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Chapter 2 : Whale Island

The Adventure of a Lifetime (HxH Fanfic)

Axel opened his eyes, he didn't feel so well.

He hadn't slept much last night, he couldn't fall asleep no matter how hard he tried. There was always something on his mind before he went to bed, it his brain, stopping him from getting a good night's rest.

He tried to sigh, but the only sound that came out of his mouth was a weird, high-pitched, muffled sound...


[ What! ]

[ What in the world was that?! ] Axel thought.

He tried again, "Heeeh!"

The same result.

Those sounds.... they sounded very to...

[ You've got to be kidding me, what kind off dream is this!? ]

Those were the sounds a baby would make? Why was he a baby?

A sound of someone going downstairs filled his ears. Her shoes made a few tapping noises until the door to his room was opened.

Now that he looked around, it was very.... basic?

It was made mostly out of wood and other basic materials, it didn't look modern one bit. It wasn't even one tad to his room, he was somewhere else!

And this... this all felt too real to be a dream.

"What's wrong my little baby? Do you need something?", a beautiful middle-aged woman with brown hair and green eyes approached him.

She gave off this motherly vibe.... she was probably supposed to be his mother then? So what he was seeing now, all of it, it was real? He wasn't dreaming?

His little belly growled, he was kind off hungry, thirsty as well.

He tried to speak, but only disoriented sounds came out of his mouth, "Waahag laahamada!"

[ Are you kidding me, that was all I could say?! ]

He sighed inwardly, how was she supposed to figure out that he wanted water if the only thing he could do was his arms and legs?

She came a little closer, "Oh my dear boy, you want some milk?"

Axel was astounded by the fact that she got it right in one try, was she an experienced mother that had trained or something? Or was she a nanny?

He nodded and held out his hands, something which he COULD do. He wanted a bottle of whatever liquid could satisfy him, even orange juice was fine, something which he absolutely detested. That was how thirsty he was.

Now it was her turn to be suprised, "You understand mommy? Good boy!"

She picked him up as easy as that, he now knew for sure that all of this wasn't fake. Her touch felt so real, and his surroundings all felt too realistic to be fake.

She was his new mother, she called herself mommy.

He could even smell her fragrance, dreams weren't supposed to be that detailed.

She brought him closer to her now epxposed chest, his mouth nearing her nipple.....

Axel was having a battle inside of his mind, she was really going to breastfeed him, really? He was mentally sixteen years old, he was a mature guy!

But it was true that he was a baby right now, so it was only natural for her to breastfeed him.....

[ Well, who cares, a man needs to eat. ]

He bit down as softly as he could and started sucking, it was a lot better than he expected. Way better than orange juice, and normal milk.

Axel had never realised that breast milk was such a delicacy, he didn't mind it at all! His mother, on top of that, was a beauty with big breasts!

He was no mother seducer, but that didn't mean he wasn't appreciative of her beauty!

Just as he was enjoying the holy juice, a father-like figure walked through the door. It was either a friend of his mother, or his father.

The latter seemed more likely, as he could see his mother's brighten up at the sight of him.

"Castor, honey, you're back!" She seemed very happy and suprised at his return.

"Yeah, the the Hunter gave me was quite easy to complete, I only needed to hunt a few Gourmet Hunters who had turned on us, nothing too difficult. I completed the earlier than expected, so I headed to Whale to see my child and wife as soon as possible."

She responded, "How wonderful, I was feeding Axel just now."

And Axel, regarding all of this new , was utterly and completely shocked.

Whale Hunter Gourmet Hunters? Doesn't this sound awfully to the HxH manga he had read?

Whale was where the story began. Gon Freecss, the MC, was born and raised there. He lived there whith his aunt Mito and waited until he was twelve years old so he could take the Hunter Exam.

This meant that he.....

He actually got transported into the Hunter x Hunter world!!!

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