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Chapter 22 : Dreaded

My Mom in Another World

Yuuki teleported back to the ceremony hall. He looked around and counted there were only 80 children inside this hall. He noticed some people were looking at him with a fierce He thought some of them saw his giant He ignored Lisa who was fighting with Jiyoung and took his ring again.

Everyone was talking to each other until they heard the screaming of Andreas again.

"SHUT UP!!!!" Andreas shouted and made the ceremony hall became silent. He nodded and sat back in his seat.

After that, the man who wore a suit and looked very gentleman stood up and talked to everyone, "Hello, everyone, my name is William Kidd, I'm a dean from Red Shield Academy, I'll tell everyone about the four academies of Conqueror in the Vatasha Kingdom."

Then behind him suddenly a large screen appeared and showed the picture of four academies.

"Let me tell you that for each academy specialist in teaching a different kind of gift, our academy the 'Red Shield Academy' is very adept at teaching someone who has a type of gift," William said.

"Our school, the Boa, is adept at teaching someone who has a type of gift," Andreas stood up beside him.

"We the Blue Fire Academy has a profound knowledge of teaching someone who has an emitter type of gift," Hikari said while looking in his

'Is she looking at me?' Yuuki rubbed his nose.

Then everyone looked at the last woman, "We the Trinity Silver can teach everyone with a different kind of Gift."

This statement made everyone have a different kind of After all, her statement looked like a jack of all trades but master of none. It was better to join an academy that suited their Gift so they could get stronger faster.

"You'll receive a letter on your smartwatch in a few hours to show which academy you're being admitted to, then in a week, you'll start your day as a new student in the academy," William opened his arms wide, "We you to the candidate of The Conqueror."

"We'll train you very hard so you won't die on the battlefield!" Andreas said.

"Hehehehe, a new student, new experiment," Hikari muttered with a creepy voice.

Cecil didn't say anything and looked at her little sister then turned her head toward the little bastard.


Yuuki didn't really care which academy he would enter in four years, but if he had to choose then it would be Blue Fire Academy since he was an emitter type. He also wanted to go back since he felt being stared at by everyone.

"You can go back and receive good news," Wiliam said.

Yuuki turned his body and walked away only he was being pulled by Lisa, "What?"

"What do you mean, what? You need to come to our first meeting!" Lisa said.

"Can we do it tomorrow? I have something to do today," Yuuki wanted to meet Misaki.

"NO!!!! I want to name our group!" Lisa said.

"Then name it now, I really have something to do after this," Yuuki said.

Suddenly Jiyoung appeared between them.

"What is it?" Lisa looked at Jiyoung with a hostile

"I want to join too," Jiyoung said.


"Lisa, Jiyoung is very strong and the members are only two of us with her our group can grow," Yuuki just wanted to go home now. He didn't have time to something like this.

Lisa gritted her teeth then she remembered when Jiyoung suddenly appeared from the shadow. She knew her gift was very powerful, "As the leader of this group, I want you to respect me!" She looked very proud.

Jiyoung ignored her and looked at Yuuki.

"MUKIII!!!!" Lisa was almost had high blood pressure.

"Ok, ok, we're in the group now, remember that we can separate from each other since we've had different Gifts," when he said these words both girls became silent.

"I have an emitter type gift, I can go to either Blue Fire Academy or Silver Trinity," Yuuki said.

"I'm also an emitter, I can go to the same school as you," Jiyoung said. She could enter the shadow at will and it entered an emitter type.

Lisa became silent when she heard both of her group would separate with her. She was a type and would enter either Red Shield or Silver Trinity, "No! We're all going to enter Silver Trinity together!" This would be the only way that three of them could enter together.

Both Yuuki and Jiyoung looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders, "Well, say that to your sister, we can't choose our academy after all," Yuuki said to her.

Lisa nodded, "Good, I'll tell my sister now!" She wanted to run toward her sister but stopped and came back.

"What?" Yuuki asked.

"The name of our group!! Don't to think about it! Also, let's exchange each other LINK contact!!" Lisa showed her smartwatch to them.

Yuuki and Jiyoung also showed off their smartwatch and exchanged their LINK contacts.

LINK is the most software to chat, call, and communicate through a smartwatch in this world.

Yuuki said goodbye to both of them and hurriedly went back hurriedly to his apartment.


Yuuki was on the tram and he looked at a boy who had a feature to Misaki. He looked at this boy who kept looking at him. He had thought about the theory of doppelganger where there were two or three people in the world.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Yuuki asked.

The boy nodded and said, "I saw you earlier in the battle."

Yuuki nodded, had a giant after all and of course, many people would know him, "Well, did you on your test earlier?"

The boy nodded, "Yeah, I almost eliminated earlier, my name is Tomoki Ito, nice to meet you."

"Amanto Yuuki," Yuuki said.

"Amanto?" Tomoki looked at him weirdly.

"What's wrong with Amanto?" Yuuki asked him weirdly.

Tomoku shook his head and said, "Nothing."

They got out of the tram together and walked back together to the apartment.

Yuuki became worried when he saw this boy walking in the same as him.

"Is your home in that apartment?" Yuuki asked.

Tomoki nodded, "Yes, I live there."

Yuuki felt dreaded but nodded regardless. He shook his head and ignored the bad feeling inside his heart. He continued to walk and he met the woman he had wanted to meet as soon as possible.

The woman also noticed him, "Yuuki!!"

"Misaki!!" Yuuki waved his hand.

Misaki walked toward him but stopped when she saw someone beside him.

Yuuki walked alongside Tomoki beside him but he also felt something strange when he saw her stop walking.

"Mom, do you know, Yuuki?" Tomoki asked Misaki. He asked weirdly and looked at both Yuuki and Misaki.

'Mom?' Yuuki was dumbfounded. Those words kept ringing inside his head when he heard Tomoki say this word to Misaki.

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