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Chapter 25 : Threat

My Mom in Another World

Yuuki was in his training room alone.

Misaki didn't come to his apartment since there were both of her husband and son. Their was secret and only both of them knew about it.

In a week, he would enter the academy. He needed to know the capacity of his gift before he entered the academy. He knew he could reduce and increase the size of anything 10 times. He took a Zweih?nder from his pocket and changed its size. He could increase and reduce its size easily without taking a lot of aura inside his body. He also checked the weight of his sword when he increased its size, it made it heavier. But when he reduced its size, it was lighter than before.

Yuuki was wondering if he could keep the weight of his sword without changing when he changed its size. He tried it several times but it was very hard. He needed to control his power better before he could keep a normal weight.

Yuuki also wanted to try to change the size of the bomb and increased its But since it was dangerous he decided to do it when he entered the academy. He didn't want to make his apartment explode because of some mistake.

Now, he wanted to change part of his body. He tried to get bigger and it was very easy. Next, he tried to get smaller and it was very easy. His height was around 160 cm and when he reduced his height 10 times. He was only 16 cm and he looked like an figure. He was sure his mom would buy his miniature figure if there was someone who sold it.

Yuuki tried to make a partial change of his hands and feet. He changed the size of both of them and it was quite easy for him but it took quite a lot of aura.

His , it was very easy to change the size of the non-living thing, but if it was living like a human, it would take a lot of his aura.

Yuuki knew his power could the best gift in the world since he could kill people without leaving a trace. He could change the size of the brain or heart of someone and change it back to its normal size after that person was killed. He shook his head and thought killing someone was the last thing he would do in this life since there was the appearance of a monster. He shouldn't have killed a man but he knew the world wasn't and white.

If someone had power, they would look down on someone who didn't have power. There would also be someone who abused his power to act as a criminal. He had read a lot of news about some criminals in this world and it was very brutal since those criminals were very strong.

Yuuki shook his head when he thought he lived in this dangerous world. Luckily, The Conqueror also had a to catch or hunt those kinds of criminals. There were several in The Conqueror He needed to choose which he wanted to join before he graduated from the academy. He was wondering if there was a that focussed on conquering a woman. He would definitely enter that no matter what.

Back then he could change the size of the brain and heart and kill that person instantly. He was wondering how was the effect of his power on someone who had a higher level on him.

Will his power be useless?

Will there be any effect on them?

Can he defeat them?

Yuuki didn't know about it but it would be quite easy for him to kill or defeat someone if their aura was weaker than him or he did it on a normal person. He had never tried to kill a person, but it was easy for him to make someone bigger like what he did to Rossa yesterday. But he started to think that he could change Rossa easily because it let him use his power on it.

What if that person didn't let him use his power on them?

Yuuki really needed some opponent right now to test his power on them. He thought he should ask Tomoki to have a spar with him. He knew Tomoko's gift was to transform into a grasshopper. He wanted to test his power against him. He thought for a bit until his smartwatch started ringing. He looked at it and opened the call.


Yuuki saw the face of Lisa in front of him. Then the next there was a face of Jiyoung. Three of them had a video call together.

"Which academy did you enter?" Lisa asked.

Jiyoung didn't say anything and looked at Yuuki.

Yuuki scratched his head and said, "Wait, let me check it, I haven't opened it." He was thinking about Misaki all the time yesterday. He about his and didn't open it.

"Hurry up!!" Lisa said, "We'll say it at the same time!"

Jiyoung nodded and didn't say anything.

Yuuki opened the email and a screen with appeared suddenly. He saw a video from Cecil the dean of Trinity Silver there.

"You are being admitted into the Trinity Silver Academy," Cecil said

Yuuki looked at it for a while and wanted to close the video until he heard her last message.

"If you dare to take my sister, I'll make your day in Academy like in hell!!" After she said that the screen disappeared.

Yuuki shook his head and ignored this kind of message. He continued the video call together with both Lisa and Jiyoung.

"Have you seen it?" Lisa asked.

"Yes, I have," Yuuki said.

"Good, let's say at the same time!" Lisa said.

Three of them took a deep breath and said at the same time.


"Silver Trinity."

"Silver Trinity."

Lisa looked very happy and said, "Good, let's meet up in the academy, don't to train! I don't want to have weak subordinates!!" Then she closed the video call together.

Yuuki looked up and thought for a bit, "Well, Silver Trinity, is it?" He was a bit disappointed especially since he had to meet this dean. He sighed and decided to think positively since The Silver Trinity was one of the four academies. There must be something special about this academy right?

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