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Chapter 8 : Dolle Harbor

The Adventure of a Lifetime (HxH Fanfic)

A mighty with strange tendencies was deboarding from the boat with staggering steps, eventually coming across as a very young drunkard. The people at he harbor noticed this kid and all seemed to think the exact same thing;

'What is he doing?'

As soon as that young felt the feeling of solid ground underneath his feet, he sighed from relief.

"I hadn't taken into that the sea felt rougher than it looked in the anime... My god I almost threw up." said Axel, clearly flustered by that fact.

He could hereby testify that overall strength and the amount of Nen one had didn't have any with resisting sea sickness, whatsoever.

There was this one moment, when they were still out in the sea, when they literally flew. That's right, they literally flew. Axel was suprised that the boat was still in one piece after that bloody circus show that fat, bitch ass pirate had pulled off.

He was very frustrated, both at his and the captain's

He took a few deep breaths and a few bites of the apple he had gotten onboard and then looked around him.

There were many people, a lot of them.

A lot of strange faces and strange people with outfits he thought were absolutely ridiculous. Some of them weren't even fully human, but some other kind off strange lifeform he had never heard of. Their appearances resembled a beastman and beastwoman quite a lot like those portrayed in books of mythical lore.

Just like Cheadle from the Hunter , she wasn't a complete human.

Axel mumbled, "Interesting"

Now that he arrived in Dolle Harbor, he should be able to head off to the start of the Hunter Exam. To go there, he had quite a few choices.

First of all, he could follow Gon, Kurapika and to the Cedar Tree on top of the hill. The downside of that was that he hadn't really gotten acquainted with them yet, and he also had to pass two tests before they would actually be brought to the Hunter Exam by the Navigators.

The other was to go straight to Zaban City, but he couldn't take the bus no matter what. Rookies usually made that mistake as they were a tad too na?ve, to think it was that easy to find where the Hunter Exam took

If he were to take the bus, he would never arrive in Zaban City.

He could find some kind off vehicle to help him get there, but it still wasn't the most effective way to go there.

It was also a bit boring. He had never seen Kiriko Navigators in real life before, he wondered how they looked like in person.

And the only way to meet the Kiriko Navigators, to his knowledge, was to follow Gon and his other buddies to the Cedar Tree.

So he came to a

He will take the first , to join the main characters in their first adventure.

He wanted to his own thing, he really did, but he was uncertain if he should already begin his lone journey right now. He was still going to have to fight them anyways, only until he passed Hunter Exam, then he could really go his own way.

He didn't know exactly why, but he felt like that he really should take that First of all, he would establish a with them. In the last few arcs of the story, Kurapika was a mafia boss and almost became the president of the Hunter , so they were very important individuals.

And Killua was a part of the Zoldyck family, a family that was so infamous because every member of that family was a deadly assassin, that no one dared to offend them.

It would be a shame if he became enemies with any one of them because of some unknown event in the future, it could cause him a lot of trouble.

Besides, all of his knowledge of this world was focussed around them. He was bound to bump into them once or twice.

And if he did, it would be better if he already knew them. On top of that, they all seemed and acted like nice people, at least, that was how they were portrayed in the beginning of the story.

He was actuallly quite the social person, despite him being wary of every stranger.

He tried to spot them, which wasn't very hard due to their colorful attire, and walked up to them. It was a bit akward to just approach them like this, but he had no other ideas.

Axel waited until was done screaming and said with an innocent smile, "Hey everyone, are you all also participants of the Hunter Exam?"

He tried to act as innocent as possible, as if he was helpless.

Before Kurapika was able to say anything, Gon pointed at him and responded, "Oh! Aren't you from Whale I think I saw you before."

Axel widened his eyes, acting clueless, "Yeah I am, are you too?"

Kurapika and were a bit skeptical of him, he noticed that they were both frowning quite heavily.

This was natural, Axel was a complete stranger to them after all.

Gon on the contrary, seemed very happy and excited, "Yes yes yes! We come from the same ! What a suprise."

Axel said, "Hahaha, indeed. Let me introduce myself, I am Axel, twelve years old. My dream is..... to a Hunter! And who are all of you?"

The rest of them all introduced themselves, they talked for a bit about their dreams and whatnot until broke the ice and asked, "So Axel, do you perhaps know how to get to the Hunter Exam? We are in a little trouble. Gon says that we need to go to the Cedar Tree, but I've heard that the Hunter Exam takes in Zaban City, which is the opposite of the tree."

The fact that he asked this meant that he had won their trust.

Axel pondered a bit on what he should tell them and eventually said, "Hmmmm..... I think it's true that the Exam is held in Zaban City, a lot of sources say so, they shouldn't be wrong."

He continued, "Gon, from who did you hear that you had to go to the Cedar Tree? If the source is reliable, we should definitely go there."

Gon responded, "From the captain! He said it was a shortcut to the Hunter Exam"

Axel looked at all of them and said, "Isn't it decided then? The captain is a part of the Hunter Exam, he wouldn't lie to you after you passed his test."

Kurapika nodded, "That's right, there's no reason for him to test us yet again after we have just completed one. However, this isn't a reason for us to drop our guards. It's the Hunter Exam, we have no idea how many traps they have prepared for us."

Axel internally , 'That's Kurapika alright, and logical as always.'

however, didn't agree with them, "Come on Axel, you too?! Well screw you guys, I am taking the bus to Zaban City!"

He walked off and headed towards the bus.

The three of them; he, Kurapika and Gon headed the opposite way.

Axel chuckled at the sight of this scene and started counting down, his knowledge of the past was something that not only have him a great advantage, but some entertainment as well, "3....."



The sound of someone chasing after them while screaming emerged, "Wait, wait, wait! Guys! Wait for me!!!!"

It was of course, Axel guessed he head heard some "shocking" news from some passersby.

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