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Chapter 26 : Cult of MILF Vs Order of Loli

My Mom in Another World

Yuuki looked at Tomoki who was jumping around.

Tomoki used his strong legs to make an unpredictable attack. He was looking for a chance to attack him. He saw his blind spot and used this chance to fly kick him.

Yuuki easily avoided his attack and did a counter-attack. He increased the size of his fist and punched him. His movement was slower than his mom who trained him for the entire four years.

Tomoki wasn't ready for his attack and was punched by him.

"ARGG!!" Tomoki flew toward the wall.


"Well, let's take a break," Yuuki said while taking water.

Tomoki didn't move and laid on the floor, "Damn, you're strong." He only needed a few minutes to take a break since his gift also increased his speed. He was that he had a gift.

"Well, your grasshopper is also very strong, you should read more about grasshoppers to make you stronger," Yuuki said.

"Yeah, besides my legs, I have wings on my back, increased endurance and power, but I can't beat you at all," Tomoki said, but he didn't move from his spot.

"Well, you can also do or you should try some martial arts with legs as their focus," Yuuki advised.

"Yeah, you're probably right, why are you so strong though?" Tomoki asked.

"Well, my mom is very strict, I need to train every day until I puke my blood," Yuuki shuddered when he remembered it.

Tomoki didn't ask him again when he saw his frightening He didn't want him to remember his trauma, "Tomorrow, we'll enter the academy, are you ready?" He changed the

Five days had passed and they had close friends. They were sparing and a game together in the past five days. In the afternoon, they always went to this training room since it was full of equipment to train to the fullness.

"Yeah, that's right, you'll enter the Boa, right?" Yuuki asked.

Tomoki raised his body and nodded at him, "Yeah, I want to get better with my grasshopper ; Even though he transformed into a bug but he believed in the possibilities of his power.

"You should think about your gift when you raise your to Bronze Level," Yuuki said.

"That's true, I've been thinking about emitter types to make my body stronger or faster," Tomoki said.

"You shouldn't rush that kind of , we have four years in the academy, you can research it there more thoroughly," Yuuki said.

Tomoki nodded, "Hmm, you're right, what about you? Do you have an idea for your gift?"

"Hmm, I want a maybe since I can imagine myself a giant monster with my first gift," Yuuki imagined himself destroying a building and throwing a fire breath toward his opponents.

"Hahaha, I can imagine that you know what, I'm pretty of your gift," Tomoki said.

"Hahaha, do you want me to increase the size of your little brother?" Yuuki joked.

"Fuck you!! Mine is pretty big!!" Tomoki stood up and gave him a middle finger.

Then both of them were laughing at each other and the door was being opened.

"Tomoki, Yuuki, are you done with your training?" Misaki asked.

"Yeah, mom, we're done," Tomoki said.

"Yes, Misaki," Yuuki nodded.

"Then, can I borrow Yuuki for a while? I want him to me to buy something," Misaki said.

Tomoki looked at him and said, "What do you think, Yuuki?"

Yuuki nodded, "Yes, I can help you, Misaki."

Misaki nodded, "I'll wait for you, you should take a bath and change your clothes." She closed the door and left them.

"You know, you're pretty close to my mom," Tomoki said weirdly.

Yuuki rubbed his nose and said, "Maybe because I don't live with my parents and your mother is very worried about me, your mom is very kind after all." He lied without showing any strange

Tomoki nodded, "Yeah, mom is very kind, I wonder what my dad did so that he can marry mom." He felt very weird when he thought about his cold dad.

"Well, your dad is very lucky," Yuuki said while nodding at his statement.

"By the way, your tattoo is just too fierce, your parents are really strict to force you to have that kind of tattoo," Tomoki looked with amazement

"Well, it's not hurting and it's one of the of my family," Yuuki said.

They didn't continue to talk and hurriedly took a bath since Misaki had waited for Yuuki.


Yuuki was walking along Misaki by his side. He took her hand with smooth movement and made her blush. No one would think they were a couple since they looked like a mother and son. He felt really sad when he thought he would leave her for Academy.

"Tomorrow, I'll go to the academy," Yuuki said.

Misaki also felt sad. Both of them had been done the act together in secret when there were both Akira and Tomoki around. Those five days were the most exciting days for both of them. She was wondering if he would leave her after he entered the academy. She had seen his face and understood why his mom decided to seal his appearance with these She didn't want to lose him but she knew he would go far away while she was here doing nothing just waiting for her husband and son. She looked down but she felt both of her hands being held gently by him.

"I know that I'm still your, our age is far apart, you also have both husband and son, but I don't care about that since I lo-," Before he finished his words, he was being cut but someone.

"Excuse me, I'm from the Order of Loli, I'm here to spread the belief of Loli in the world, I think all Loli should be protected." This man started his preaching in front of them.

Yuuki was really mad and kicked him, "FUCK!! ORDER OF LOLI!! I'M FROM THE CULT OF MILF!! GET OUT FROM HERE!!"

The man was stunned when he heard it, "WHAT!! YOU'RE FROM THAT CURSE CULT!! YOU !!!"



They were arguing with each other about the beauty of MILF and Loli. They didn't want to lose since this was their belief. They tried to use logic to beat each other and even showed some thesis about both MILF and LOLI.

Yuuki was breathing erratic and he was tired, "You're good."

The man also said in a tired voice, "You too." His breath was also erratic.

"But I won't give up!" Yuuki said with burning eyes, "I'll make you enter this cult."

"Hmph, I'll also do the same to you," the man also said with burning eyes.

They would start their debate until they heard a scream from their sides.



Yuuki turned his head as fast as lighting when he heard the scream of Misaki.

The man also turned his head with the speed of light when he heard the scream of a little girl.

"DON'T MOVE!!! GIVE US THE OR ELSE I'LL KILL BOTH OF THEM!!" A group of robbers came out from the back and made both little girl and Misaki a hostage.

Yuuki and the man looked at each other.

"A truce?" Yuuki said.

The man nodded, "Truce, let's save them."

"Yes, I'll save them then I will kill the robbers," Yuuki said.

"No, I'll make them enter hell," the man said.

Yuuki and the man nodded and walked toward the battlefield.

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