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Chapter 16 : Hunter Exam: Phase Two #2

The Adventure of a Lifetime (HxH Fanfic)

Axel was mocking the rest of the applicants on how stupid they acted. They were preparing those pigs like the people who lived in the Middle Ages.

After Axel yelled the hint on where the weak spots were on those monster-like pigs towards Gon and the rest, every single one of the applicants started targeting the same spot, which resulted in almost everyone killing and catching one of those pigs.

They all came back in an orderly manner and started preparing the pigs, but how they did it...

They added no salt, no pepper, not even a single spice. They only picked a few pieces of lettuce out of the ten vegetables they had and put it on a with a whole roasted pig, a pig that was twenty times bigger than the itself.

Even the roasting wasn't done well, the was either too hot or too soft. They were really uncultured when it came to cooking.

Even Axel himself was getting angry on how basic these people were, did they have no shame? The average student on Earth would be able to cook a times better than every single one of them!

Axel was no cook, but he now finally understood why Menchi was getting so angered by these people.

He was going to suprise her.

He pulled up his sleeves, washed his hands, grabbed a knife, and started to work his magic on that pig.

He grabbed it and cut it in half. He let all the blood flow that was covering the meat out of the pig. He then looked to see where the best spot of meat was, as he wasn't sure on where it was. He cut a big chunk of meat out of the right upper of the pig and also cut out a little bit of fat with it.

He grabbed his pan, lit the fire and grabbed some butter to put it on the pan. Axel was suprised to see that even butter was present in this kitchen. These applicants were literally not even trying, yet Axel was going full-on Gordon Ramsey in here.

Most of them had already went up to the Examiners with their dish, but all of them failed.

Axel looked in the for the spices and got even more shocked. It was literally a haven of spices! Cinnamon, pepper, curry powder, then put on salt, pepper, bay leaves and curry powder, cumin, dry mustard powder...

It was all there!

He grabbed the pepper, salt and the curry powder and seasoned the the piece of meat.

Meanwhile, the butter was starting to sizzle. He put the piece of meat in the pan and started cutting some vegetables.

He was going to use them as side-dishes.

He flipped the meat over a few times to make sure it was evenly cooked and put it on his There were no sauces that could be put on the meat, which was kind off a disappointment, but he it.

He put the meat on a few pieces of lettuce and put a few dried tomatos on the side, spread out evenly across the

Voilà! The dish was completed. It was a bit basic, but it was way better than the other applicants, who simply just roasted the pig whole.

The rest of the crew and some of the other applicants were looking at him in wonder, this guy knew what he was doing! Kurapika even tried to study his dish before he went.

He was the last person who would get his dish evaluated, so it was kind off exciting to see how the Examiners would react, not only for Axel, but for everyone.

He confidently walked up to Menchi and said with a smile on his face, "Here is my dish."

She looked at him and said with suprise, "Oh? Someone finally did something different?"

She grabbed her fork and and cut off a little piece of the meat. She slowly brung it up to her mouth and took a bite.

She closed her eyes and carefully examined the She took about thirty whole that felt like an eternity to do that exact thing.

She swallowed it and opened her eyes.

"Failed, it tastes bad."

Axel widened his eyes. "What? How does this taste bad?"

She arrogantly looked down and said, "It just does, try better next time"

He got annoyed by that remark. He had already taken a small piece to taste test, and it tasted , much better than those other people who only roasted the pig and added nothing to enhance the

He clenched his fists, how arrogant could one be to not even acknowledge his cooking skills, that were the cream of the crop compared to the other applicants.

He didn't want to enter the spotlight, but he just had to do something, this was too unfair to let go.

Before he left, he couldn't help but say, "I don't have a clue on why the committee chose someone like you, who is so arrogant and selfish, as an Examiner. I clearly tried my best to enhance the , added originality and aquired the ingredients, yet you didn't appreciate any of those efforts of mine, it's simply absurd. They should revoke your license, not only for being an impulsive and unfair Examiner, but also due to the fact that you can't handle stress."

He walked away, turned around one last time, and said, "You're pathetic."

He inwardly praised himself, it was the most satisfying thing he had done in a very long time. He put that little fiery and unreasonable b*tch in her

Why should he endure the stupidity of Menchi when he could do something about it? Although Netero would interfere later on when she failed everyone, nobody really punished her for her

Which seemed inappropiate in Axel's , an Examiner's duty was to issue a fair exam for everyone.

Menchi did exactly the opposite.

Buhara was very nice though, he always thought it was , he even praised Axel on how well he had made his dish, the only thing he didn't like was that it was such a little amount of food.....

Menchi clenched her teeth and angrily stood up and approached him. She grabbed his and yelled, "You littl-, HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT?! ANY MORE CRAP FROM YOU AND I'LL SHOVE MY ARM UP YOUR ASS AND KNOCK YOUR TEETH OUT!"

She returned to her seat and said, "Well, you all....."


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