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Chapter 5 : Five Year Progress

The Adventure of a Lifetime (HxH Fanfic)

Sudden gusts of wind emerged from the top of a mountain on Whale , somewhere deeply inside of the forbidden forest.

Axel was there, training his body as much as he could. He was very big and tall considering the fact that he was still only six years old, his Nen and training had really changed him.

But not anyone could easily come there, there were a lot of beasts and other strong animals that ruled the area.

You had to be either stronger than them, or friends with them. In Gon's case, he was friends with the lord of the forest, and the other animals. He was loved by them, which he couldn't really understand.

In Axel's case however, he was stronger.

He had tried to make friends with the animals, but they seemed very wary of his prescence. Everytime he approached them, they would fall back, even without him having any hostile It could be because his Nen reserves were quite big, but even then, it shouldn't have been such a problem. Maybe it was because of the type of aura he posessed, it had quite an eerie feel to it....

It's color was red as well...

Netero was also loved by animals, and he had a much larger reserve of Nen than him.

Well, either way, he was going to find out very soon.

He wasn't very content with the progress with his training though, it was because he hadn't expected it to be this hard to control his Nen.

His Hatsu, or his Nen type, was very strange.

He was a Specialist, he was sure of that. He came to know this through the only sure-fire method known in the manga to determine one's aura type, which was Water

Water is a way of determining one's aura type. requires one to float a leaf atop a of water. A student of Nen will their hands around the and perform Ren (or focus a greater than normal amount of aura in their hands, such as through Gyo). The resulting effect from one's aura contacting the will determine a person's aura type.

The different results are as follows;

If the volume of the water changes, the user is an Enhancer.

If the taste of the water changes, the user is a Transmuter.

If impurities appear in the water, the user is a Conjurer.

If the color of the water changes, the user is an Emitter.

If the leaf moves on the water's surface, the user is a

If a completely different change appears, the user is a Specialist.

Students generally learn to open the aura nodes in their eyes, thus obtaining the ability to see aura, in about one year, although gifted individuals can grasp the basics of Nen in six months. Once all of the student's nodes are opened, they are introduced to the first principle, Ten, followed by Ren, which in turn leads to Gyo and other techniques. Hatsu is first trained through the Water exercise, by having the student attempt to produce a more pronounced change.

But Axel, he grasped the basics of Nen not in six months, but in two months

Just two months.

But there was something that was holding him back from going further to more advanced techniques like En and Shu, although it didn't really have to be learned before approaching that step.

His Hatsu ability, it was stupidly overpowered, but very hard to use. He wanted to at least get significant control over it before he moved to more advanced techniques, but it proved to be very difficult.

He had been stuck on this for more than two years already, he didn't want to wait any longer. Techniques like; In and Shu were very useful.

When he did the Water in the past, the following

First of all, the water turned red, which meant that, to normal HxH standards, that he was an Emitter. But a few after that and impurities started appearing inside of the water, the leaf also started moving, which meant that he was a Conjurer and as well.

This wasn't possible, one couldn't have more than one aura type. One could train in multiple types and use them, but it would take more effort and would be harder to control. Netero was a clear-cut example of highly skilled Nen-users that were proficient in more than one type of Nen, which he also used in his Hatsu techniques, but he didn't have multiple aura types.

But it became even more crazy afterwards. The volume and taste of the water changed! Which meant that he was a Transmuter and Enhancer as well!

He racked his brain over the possibility, but he wasn't someone who had all aura-types. He had only one, more than one was simply impossible.

He was a Specialist, he had to be a Specialist.

But that aura-type.... it was the most out of them all. If another effect appeared in the other than those listed, then that student was always a Specialist.

It took him a solid two weeks to finally find out how his ability worked.

It turns out that his Hatsu ability allowed him to change his aura-type whenever he wished. It was one of the most powerful abilities he had heard of, ever. His battle style would one of the most complex styles in the whole Hunter circle, but would also be the hardest to master.

His Hatsu abilities were numerous. He had developed mostly his Enhancer and Transmuting side. Even after almost five years in pure practicing, he hadn't even come close to fully mastering any of those two abilities. He had however, maken some very steady progress.

He was very powerful already. He would probably be able to pass the Hunter Exam with ease in his current state, he also had knowledge of the exam in advance, it was something which almost guaranteed his passing, even without being as powerful as he was now.

He was powerful in the sense of fitness, his physique improved dramatically after it was nourished with his high quality Nen. He was a bit taller and more buffed than kids his age, but he was still very lean. It was a body completely suited for battle.

(And for seducing ladies.....)

His ability to switch between different types of aura types was very unpredictable and powerful. He could also use multiple types of aura at the same time, but everyone that had Nen could do that, although not as efficiently as him.

But it came at a cost, it wasn't completely

Everytime he changed his main type of aura, he would lose a lot of Nen. And that is why he needed a massive amount of Nen, so that he could switch as much as he needed to. Moreover, in theory, it would be possible for him to use Hatsu abilities at every catogory with an efficiency close to , but that wasn't true.

His ability limited the types of aura he could use to three. So for example, if he switched his type to Enhancer, then only the Enhancer, Emitter and Transmuter abilities would be for him. And if he became a , he could use the abilities of a , Specialist and Emitter.

The downside of this was that he couldn't use more than three types of aura at the same time, but almost no one in the Hunter x Hunter world was capable of using more than three types of aura efficiently, so it wasn't a big issue.

With his current Nen reserves, that were already pretty large, he could only switch two times before he was almost completely out of Nen.

Which meant that, if supposedly his Nen had a current value of 100 units, then one change of aura type would expend exactly 50 units of Nen. If this was coupled with the fact that he had to keep Ren and Ten in an active state in battle, as well as constant use of Gyo, his Nen wouldn't even last for a small-scaled duel. And when he gets further into Nen techniques and starts to learn Shu and En and stuff like that, he wouldn't even be able to defeat a single opponent before he ran out.

He could learn how to expand less units of Nen for the use of an attack or ability, but that isn't done in a a short time.

He was practicing like a madman, because if he didn't, he would fall behind. Because of his special ability to switch aura-types, his training also harder, but a lot faster.

His training didn't follow the diagram Biscuit Kruger had set up, but a whole other scheme.

He had to give his 100%, in all of the types, as he could switch his main type to the one he was training in for more efficiency.

This was basically something that was very broken, this was the part that was incredibly cheat-like,

A Specialist usually can only train in the types with considerable speed that were next to it. Namely: and It would take even more time to master and And Enhancer abilities were simply impossible for a Specialist to learn.

But because he could switch between aura types, his training became easier every time he switched. His training became easier, but he would also have to spend more time and put more thought into each and every type of aura and what Hatsu ability he should create with it.

But he had a lot of time, so he wasn't worried.

He believed he would be able to be close at mastering one type of ability before his Hunter Exam. It would be either the Enhancer side, or the side. He decided to train in those first as he already knew the correct training for them.

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