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Chapter 12 : The Hunter Exam: Phase One #1

The Adventure of a Lifetime (HxH Fanfic)

Axel decided to put his trained abilities to the test, and drank the laxative.

After all the poison and antidotes he consumed, he should basically be immune to them. He had built a resistance against poison, or to be frank, an immunity.

On Earth, this wasn't possible. Nen, or aura, was the factor that made it possible. If he used his Nen to fight the most potent part of the poison; he could then rely on his body to create antibodies for them. As his body was to any body on Earth; the of antibodies was also faster.

Killua had this power as well.

* Trrrringgggg *

A bell went off, and the giant wall that enclosed all the applicants, disappeared. Everybody was suprised to see that such a massive wall could disappear in such a short time.

Axel clenched his fists from excitement; he was really participating in the Hunter Exam.

From here on out, only the highest on the food chain could survive.

A man with purple hair and a strange mustache, dressed in a formal suit, waited for them at the other side. "Excuse me for the The entry for the Hunter applicants has ended. The Hunter Exam will now begin!"

"Keep in mind, in this Exam you can get heavily injured, or even die. If you wish to quit, there is an elevator behind you."

Nobody left. They had to go through tons of hardships just to arrive at this , and now this weird dude was asking them to leave just because of the dangers? They already knew about the dangers!

"Very well then, all 405 participants will take part in Phase One."

Notice that there are only 405 participants, yet 406 total applicants? The guy who Hisoka injured wasn't able to continue the Exam, he lost two arms after all.

Axel hadn't seen the scene, but he knew it from the manga.

Just for bumping into him, he lost two arms and the chance to take part in the Hunter Exam.

He should have been more careful about who he bumped into. It also showed just how scary Hisoka was.

The examiner started walking. Which meant that.....

The Hunter Exam had finally begun.

All of the applicants followed the examiner, who later introduced himself as Satotz. He was the Phase One examiner who was tasked to lead them to the Phase of the exam.

The only thing they had to do in Phase One, was follow the Examiner.

They started walking in the beginning, eventually raising the pace to jogging. Axel looked back at Gon, Kurapika and and said, "I'm going to run ahead, see you in a bit!"

Gon did a thumbs up. "Sure!"

And Axel ran off.




Most of the applicants had dropped out after Satotz picked up the pace after the first 30 kilometers of running, but Axel and a lot of other applicants were still going strong. They were currently running up the stairs.

The track that they were running on was very monotone and dark. It was a complete straight path until the stairs, but they were monotone as well.

It was both mentally and physically taxing to run here.

An activity that was very taxing, or almost impossible for normal people to do, but no one in here was normal. Some of them seemed to do it with ease.

Axel was slowly running in between the crowd, trying to blend in as much as possible. After a while, he even saw Gon and Killua running past him.

They were racing, he remembered it. If that was the case, then the end of the first half of the First Phase should be right around the corner.

It was straight up one of the most boring things in the world, running. If he was being chased, then it would be exciting. Not that he wanted to get hunted down or something, he'd rather save that for another time.

He saw people giving up constantly, almost breaking down from the intensively long track that they had followed.

They were very unlucky, because after just a few of more running, he could already see the exit....

A tiny of people had already arrived there, Axel decided to just stick with the average bunch. It wouldn't do him any good to stand out.

He was quite excited though, to see the marsh. It was a very majestical It was like the Forbidden Forest back on Whale , but ten times bigger and with a more misty climate. It was , and he only knew a little bit about it.

It made him want to explore it, to travel through the paths that have never been treaded before. Even though it was dangerous, he wanted to.

It got his blood boiling.

He had the blood of an Adventurer after all.

When he saw the light of day, he sped up. He pranced up the stairs like they weren't there, and embraced the light like his very own lover.

He was outisde.

A wave of fresh air assaulted his nose, it's smell was addicting. The air felt moist, and the surroundings were a bit unclear.

He tried to look deeper into the mist, but it hadn't faded enough yet.

"Oi Axel!! You made it!" yelled Gon while approaching him.

Axel scratched his head and said, "I guess so, huh. You were even faster than me, I didn't even see you run past me."

"Oh wait, Axel, I got to introduce you to someone," said Gon

Axel looked at him like; well, who is it then?

Gon pulled Killua by his arm from behind his back and said cheerfully, "Killua, this is a good friend of mine, his name is Axel. Axel, this is Killua, he is a good person."

Killua, in response, stared at Gon, thinking, 'How would Gon know if I was a good person or not by just meeting me?'

Axel took the initiative to greet his from his Transmuter ability, "Yoooo~ my name is Axel, I'm twelve years old, nice to meet you."

Killua nodded and meekly smiled, "Yeah, you too."

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