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Axel realised very early on that what he was experiencing right now, wasn't a dream. He was living a completely new life in a completely new world.

It took him a few weeks to get used to that fact, but he eventually managed to handle it. He was a bit mean for saying this, but he was excited.

He was excited that he could leave Earth behind, although he felt quite sorry for his family and friends, it eventually wasn't enough to hold him back.

He wanted to live his life to the fullest, he wanted to do everything he wanted to. Things that he couldn't do in the past, were now fully open to him.

He turned one year old today, Eva and Caster, his mom and dad, celebrated it for him. He had no siblings, only he and his parents. They were very good to him, they both loved him dearly, just like his other parents....

He missed them a bit, he hoped that his family on Earth was ok. But he was also satisfied with these parents of his, and this new life he was granted.

They lived close to the port of Whale , in one of the more larger-sized houses close to the main street and shops.

His father was a Bounty Hunter, he was often away on a or something like that. His mother helped the others at the port, organizing the fish and stuff.

His father's job was a bit to the the Zoldycks excelled in, a family of assassins. He was very bulky, he looked like an ikeman.

He was quite handsome and his mother was very beautiful, so he was probably going to be handsome as well. His parents genes were pretty amazing, it would be some bad luck if he hadn't inherited them.

But because he was in the HxH universe, there was something that he absolutely had to do. He had to a Hunter.

Axel had always dreamed of one, even when he was on Earth. The adventures he could go on and things he could were simply endless.

It made his blood boil, his excitement was off the roof.

But to a Hunter, he had to be able to pass the Hunter Exam. Which was going to prove to be very difficult, if he didn't stronger.

The Hunter Exam is basically a yearly event which an applicant must pass in order to a Hunter, an elite member of humanity and a part of the Hunter These exams consist of several tests and stages which can vary drastically every year.

The Hunter Exam in which Gon and Killua, the two main characters, participated in. Was the 287th Hunter Exam.

And that was the one he was going to take, as he was born in the exact same timeline as Gon.

He came to know this because he had seen Gon with his aunt while his mother was taking him outside in a pram. His mother was actually a friend of Gon's aunt, so it was only natural that he could see him as well.

And after listening to the of both his mother and aunt Mito, he came to know that Gon and himself were the same age! He was only a few months younger than Gon, but he was still able to take the Hunter Exam if his parents consented to it.

He was born on the of August, while Gon was born on the fifth of May.

The minimum age for the Hunter Exam was twelve, so they could both take the exam. Gon was only one right now, so he was quite hard to He only figured it out because he saw Mito with him.

That aside, if he wanted to pass the Hunter Exam just like Gon did, he had to be stronger. Gon, even without the use of Nen, was a beast in terms of physical capabilities.

He could run for dozens of kilometers straight without even getting tired and he could even fish a giant monster out of a lake without even breaking a sweat. No normal human could do that, this meant that either the standards of this world were much higher, or that he had trained.

The latter wasn't known, but Axel also knew that not everyone could perform such a feat. But he also had no idea if Gon trained a lot before he took the Hunter Exam, because there was nothing said about that in the manga, or at least nothing that he could remember.

He himself wanted to strong as well, because if he was strong, he didn't have to worry about being in extreme danger everytime when he explored the unknown.

A Hunter could travel anywhere he wanted without much , they enjoyed riches and privileges other people dreamed of. Who didn't want to a Hunter?

Axel decided to train, but he couldn't really start training already. His body wasn't developed enough, he could walk, but not for long.

So there was only one left. He didn't want to sit here for five years to wait until he could begin to train. And even that was considered very early

Training his Nen, it was the best

Nen is a technique that allows a living being to use and their own life energy. The term "Nen" can also be used in to refer to aura.

But because one can craft a great variety of para-psychological abilities through Nen, not everyone is allowed to learn it. Only Hunters who have passed the Secret part of the Hunter Exam can learn it. There are , but not many he knew of.

So it wasn't really something easy to learn.

He knew of two methods people could use to awaken their Nen, or rather, to begin to be able to use it. The first step was something he could do right now, it was to train enough in so that he could learn to manually open and close his aura nodes so that he can control the flow of his aura.

The method was called or Baptism, which consists in receiving an influx of aura from an experienced user that forces the nodes to open. This was the method Gon and Killua used to awaken their Nen, but it was something which he couldn't really do at the moment.

The was a lot faster, but it was also more dangerous. The first method also allowed a more refined control of Nen and boosted the process of learning how to effectively use it in combat. So the first was the one he was going for.

Aura or Nen also quickened the process of the body developing, so he could eventually begin earlier with his training if he learned how to use Nen early on.

The earlier he knew how to use Nen, the earlier he could stronger.

And that was his goal for now.

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