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"Like I would carry that bastard! Do you see this on my head, do you see it? It's like a volcano that's about to explode! Why would I help him!" One of the Kirikos was about the fact that Axel had given him a giant bump on his head.

But Axel didn't back down, "Then let one of the others carry me, it wasn't my fault that I knocked you out, you deceived us ;

"But that was only to tes-" One of the other Navigators interrutped, "Enough, it's fine. As we said before, you all passed. I'll carry Axel, you carry Gon, and the other two will carry Kurapika en to the exam site, ok?"

The beast with a volcano on his head snorted, "Psh, fine."

It wasn't Axel's to literally almost smash his head in, it really wasn't. He just made the mistake of underestimating his own power.

He did not have a lot of fighting experience, almost none at all. The only beings he had fought were drunk people on Earth, and a few beasts in the Forbidden Forest.

However, they were so weak, that his own body was enough.

He felt quite a bit of Nen coming from the Kiriko, which is why he thought he had to use his Nen as well to be able to break his defense.

But, he didn't.

It'd really be best for him to get some combat experience as soon as possible, and as much as possible. Because this couldn't continue on.

The Navigators all tranformed into their beast form and spanned out their wings. Axel looked at them with "That's neat."

They all grabbed on to their legs and started dangeling their legs as soon as they took off. They went higher and higher in the air until they had found the ideal height. Axel looked around and enjoyed the scenery, and the rest was bickering with

He looked at the full moon and didn't pay to anything else. The only thing that entered his ears was the sound of the wind passing by his ears and the faint sounds of nature below them.

Time flew by. (Pun intented)




In the morning, the group of four had finally arrived in Zaban City, where the Hunter Exam and other things awaited them.

Both Alex and Gon were super excited to scan through all of the shops and stalls in Zaban City. They looked at every piece of jewelry and food they could find. Axel loved to see all these new things he had never seen before.

He especially paid extra to that stall with a strange deck of cards. It was probably an improved of the cards back on Earth.

He wanted to buy it, but sadly, he didn't have money. The rest also didn't want to give him any Jennie, so he was helpless.

He made a silent vow, "I shall filthy rich after a Hunter!"

The son of the Navigators led them through the city's alleys until they arrived at the main

Axel then caught the sight of a very restaurant covered in vines in an instant, thinking, 'So we're finally here'

The Navigator led them to the building and pointed in it's general , saying, "I think that's the building right there."

Gon and the rest also saw the building, but little did they know, that they were looking at the wrong building.

They all ;

"It's so tall! They have a really nice building!"

"So this is the exam site...."

"This is the that draws of Hunter Applicants from all over the world...."

The Navigator then crushed their beliefs by pointing at the old and tattered building. "This is it. Right here."

"Oi oi oi, are you kidding me? That's it, that sketchy restaurant?" asked

"Ironic isn't it? That in such a small and old building, thousands of applicants enter? If the Hunter Exam took in such a building, wouldn't it be almost impossible to find without the help of a Navigator?"

They walked into the restaurant.

The Navigator asked, "Is the backroom open?"

The chef in the kitchen asked, "Oh? What do you want?"

"The steak combo that opens your eyes to the light, for four," said the Navigator.

The chef looked at them warily and asked, "For four, how would you like them?"

He responded, "Grilled over a low , until cooked."

"Haha, I got it, let yourself in the back room."

The rest of them all looked at the Navigator, Gon however, was looking at the chef with loving eyes. He probably thought he was going to get some steak. They hadn't eaten a lot, so they were all quite hungry.

They entered a large elevator and waited for the Navigator to finish his goodbye speech.

Kurapika looked at the others and said, "Only one rookie passes the Hunter Exam every three years on average, he thought we would fail this year."

Gon sighed, "So that means the Exam is very hard right?"

stood up and said, "But of course my friend! Hunters make the most money in this world! It is only natural that you'd have to work very hard to one!"

Axel silently agreed with , money was very important. If he had money just now, he could have bought all the things he liked.

Kurapika then argued about the fact that money is irrelevant and that Hunters had a lot of responsibilities, tasks, etc.

He was right, but it didn't really fit Axel's tastes. spoke the most important truth in his , Hunters had numerous privileges that others didn't have, Kurapika was just way too righteous currently.

Well, in the end, Kurapika would a mafia boss.

Very chivalrous indeed.

Axel wasn't a very chivalrous person at heart, but he wasn't completely evil either.

They argued further until they arrived at the bottom floor. The elevator door opened and the applicants all looked at them.

There really was a tense atmosphere in here. Everyone in here was hoping to pass the Hunter Exam, they were wary of every opponent that joined their ranks.

They evaluated them all and then returned their gazes, completely ignoring them.

Axel grinned, he might look like nothing more than a pretty boy at first , but he was actually one of the most powerful applicants this year.

But he was nervous, he was hoping that neither Hisoka or Illumi would notice him. His aura was sealed, so they shouldn't be able to sense his aura no matter how hard they focussed on him.


He looked around for some more, and he saw someone.

He spotted Gittarackur, the disguise of Illumi.

When he tried to focus on him, his danger senses went off. They were screaming that he had to run away as fast as possible, or else he would die. His body involuntary tensed up on the spot, adrenaline flowing through his body.

Axel frowned, 'He's a monster.'

His aura was incredibly sinister, something which he could feel from miles away.

He didn't dare to do anything more, he just looked at him for a few and then tried to spot the of Hisoka.

He was going to try to avoid them as much as possible.

And right at that moment, a guy with a green head approached them. He gave them all number tags;

was number 403

Kurapika was number 404

Gon was number 405

He was number 406

It seemed that they were quite , as another guy approached them after the 'slime' left.

The guy that approached them was called: Tonpa. He talked a bit with the group, informing everybody on the most prominent candidates of this year's Hunter Exam.

He then proceeded to try and gain trust of the group, his were easily figured out by Axel, who already knew what was going on.

Tonpa had a nickname; The Rookie Crusher. He offered them orange juice in a can filled with laxatives, which would prevent them from being able to pass the first phase.

It was his signature move, and he tried to employ it with them as well.

"Here, you're probably thirsty after coming all the way here, I've got some juice for you!" said Tonpa, while offering each one of them a drink.

Axel inmediately opened the can and emptied it in a few , the rest took one sip and then spitted it out.

Tonpa, in response, grinned. At least he got one of them, he thought.

Axel crushed the can with his hand and threw it away. "Ahh, thanks for the drink Tonpa-san, it tasted very good."

He laughed, "Haha, it tasted amazing right?"

"Yeah" Axel responded,

"For a poison"

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