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Chapter 13 : Baptism time

My Mom in Another World

Yuuki was dumbfounded when he saw her suddenly came into the bathroom.

"Excuse me," Misaki entered the bathroom slowly while holding the towel that covered her body.

His little brother was reacting and he tried to hide so she wouldn't see it but he knew it was impossible.

"Let me help you to wash your back, I want to say thank you for letting me stay here," Misaki tried to act like nothing happen while putting some soap on her hands.

"Ye-yeah, it's okay," Yuuki didn't know what she was thinking but he definitely wouldn't reject her offer. He saw her through the mirror in front of him. He saw her slowly making a bubble from the soap. He looked down to see the thing between her legs but it was too dark. He couldn't see it, he wanted to get closer to him.

Misaki smiled when she saw him trying to peek. She was happy that he still thought that she was attractive, "I'll wash your back now." She put her hand on his back and moved it slowly. She saw her powerful back and quite wide for someone of his age. She also noticed his standing little brother and quite amazed at the actual size. She wanted to open the towel on his waist.

Yuuki enjoyed her to wash his back but he couldn't focus himself since his little brother kept standing up. He wanted to know whether it was hell or heaven. He decided to calm himself while counting π.


Yuuki kept counting until he heard her soft voice.

"It's done, let me wash the front," Misaki said.

"Wait! I can do it myself!" Yuuki didn't want to attack housewife, it was a different story if it was a widow. But the woman in front of him had a husband and he didn't want to destroy their marriage.

"No! You're very tired after training, let me help you," Misaki said while turning him to face her. She looked down at the towel which hiding his little brother.

"I can't wash you if you cover your front with a towel," Misaki said with a tone.

Yuuki was a bit hesitant but when he saw her he decided to believe in her. He opened his towel and let his little brother to breath fresh air.

Misaki was dumbfounded looking at his little brother. Its curved was just too awesome and its head was just too She bit her thumb to calm her mind. She took a deep breath and said, "Let me wash your front."

Yuuki didn't stop him and wanted to know what would she do to him. He was in a passive active state. He wouldn't do the first move and waited whether she would do it or not.

Misaki her hands on his chest and washed it slowly. She cleaned his arms, hands, stomach, legs, then his feet. She cleaned his every and left only one part. She looked at the last part and took a deep breath. She moved her hands slowly and touched his shaft.

Yuuki didn't say anything and blinked his eyes. He was still shocked by her boldness.

"I need to clean your body thoroughly, it'll be bad if your body is dirty, it'll be bad if you get sick when you do your baptism ceremony," Misaki said.

"Yes, but why I feel pretty weird when you wash there?" Yuuki asked while acting naively.

"Hmm, maybe because I'm very good at washing someone body, don't worry just enjoy it," Misaki said while moving her hands up and down, stroking his little brother.

"It's good, Misaki," Yuuki shuddered while looking at her.

"This will help you to focus on training and help you get better on baptism," Misaki lied with a smiling face. She didn't stop her hands and kept stroking his little brother.

"Really? Can you do me like this every day?" Yuuki didn't really care now. It was also very hard for him to focus on this puberty body. He needed to release it once in a while and Misaki could help him every day. He was more than happy to her offer.

Misaki focused on moving her hands while looking at his little brother's head. She looked at the head and decided to take further steps. She cleaned the soap around his little brother and said, "Yuuki, I can make it nicer, do you want to try it?" Her was like a kind mother who taught her children.

"Sure, I want to try to do it," Yuuki said.

Misaki nodded and moved her head closer to his little brother and sucked it. She entered it inside her mouth while moving her tongue. Her hands weren't stopping and she with his eggs.

"Shhhh...." Yuuki tried to hold his moans while holding her head with both of his hands, "Don't stop, Misaki."

Misaki nodded and kept moving her head faster. She felt on his shaft. She knew he would let out his white thingy after this.

Yuuki grabbed her head and forced her to move faster.

Misaki was surprised but surprisingly could handle it well. She moved her head along faster and felt it was time.

"I'm cum," Yuuki didn't let her head go and let her drink all the white thingy. He looked very blissful until he realized his mistake. He hurriedly took out his little brother and asked, "Are you okay?"

Misaki didn't answer him and was very quiet.

Yuuki was very worried and took a tissue to wipe her mouth.

Misaki looked at his face and opened her mouth wide to show him what he had done to her.

Yuuki blinked his eyes several times and said," You can spit it out."

Misaki shook her head and gulped it, "Gulp.." She drank all the thing inside her mouth.

His little brother stood up for the time, Yuuki really hated his libido.

Misaki smiled at him, "Let me help you again."

Yuuki nodded dumbly at her.


Their continued until one week when it was the time for the baptism.

Yuuki wanted to go out but he was being stopped by someone. He rested his body on the door while looking at this woman who was sucking his little brother.

"Misaki, thank you for helping me to focus on training," Yuuki said while caressing her head.

"Haaa..." Misaki stopped sucking his little brother but still stroking it, "Don't worry, I want to thank you for your help." Her family still didn't contact her and even though her apartment had been fixed she still stayed in his apartment.

He didn't mind it though.

"Are you going to cum?" Misaki asked.

Yuuki nodded in response.

Misaki nodded and continued to suck his little brother until he let it out inside her mouth.

"Thank you, I'll be going home as soon as possible," Yuuki said while opening the door.

Misaki took a tissue and wiped her mouth, "Yes, you should go home as soon as possible, I'll give you a reward if you on your baptism and enter your school."

Yuuki nodded and felt more excited. He was excited for both the baptism and this reward after going back. He waved his hand and ran toward the ceremony hall.

Misaki waved her back and smiled. When she saw him had already gone, "Well, I need to prepare everything." She took the shopping back that she had bought a few days ago. She opened it and took the sexy lingerie inside.

"For your reward," Misaki smiled while thinking excitedly when he had gone back.

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