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Chapter 23 : Disturbing

My Mom in Another World

Yuuki was sitting on the sofa of Misaki's apartment. He was quite nervous when he saw Misaki's son. It was his first time to see him and his of him was quite a normal boy.

Tomoki is very quiet and will talk only a few words. Maybe he won't even talk to him if he doesn't show his strength on the test earlier.

Yuuki had told him that Misaki helped him during this past week. He told him that he was very grateful toward Misaki and because of her, he could on his test. But he didn't tell him about their activities together.

Misaki blushed when she heard his and Tomoki nodded at him.

"Tomoki, what kind of gift do you have?" Yuuki asked.

Tomoki looked at him for a while and said, "I have a gift, aren't you the same?" He saw him a giant after all.

Yuuki shook his head, "No, I have emitter type, I can change the size of something." He took a snack on the table and made it bigger.

Tomoki was quite dumbfounded, "That's quite a strong Gift." He could imagine the possibilities of this power were limitless.

"It's okay, what about you?" Yuuki asked.

"I could change into a grasshopper," Tomoki said, then changed parts of his leg and became grasshopper legs.

"That's interesting," Yuuki nodded. He saw his legs were very strong. He could understand how he could on the test.

They were talking to each other about the participants on the test and their experiments on the test.


Misaki who looked at the between two boys sighed in relief. She didn't expect her son to suddenly come home. She had heard that Yuuki's gift could change the size of something. She blushed when she thought about something they would do after he was gone home. But she sighed when she just remembered her son was coming home. Her life during the past was very happy together with him.

Misaki was preparing food for the for both her son and Yuuki until someone pressed the bell.

"Tomoki, can you open the door?" Misaki asked.

"Yeah, mom," Tomoki stood up and walked toward the door.

Misaki continued to prepare the dinner but stopped when she realized someone caressed her butt, "Don't, there is my son here!" She looked very panicked but strangely excited when he caressed her butt lovingly.

"So, if your son isn't here, can we continue?" Yuuki teased.

"We-well.." Misaki wanted to answer him but the voice of Tomoki stopped her.

"Mom, dad is coming home," Tomoki said from the corridor.

Yuuki didn't move and still touched her butt.

Misaki looked at him with a panicked

"It's okay, they can't see us from this angle," Yuuki said.

Misaki wanted to stop him but both of her husband and son had walked together toward the living room. They saw both Yuuki and Misaki were in the kitchen.

"This is?" The husband of Misaki looked at Yuuki. He looked at this kid who was helping his wife.

"Hello, uncle, my name is Yuuki," Yuuki said with a smile.

"Dad, this is Yuuki, he is also a student who enters the Academy," Tomoki said.

The husband of Misaki looked surprised. He would have never thought this nerd looking kid would also enter the academy, "Hello, my name is Akira Ito."

"Husband, why don't you take a rest, I'll prepare the food after this," Misaki said. She didn't want them to see Yuuki was caressing her butt.

Akira nodded at her but stopped when he looked at Yuuki, "Well, Yuuki...."

Misaki was dreaded when she heard her husband called Yuuki. She was wondering if he noticed Yuuki was caressing her butt.

"Why don't you sit with us and talk about the test earlier?" Akira said.

"Well, sure, uncle," Yuuki left her and walked toward Akira and Tomoki.

Misaki sighed in relief and continued to prepare the food. Her panties were wet because of his earlier She bit her lips and held back her desire.


Yuuki sat together with everyone. He looked at Akira, the husband of Misaki.

Akira is a very stoic old man and very cold. He asked him a lot of about the baptism, test, and gift.

Yuuki could understand why Misaki was very lonely. He shook his head and ate the food. 'As expected Misaki's food is awesome.' He thought inside his mind. He looked around and noticed Akira and Tomoki were talking to each other and Misaki was eating her food quietly. He grinned and decided to tease her.


Misaki was eating her food quietly until she felt someone touching her private She was startled and saw Yuuki who told her to keep quiet. She looked down and saw his foot was caressing her private

"Misaki, what's wrong?" Akira asked him.

"N-nothing, husband," Misaki said with a smile.

"Well, don't make a strange sound," Akira said coldly.

"Ye-yeah," Misaki nodded and she had a strange feeling inside her heart. She ate her food to hold the moans in her mouth. Her face was very red and she let out a lot of sweat.

"What's wrong, mom?" Tomoki asked him.

"There is nothing," Misaki said, there was no way she could tell them that Yuuki was touching her private She pouted at him but she didn't stop him. Her breath became more erratic and she almost let out her gush until he stopped. She looked at him with unbelievable and felt very unsatisfied.

"What's wrong, Misaki?" Akira asked again.

When she heard her husband's voice, she felt like cold water had been poured into her head. She woke up from her trace and said, "There is nothing."

"Don't let out a strange voice, there are two kids here," Akira said.

"Y-yes," Misaki said. She looked hatefully at Yuuki.


On the main bed, Misaki was sleeping with her husband.

"Husband, it's been a while since we have done it, can we do it tonight?" Misaki looked at him with a spoiled

"No, I'm very tired tonight," Akira shook his head.

"B-but, I want to do it now," Misaki said.

"No! Just take care of yourself in the toilet or something," Akira turned his body to look away from her.

Misaki looked at him with hateful and came out of the room. She felt very unsatisfied earlier since she couldn't cum. She walked outside and found Yuuki was drinking water in the kitchen.

"Ah, Misaki," Yuuki said.

His words made her shudder and tremble.

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