updraft, that could carry people back to the top of the mountain, instead of being crushed to death.

Some of the applicants hesitated, the others like Axel, Killua and Gon jumped down right after Menchi everything. The three of them were extremely excited to try out the stunt Menchi had pulled; jumping down a cliff without any gear.

A lof of people followed after them, and some others stayed behind. They weren't wrong for not trying to jump down there, they could literally die if they didn't knew when the updraft would

Most of the applicants were literally hanging on a thread consisting of quite durable spider silk. The downside of it was, that the silk couldn't hold all of the people for much longer, which is why some people jumped when there wasn't any sign of an updraft.

Axel tried to focus as hard as he could, to see if he noticed any change in his surroundings as well.



He felt a soft breeze.

That was the sign. And right at that moment, Gon yelled, "Now!"

They all let go and dived towards the egg sacks, they each caught one, but Axel straight up picked three of them.

He heard they tasted good, so he didn't want miss out on this opportunity.

The wind flew by his face, his belly was giving off signs because he was falling at such a fast speed.

Then suddenly, the updraft came.

All of the applicants got drafted up back to the top of the mountain, with their eggs in hand. Menchi had a big pot filled with water so the eggs could get boiled to a suitable temperature.

Axel carefully put his dear babies in there and waited patiently for them.

And that was the Phase.


Extra A/N:

Sooo, y'all asked me why I missed my upload yesterday. Well, it's becuase it's a testweek for me, which literally means a whole week filled with tests, which I have to learn for.

I kind off overestimated my ability to write in a week like that, so I missed a chapter. I will start uploading when Friday has arrived!

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