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Chapter 15 : Hunter Exam: Phase Two #1

The Adventure of a Lifetime (HxH Fanfic)

Axel flew through the air with speeds that were unable to be perceived by the naked eye and landed on a branch almost thirty meters away.

He took a peek to see if anything changed, but nothing happened to the old and tattered building. It was completely dead, no traps, no animals, only some flowers and.....

The ring he had in his hand.

The preventive measures he took to steal this thing weren't really necessary, but oh well, safety came first. He carefully examined it to see if he could some of the symbols, but they were unknown to him.

It wasn't the common Hunter x Hunter language, nor was it any language to that on Earth. If he had to describe a quality of it; it looked like Chinese but more complicated.

He figured that he wasn't going to get any further by just studying it, so he decided to put it on his left hand, on his ring finger of course.

He only did this after a lot of He didn't sense any ill intent, nor did he feel or see anything that could potentially harm him.

The ring that was a little too big to fit around his finger, shrinked and adapted itself to the perfect size for him. Axel panicked a bit and tried to pull it off, but couldn't.

He frowned, what if it was some kind off tracker.....

He tried injecting it with Nen, but nothing happened. It was just there, stuck on his finger.

It looked pretty badass, but that was it. He knew nothing about it, he only knew that it contained a huge amount of aura and was capable of gathering aura at extremely fast speeds. There were also symbols and other things engraved on it that he didn't understand at all, so it was a very object.

On top of that, he found it in the middle of a strange in the Numere , a that hadn't been before.

He knew this because there was absolutely no sign of life except for

But when he put it on, he didn't feel anything, nothing at all. It was kind off a letdown, but he at least gained a cool

He sighed, "Well then, I'll have to hurry to arrive at the phase."

Luckily, he had an ability that was perfect for moving at extremely fast speeds.

Axel grinned and said, "Godspeed."

He changed more of his aura into electricity and took off. He ran through the path he had created when he came here and started going in the general where the most applicants went. He could still see some footprints.

He kept on running as fast as he could, he had no idea how much time he had left. He had wasted a ton of time on being as careful as possible while taking the ring for himself, which was very unnecessary, but he'd rather waste a few minutes of his time than getting injured by being foolish.

He kept going and going until he saw a the huge wall with two watchtowers and a gate between them in the distance.

He sealed his aura again and just stared in front of him. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"What?! I'm already here?!" he

He had been going for about 5 minutes, yet he already arrived? He ran fast, he could feel that, but in his perspective he wasn't really running super fast.

He thought about Killua's ability for a bit and figured it out; Whirlwind was the reason for it. Whirlwind enhanced his senses and temporarily upgraded his brain so that it could send commands to muscle groups at speeds faster than it was usually capable of.

An example of this is that someone who is used to move at high speeds; would think that normal speeds for other people was very slow.

"Damn, it is really overpowered....."

He walked to the already opened gate and saw a ton of little kitchens spread over the whole field. Almost all of the applicants had already arrived. Menchi and Buhara, the two Examiners of the Phase, were already introducing themselves.

Just in time. He quickly ran over to Gon, Killua and the rest because all the other were by other people, asking if he could also use the kitchen.

The rest were all happy for him, they didn't think he would've made it after they hadn't seen him before. even sighed from relief, because Axel was the only one who understood him.

Axel greeted back and started a with them.

He took a quick peek at Menchi and thought, 'She's way prettier in person than portrayed in the anime.... and Buhara is also a lot bigger than portrayed, jezus...'

He looked like a giant, he was huge. Menchi was like a little dwarf compared to Buhara. You could fit a building in his stomache.

Menchi sat down on her chair and started announcing the details of the Phase, with Buhara announcing the stuff that was to food;

he really liked food.

"Your challenge for the Phase is to make a dish that will satisfy the both of us. The main ingredient for this dish has to be..... Pork!"

"You are free to choose from any species of pig in the Biska Forest, you must also only use the facilities that are provided here to make a dish."

"So, let the Phase commence!"

Everybody instantly sprinted out of the gates with great haste and tried looking for pigs. In bushes, behind trees, everywhere.

Axel just followed the rest, he already knew where the innocent little piggies were. They slid down a few hills, waited for the piggies to come by, and eventually spotted them.

Axel looked at them with shock, "Why is everything so much bigger than I expected it to be?!"

They were giants! You could feed the whole world with a few of those pigs! They were even chewing on freaking dinosaur bones or something.

Their noses were the most stupid thing of all, they were harder than steel. Their foreheads were their weak point, but Axel didn't decide to inmediately go for that.

And then, the pigs spotted them.

was sweating hard, "Oi, guys.... We should, run, right?"

Kurapika nodded, "Mhm, yes, good point, RUN!!!!"

And they all ran, for their lives. Axel however, decided to stay behind. He lured one pig away from the pack by throwing a stone at his head, so he wouldn't get stormed by all of them at once.

Gon wanted to stop and take him with him, but Axel yelled, "I'm fine, I know their weakspot! It's on their foreheads!"

He decided to help them a little bit.

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