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Axel opened his eyes the moment sunlight reached his room. He literally jumped out of his bed, put on all of his clothes, looked in the mirror to check if he looked his best and rushed downstairs.

His outfit was rather in this world, a white t-shirt with stripes and trousers weren't really worn that often.

He liked this style though. His short hair and eyes fitted very well with the outfit, like a

Axel was actually very handsome, that coupled with the fact that he had abs as hard as steel and eyes as starry as the night sky made him even more attractive. His parents and a little luck were probably the reason for this.

Both of his parents were waiting for him at the table. They both seemed a little Axel was in a clear-cut contrast with them, he was more excited than a lottery winner.

Today was the day, the day he had anticipated for more than twelve years.

The Hunter Exam was today, he was going to go on his first adventure in just a bit.

All of his training, all of his hard work, it would finally pay off today.

He sat down with eagerness and stared at his father, he was the one who convinced his mother to let him attend the Hunter Exam.

He was a Hunter himself, so he knew how amazing being one actually was.

That didn't mean he wasn't worried about his son. It was quite the opposite. He was very afraid that something would happen to him, or that when he didn't pass, he would lose all hope.

Every parent would be worried sending their child off to an exam that has a one in a ten thousand chance of being completed. Nevertheless, he still smiled at his son.

"Axel, today is the day." His father had an lump in his throat.

Axel's softened at this, he was very grateful for them. He didn't really consider them as his parents in the beginning, but over time, he them.

They were the best parents he ever had, they took care of him like he was an absolute treasure. Even though his father wasn't always there, his mother was still there to watch over him.

They cared about him a lot, and when he finally noticed that, he felt very happy to have them. If even then, he wouldn't be moved.... then he would be an ungrateful bastard.

His mother was patting and stroking his father's back, it seemed his father was more than his mother was.

"I hope you can pass the Exam and show your Hunter License to me son, I really do. Me and your mother believe you can do it, and even if you fail, you can always try again."

His mother asked him out of the blue, "Son, what kind off Hunter do you want to ;

Axel pondered for a bit and said resolutely, "Either a Beast or a Hunter"

His mother gasped, "Both of them are incredibly dangerous! Why don't you a Gourmet Hunter, they are the most safe right?"

Axel responded calmly, "I'll first have to see if I even pass the exam, mom."

She whispered to herself, "That's right...."

"But Axel.... it is time for you to catch the boat! Don't miss it." interrupted his dad.

Axel widened his eyes, instantly stood up and rushed out of the door. He looked back at his home and his parents one more time, waving them goodbye.

His father started tearing up while waving, his mother followed shortly after

Axel laughed and got a bit as he thought to himself, 'Did my father pass his crybaby genes off to me? Haha.'

He screamed to them, "Dad! Mom! Don't worry! I'll come back with a license!"

And he rushed off to the boat.

While he was running, he pondered.

He didn't know for sure if the captain of the boat was a Nen-user, but he wanted to make sure it would be kept a secret that he could use Nen.

He hadn't mastered any type of Hatsu ability yet, but his Enhancer and Transmuter abilities were very closely approaching that.

Axel thought he maybe was setting very rough standards for himself, in a sense, he had created more than four Hatsu abilities, he just wanted to be able to use them more efficiently in battle, which is why he said that he didn't master them.

But his Hatsu abilities on his Enhancer side were pretty much completed. His first ability was very simple, but he hadn't seen it even once in the anime.

Temporary Full Body Enhancement.

He would not focus his aura on only one point like Gon did with his Jajanken ability, but his whole body. This would deplete his Nen reserves very fast, but it was a very practical ability.

By the way, he could do the Jajanken too, he learnt that a long time ago. He even improved the striking power by rotating the aura in his fist, something which Gon hadn't done.

His own ability however, resulted in an overall improvement of speed and a big increase in striking power. Defense however, would be lowered by a bit as it was a different kind of Ten. His Nen would be focussed on improving his attack power, not his defense.

It was like Ren, but condensed in a lesser Ten form, if that made sense

Furthermore, the color of his Nen was very special.

It was wine red, it could even be considered a dark cherry red. Almost every Nen had a color, Hisoka had a pink color, Gon had an orange color and Killua had a blue color.

Killua had used a Transmuter ability to turn his Nen into electricity, which he also learned to do. But it was a pain in the ass in the beginning.

It looked cool and all in the anime, that lightning coat stuff, but it hurt like hell. When he turned his Nen into electricity, his body would spasm from the intense pain. He had to constantly stay under that state, it was literally constant torture.

But he endured.

It took a few years of torture to be able to handle the pain, and it was very much worth it.

The fact that he knew so much about Killua and Gon, that is why he decided to focus on his Enhancer and Transmuter side first. He knew abilities to use for them in advance, why should he not take advantage of that?

He ran down the hill all the way to the port in less than a minute, his speed even without the use of Nen, was very fast.

He had trained his body for the last few years as well, not only his Nen. He was completely ripped, he definitely had a better body than Killua had when he took off his shirt in the anime....

He looked up in wonder, this was the boat that was going to mark off his start of his adventure.

He could finally explore the wonders of this world.

He even saw Gon boarding, and he followed right behind him.

He quickly supressed his Nen, not like in Zetsu, but so that he looked like a normal person. He had practiced this for quite some time, probably the only ones who could sense that something was off about him were masters of Nen like Netero and Ging.

He wanted to try and complete the Hunter Exam with just his body alone, but even that wouldn't be too difficult.

He could perform feats that humans on Earth would never be able to achieve, superhuman strength is what he had. It wasn't anything outragous like the Chimera Ants, but it was still quite a shock for him that his body alone was so powerful.

The only thing he wasn't good at was close combat.

He hadn't learned how to fight properly, he needed to learn martial arts from someone in the Hunter circle, or else he would have to rely on his Nen and instincts alone.

What use is a powerful body if he didn't know how to use it?

Axel looked at a where he could have the best view, he wanted to take this scene and integrate it into his mind.

He looked up and saw the mast, where Gon warned the captain that a storm was coming.

That was going to be his spot.

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