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Chapter 14 : The Hunter Exam: Phase One #3

The Adventure of a Lifetime (HxH Fanfic)

Axel had talked a bit with the others, catching up on how the rest were faring. was about how painfully long this course was, while Kurapika told him to not worry about them and go at his own pace.

So Axel, after Gon and Killua had moved up, also sped up.

But there was a twist.

He didn't follow the main group who were right behind Satotz, neither did he stay behind with or Kurapika.

He went right; completely off-track. He had thought about it quite a lot, and he decided to go check out the thing he was sensing.

Because whatever it was, it emitted some fearsome amounts of aura. It could be dangerous to go there, but should he really refrain from doing anything just because it was dangerous? Axel was sure of it that no beast in these were able to prove to be fatal to him. He could always flee.

The whole Hunter Exam, this whole world even, was filled with dangers. Everything that he would come by as a Hunter, if you looked at it objectively, it would probably be all potentially fatal for him.

If he had to pass by on every opportunity, he wouldn't improve, nor would he have any enjoyment in his The majestical thing about being a Hunter was the fact that it could help you in your adventure to the unknown.

If one avoided the unknown, then in Axel's , he or she wasn't a true Hunter. This was one of the first times in this world when he felt truly nervous.

It was the same thrill people would get by breaking moral codes or laws. For example, imagine if there was a , in a strange in the middle of the forest, where the first rule stated that it was absolutely forbidden to travel outside of their walls.

Now if someone went and broke that rule, arriving into a completely new environment filled with danger, what would he feel like?

He wouldn't feel at ease, far from it. He would feel scared, nervous and maybe even terrified. But for some people, they would feel another when adventuring into the darkness.


They would feel a thrill.

And Axel, he was one of those people. He was and logical, always trying to prevent any possible danger that could come his way.

But there was another side of him, an impulsive side. A side where he would kiss some of his logic goodbye and pursue his goals without caring for his thoughts. Opportunity was always coupled with danger, this was a fact.

There was no free candy.

The only reason why he would let this impulsive side of his exist, was because he was strong. He didn't believe he would not be able to escape from the clutches of a beast in the Numere , it was still in the beginning of the anime after all.

He wouldn't overestimate himself, but he felt like he would regret it if he didn't check it out. It emitted way too much Nen, he also didn't sense any hostile intent from it. He silently lifted the seal on his aura, which caused his Nen-imprint to faintly shine for a split Axel quickly used In to cover it up.

In was the only advanced Nen technique he knew, he even improved it a bit.

He was confused about one thing though, something he couldn't solve with his extensive knowledge of the manga

What he hadn't heard of in the manga was that everyone had a certain Nen-imprint. This Nen-imprint was in the middle of their bodies and was the core of their Nen. If it was destroyed, one wouldn't be able to harness Nen anymore.

A Nen-imprint could be everything. It could be a few lines, a person himself, an animal, a pen, literally everything.

This was the core of their aura; it's source to be exact. Nen comes from the imprint and then get's transported through the aura nodes. Nen-users get stronger by refining their Nen and strengthening their imprints, defining it.

A clear-cut example of defined aura was Neferpitou. Her imprint was a puppet. She defined this puppet by making her imprint stronger, she also refined her Nen to let it be of a higher quality.

Axel only came to know this after he had trained in the basics for so long, which meant that his hard work had really paid off. Understanding the laws of training where important to have a fast and efficient rate of improvement.

He slowed down to a walking pace, he had arrived in it's general It was in the middle of the , in an open field.

The got bigger and thicker and more numerous the further he went. He even had to create a of Nen to cut some of them away, or else he wouldn't even be able to pass.

The surrounding aura got thicker and thicker, making it harder for him to maintain his Ten.

He had to get out of here soon, this was weird and the Phase of the Exam was very close to starting.

After he had gotten rid of most of the branches, he saw a structure.

It looked like an Aztec Temple, or rather, a very ancient one.

The grass around it was almost a meter long, covered in different types of flowers he had never seen before. It looked like he arrived straight into a fairytale.

"What is this? How can such a structure be in the middle of the Numere , a that had been deemed suitable for the Hunter Exam?"

He saw something in the middle of the pyramid-like stone structure covered in moss and vines.

A ring.

A dark purple ring, with a few celtic runes in the middle. He could see this from afar as his eyesight had been enhanced by Nen, normal people wouldn't be able to see as good as him.

He wanted to go and check it out.

But he hesitated, it could be a trap.

"Should I do it? I mean, the buildings looks old and I don't sense anything strange except the vast amounts of aura that ring is emitting...."

"Oh well, if something goes wrong, I'll use my trump card."

He hadn't even come close to mastering the ability, but he could use it. Killua's Godspeed and Whirlwind, he could use them.

He was in his Enhancer state right now, so was for him to use. Although not as efficient.

He walked up the stairs very slowly, letting electricity cover his whole body.

He saw the ring upclose, it looked really

He arrived at the top of the temple.

He came up with a , if something were to go wrong with the temple. He took a few steps back, focussed some more of his Nen into his legs and jumped forwards as hard as he could.

He snatched the ring in an instant.

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