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Chapter 16 : I've had enough

My Mom in Another World

Yuuki felt like he had entered endless darkness. He couldn't see anything and sense anything. It was as if his senses were being cut off. He knew if he moved around he would panic. He sat down on the ground and did nothing.

Yuuki had heard that each person had a different kind of baptism so it was useless to learn it from other people. He started to think about what to do in this He couldn't move since he couldn't see anything. He also couldn't smell anything. He sighed and laid his body on the ground.

Rather than panic, it was better to think of something happy. Yuuki started to think of his life for four years together with his mom. His days were very tough but fulfilling at the same time. He started to compare it with his past life. Both of them were very wonderful but he also missed his past life. He was wondering how his parents, friends, and lovers were. He started to think about whether he could go home. He also thought about whether he died or not in his past life. He was wondering how his parent's were when they found out he had died.

Yuuki had never thought much about it, rather, he tried to avoid thinking about it. He didn't really want to think about something negative. He tried to live positively but in this nothing but darkness. It made him start thinking about the things that he had buried in the past four years.

Yuuki was just a normal, slightly rich artist that drew manga, wrote a novel, and made a game. But this time he needed to get stronger to live. He wanted to go back and enjoy his life. He wanted to go back!


The tremor started to shake in this darkness and made him realize his mistake. He couldn't go back to his past life yet, but that didn't mean he couldn't do it in the future.

Gifts are such a thing and there are many kinds of Gifts in this world.

Yuuki knew there must be a Gift that could help him to go back to his past life to meet his parents. He opened his eyes and saw a light in the distance. He stood up and walked toward that light. He had a lot of stamina and he needed to touch that light.

Yuuki ran toward that light while thinking about the things he had done in the past four years. He had trained really hard together with his mom. He didn't remember how much he had sweated, wounded, puked, broke his bones, etc. He knew his mom was a super sadist but he was since he became quite powerful now.

If his mom didn't train him like that. He was sure that he couldn't do this baptism today and died together with Misaki back then. He was that he gritted his teeth and didn't give up.


Now, Yuuki was quite tired. His sense of time died and he couldn't tell how long he was in this He knew that it was very long and his legs felt sore. He felt like he missed something before he could finish his baptism.

Yuuki remembered that he also needed a strong will to in his baptism and never gave up attitude. He stopped running and walked at a standard pace. He had dreamed of going back to his world, but he was wondering if that was really enough. He had reincarnated into a new world, it would be a shame if he didn't do anything here.

Yuuki started to think about what was his dream in this world. He started a small goal, then his big goal. His small goal was to go home and enjoy the reward of Misaki. He was getting giddy thinking about the reward she would give him after this. He also wanted to meet his mother again and to her about his He also wanted to taste her warmth again.

Yuuki sighed and thought he was only thinking with his head. If he wanted to go back he needed to get stronger. He didn't know how strong he that was enough for him to go back. He was wondering if it was , Titanium, or worse Infinite Level. He had heard someone had reached Titanium Level but he never heard someone to reach Infinite Level.

Yuuki walked while thinking about his strategy to reach that level. He had read and made several manga and novels in his past life. He was wondering if he could use the protagonist's way of training in the manga and novel to train.

Yuuki stopped while tapping his chin. He had started his monologue for a while and was wondering if the reader was bored. He shook his head and started to think about what kind of power he wanted. He would receive another Gift after he reached another realm of level but the first Gift was very important since it would the base of his power.

"FUCKK!!!" Yuuki stopped thinking and jumped. He didn't really care what he would get in his first baptism. He knew that he needed to get space kind of Gift. But it didn't mean he had to get it in his first Gift. He could get it later at the next level. He had enough of thinking and wanted to go back to enjoy his reward from Misaki.


Yuuki felt like falling from the sky and did a sky diving. He didn't open his eyes and fell into the water.

Yuuki opened his eyes wide and felt someone shaking him.

"Yuuki! You wake up!" Lisa looked happy when she saw him wake up.

"Yes, Lisa, thank you," Yuuki nodded.

"Did you on your baptism?" Lisa asked worriedly. After all, he was her first subordinates and she didn't want him to fail.

"Yeah, I ," Yuuki smiled at her.

"Good, let's show our Gift," but when they were going to show their own Gift. The small stout old man screamed at them again.

"THE ONE WHO FAIL GET OUT!! THE ONE WHO STAY HERE!!" Andreas screamed. "Oh, right! The one will do battle royal together then we will only pick 80 students."

Just after they were happy they became gloomy. They looked at least there were 2000 children who in their baptism.

Yuuki sighed while messaging his head. Their real battle started now.

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