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Chapter 19 : Siscon

My Mom in Another World

The four deans looked at the monitor at the same time with astonishment They saw two children riding a big fire bird defeat every child they met easily.

"Lisa..." Cecil muttered quietly.

"Wow? Is that your little sister?" William was amazed.

"Hmm, your little sister's gift is that firebird then that boy is the one making the bird bigger," Hikari said.

"Hmm, change the size of something, what an interesting gift," Andreas said.

Cecil didn't care about all of that. She was more concerned about the between her sister and this stinky boy. She saw the boy hugged the waist of her sister. She gritted her teeth and her was very fierce. Her sister was only 12 years old and she was afraid she was being cheated by this stinky boy. Her sister was very cute and knew some random boy had tried to take her sister away from her. She needed to teach this stinky boy a lesson.

"Why are you getting angry, Cecil?" William was confused.

"NOTHING!!" Cecil shouted and continued to look at the monitor.

"They're still children, and love is too early for them," Hikari said.

"His face is also not handsome," William added.

"You know nothing! I know when I take a look at this boy, he has the eyes of predator that ready to eat you right away! Don't let that average looking appearance fool you! That show his skill is very good at coaxing and pick up girls!!" Cecil was almost crazed.

"Your sister is going to be an adult, let her taste some men, it doesn't matter, his gift is also good, he can transform the size of something, I'm sure his little brother is also great so he can give your little sister the best experience," Andreas said with a lewd smile.

"DO YOU WANT TO DIE OLD MAN!!" A light started to gather around her. Cecil was very angry now and wanted to fight this old man.

Andreas wasn't someone who was gonna take the in silence. He started activating his gift and ready to fight, "Ha? I'm not afraid of you!" He started to transform and his height increased by several times.

"Can we not fight? Do you want me to join you?" Hikari suddenly talked with a very gloomy voice. A grotesque monster suddenly appeared gathered around them and made everyone shudder. It was both creepy and scary at the same time.

Cecil and Andreas stopped fighting and sat back honestly. From everyone in this hall, they didn't want to fight with Hikari, after all, it was very troublesome and it wasn't worth the consequences.

William had been very nervous and wiped the sweat on his forehead several times. He sighed in relief when he saw they didn't continue to fight each other.

Hikari didn't say anything again and the monster slowly disappeared as if nothing happened.

They sat down and watched the battle royal together. They also needed to choose 20 children to enter their academies.


Yuuki sat down on the back of Rossa while looking around the area. He saw his points increasing very fast with 1 point each time Lisa defeated her opponents. He used his gift on Rossa and he got his point from assisting her to defeat the opponent. He felt like he didn't do anything but he was fine with it since he could get a free point. He looked at Lisa who was very excited defeating her opponents easily.

"Conserve your energy, there are still a lot of people," Yuuki said while looking at his smartwatch. There were around 200 participants left and the artificial had shrunk by half.

"Yeah, I'll do that," Lisa was quite excited at first but she became quite tired after she fought that much.

"Let's fly down, you're too tired right now," Yuuki said.

Lisa nodded and told Rossa to land on the ground.

Yuuki changed Rossa's size to its normal size so it could the area easily. He had found quite a lot of weapons on the way. He changed his urumi with a giant sword with a 2-meter length. It was quite heavy but he could move it around easily. His strength had increased after he had his baptism. He felt he was 2 times stronger than before even though he didn't do anything.

Yuuki looked at the giant sword on his hand and felt unsatisfied. The quality of the weapon he had found was very terrible, it was easily destroyed. He could giant and destroyed everything but his speed would decrease and he didn't really want to fight like that. He wasn't some muscle brain that fought with only great strength. He was the type that defeated his opponents as efficient as possible.

Yuuki started to think about what kind of gift he should get when he reached the next level His 'Resize' was quite powerful but he was only in his 1st Iron Level. He could think about it later, right now, he needed to focus on the test.

Yuuki looked at Lisa and gave her a bottle of water for a drink.

Lisa didn't say anything and took the bottle. She gulped the water within a

Yuuki shook his head and looked around. They were lucky that they didn't meet someone who had a long range gift. They had been flown in the sky and no one was able to attack them.

"Kaaah!" Lisa looked very satisfied after drinking water.

"Give me some," Yuuki took the bottle and drank it but Lisa hurriedly took it from him. He frowned and asked, "What?"

Lisa was red and pointed her finger at him, "Y-you!!"

"Me?" Yuuki looked confused.

"You just have an indirect kiss with me!!!" Lisa was mad.

Yuuki sighed and massaged his head. He didn't say anything and he had gotten used to her loud voice.

Suddenly he heard the sound of someone fighting.

"Shh," Yuuki told her to keep silent.

Lisa wanted to keep reprimanding him but stopped when he heard a voice getting near to them. She grinned and that she was tired, "Let's go! Let's join!" She ran with the fastest speed.

Yuuki shook his head and followed her. He had her babysitter and it was pretty much gotten used to this kind of little girl.

"Don't run too fast!"

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