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Chapter 24 : Continue?

My Mom in Another World

Akira had offered to stay in his home.

Yuuki agreed with him and slept with Tomoki. Both of them were quick to friends since Tomoki was quite reserved. He was the one who talked the most and Tomoki listened to him and answered here and there.

Yuuki slept on the futon that was prepared by Misaki in Tomoko's room. He looked at Tomoki who had already been sleeping. He sighed and felt very disappointed since he couldn't receive a gift from Misaki. He felt quite thirsty and decided to go to the kitchen to drink water.

Yuuki took a and took water there to drink it. He drank this water while looking around since it was midnight, it was very quiet in this He shook his head and startled when he saw the woman he was always thinking about today.

"Ah, Misaki," Yuuki was very excited to see her.

"Yuuki..." Misaki answered him with a low voice.

"What are you doing? Are you thirsty?" Yuuki asked.

"Y-yeah, I also want to drink water," Misaki came beside him and took a She also drank water beside him.

"Is your husband sleeping?" Yuuki asked.

Misaki blurted the water that she drank and said softly, "Y-yes."

Yuuki nodded, "Hmmm." He felt tempted to take her but he was also felt complicated since there was both of her husband and son in here. But he shook his head and decided to back down. He wasn't that low life that could fuck the mother of his friend.

"I'll be going back," Yuuki walked away but he was being pulled by Misaki, "Misaki, what's wrong?" He looked at the flustered face of Misaki.

"D-do you want your reward now?" Misaki was blushing.

Yuuki opened his mouth wide. He felt complicated since he had decided not to attack her but it was different if he was being invited.

Would he be able to reject her?

Yuuki thought for a while and looked at Misaki who bit her lips sexily.

There is only one truth!

"Let's go," Yuuki said to her.

Misaki smiled and brought him to the bathroom together.


Yuuki was sitting on the edge of the bathtub. He tried to hold his moans looking at Misaki who was cleaning his body while moving her body up and down. He could feel the softness of her body and her breasts moving around his little brother.

"This is heaven on earth," Yuuki said.

"Really? But this is just the start," Misaki stopped her and sat between his legs. She touched his little brother slowly and licking it gently.

"Ooh!" Yuuki was amazed at how good she used her mouth.

Misaki looked at his and smiled. She moved her head faster and sucked it deeper into her throat. She couldn't control herself and imagined how it would feel if it was entering her body. She used her breasts to pressure his little brother and moved it wildly.

Yuuki controlled his breath and looked at her standing nipples. He was tempted to touch it but Misaki was just too awesome, "Misaki, I'm gonna cum."

"Hmm," Misaki didn't stop her movement but moving it faster. She wanted to taste it badly inside her mouth.

"I'm cum! Swallow it!" Yuuki held her head and let out his white thingy inside her mouth.

"Mnf!!" Misaki was startled with the amount but she drank it with ease. Some of his white thingies were on her face and body, she licked it and showed her mouth to him, "Aaahh!" Then she swallowed the entire white thingy inside her mouth.

Yuuki's little brother was standing up again to see her act.

"Wow, you're really healthy," Misaki said while stroking his little brother. She observed his little brother closely and compared it to her husband. Her husband was just smaller compared to his little brother. She bit her lips and said to him, "Yuuki, do you want your reward now?"

Yuuki nodded hurriedly at her.

"Then I'll give it to you now, can you sit in the bathtub?" Misaki said.

Yuuki moved down so it would be easy for her to give him his reward.

Misaki stood up and sat down slowly toward his little brother, "Have you done this before?" His little brother almost entered her inside.

Yuuki shook his head and said, "No, what is this? The tip of my little brother is strangely good." He didn't want to tell her that he had done it with his mom.

Misaki smiled and said, "This is my reward, this is several times better than what I did earlier." She took a deep breath since it was her first time to take this beast, "Then, I'll start." She moved down her body and his little brother entered her cave. She was startled at how full it felt and her chests felt stuffy.

"Ha... Ha.. Ha.., d-don't move," Misaki still was still trying to calm herself but he moved his body.

"I can't! It just feels too good, Misaki!" Yuuki moved his hips and hit his little brother toward her deep inside.

"Aaaaahnn!! Yuuki!!" Misaki didn't expect him to move but she felt in bliss right now.

They were like a wild beast who only moved by their desire. They were kissing each other to themselves. They kept moving their hips faster and faster. They were almost cum together until they heard a voice from outside.

"Misaki, are you there?"

Both of them were startled and separated from each other.

Misaki told him to keep quiet when she talked to her husband, "What's wrong, Husband?" She showed her head through the gap of the bathroom door.

"What are you doing?" Akira asked.

Yuuki looked at her butt which was wiggling around. He was still very unsatisfied since he couldn't cum earlier. He stood up and touched her butt.

Misaki was startled and turned her head, 'What are you doing??' She looked at him and saw him entering his little brother inside of her, "Hmmff!!!"

"What's wrong?" Akira asked.

Misaki looked back at her husband and said, "Nothing, I just saw a cockroach."

'Cockroach?' Yuuki felt mad and moved his hips faster.

Misaki was almost crying but she kept holding her mouth and tried not to moan.

"What are you doing in the bathroom?" Akira asked.

"I'm trying to calm myself, I thought a bath would be good," Misaki answered slowly.

Akira nodded at him, "There is a kid here, we can do it tomorrow."

"Y-yes, tomorrow will be good!!" Misaki answered him absentmindedly.

"I'll go to sleep now, you should hurry up and back," Akira left back to sleep.

Misaki sighed in relief and her became very horny. She kissed him and moved her hips faster. She had never felt this kind of excitement before.

The feeling of almost being caught by her husband made her excited from the depth of her heart.

Yuuki kept hitting her sweet spot and felt almost to cum, "I'll cum, Misaki."

"Y-yes, let's do it together!!" Misaki was also near her end.

"Then, I'll cum inside," Yuuki kept hitting her deep inside. Then he dumped all of his white thingy inside her.

"Y-YES!!" Misaki moans then two of them cum at the same time. Yuuki held her mouth so her moans wouldn't be heard outside. He sighed in relief but he was still unsatisfied. He moved his head closed and whispered to her, "Misaki, can I get my reward again?"

Misaki felt his little brother was still standing firm inside her, "S-sure, it's my responsibility to take care of you." She caressed his head but she made his fall down. She was stunned and looked at his face with a hot gaze. She caressed his cheek and said, "You really should wear your outside." She didn't want to lose him.

Yuuki nodded and continued to move his hips ignoring his fall

They enjoyed their night together again.


Tomoki woke up in the morning and looked around. He couldn't find Yuuki in his room. He stood up and walked toward the kitchen to drink water. He found him with his mom near the kitchen.

"What are you doing, Yuuki?" Tomoki asked.

"Oh Tomoki, I'm helping your mom to prepare breakfast," Yuuki said.

Misaki also nodded, "Yes, the breakfast is almost done, why don't you sit in the living room?"

Tomoki nodded at them and walked toward the living room. He felt both of them were quite strange since they looked very red but he ignored it and watched his favorite hero show on the


Both Yuuki and Misaki sighed at the same time.

"Continue?" Yuuki asked.

Misaki nodded at him and felt she couldn't escape from his

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