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Chapter 1 : Prologue: Rebirth

The Adventure of a Lifetime (HxH Fanfic)

A sixteen year old kid called Axel was laying inside of his bed, staring at his ceiling and thinking deeply.

He was quite a special boy. Both his IQ and EQ were quite high, nothing too excessive though.

He was normal in a sense, yet still very different from the rest. His ability to adapt to other circumstances was great, hence he could easily fit in to normal society. Others wouldn't notice "it", he wouldn't let them.

He grew distant from the world he was living in, from Earth, without a sufficient reason. He had a lot of friends, a family that loved him and academic results that would make every other teenager

He was living a very cozy and satisfying life in general standards.

But he thought otherwise, he felt like he didn't belong here. A sense of wept over him, constantly. It never left, nor did it have any of doing so.

Axel himself had tried to find a cure for it, it wasn't normal. He went to a psychiatrist and booked a few , but they haven't really done much.

There was nothing truly wrong with him, the psychiatrist herself was also clueless why he felt that way.

He kept getting more detached, shutting himself off almost completely. Not because he felt like it would help him, but because he wanted to.

He simply felt more comfortable that way.

He began to do stuff that normal people would frown upon. Living inside of the wild, hunting, exploring, climbing and other potentially dangerous activities.

He was an adventurous person, he didn't feel with the unknown at all. On the contrary, he loved it.

A normal life wasn't something he desired, something more special would fit his tastes.

Where were his parents when he did this? They were trying to find him of course. They were very worried about him, and he felt sorry for making them feel that way.

He knew he was selfish, so he eventually stopped doing them.

But that didn't stop him from dreaming about it, and fantasy stories were something that helped him deal with that.

His favorite fantasy story, or manga to be exact, was Hunter x Hunter.

He wished he could live a life just like that.....

And little did he know, that his wish would come true....

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