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Chapter 12 : Reacting

My Mom in Another World

Yuuki woke up in the early morning while hugger Misaki's breasts. He blinked his eyes several times and let her breasts go slowly. His little brother was very energetic and it was touching her legs.

The thin fabric made it hard for him to handle his libido. Yuuki hurriedly ran away to the bathroom to take a cold water bath. He needed to calm himself. He couldn't attack a housewife.

Misaki opened her eyes slowly while thinking about the thing that touched her legs for a while. She couldn't believe that his package was very big even though he was 12 years old. She moved her hands while trying to remember how big it was.

"I guess my husband is lost," Misaki shook her head and woke up. She walked toward the kitchen to prepare breakfast. She hummed happily while thinking that she still had her charm.


Yuuki was still in the bathroom while taking a cold water bath. The cold water started to calm his little brother and his head. He sighed while thinking it was very difficult to control his puberty body. His little brother would stand up suddenly whenever he thought or saw something sexy.

Yuuki his mom who left him after he had tasted the forbidden fruit. He didn't want to do or rented He wanted a real woman and someone who he could hug dearly. He sighed and shook his head. He came out from the bathroom to take a towel but someone entered his bathroom.

"Yuuki, here is you-"

Yuuki blinked his eyes while looking at Misaki.

Misaki blinked her eyes several times while looking at his body. She didn't see his face but looked down from his muscle, tattoo, then his little brother. She opened her eyes wide when she saw his sleeping dragon.

"I'll leave it here," Misaki said calmly then hurriedly closed the door. Even though she looked calm but her heart was beating very fast.

Yuuki wanted to smash his head on the wall. He sighed and wiped his body then wore his clothes.


They were eating their breakfast quietly because it was too awkward for both of them.

"Did your husband and son call you?" Yuuki asked. He didn't want to stay in this awkward for too long.

Misaki shook her head and pouted, "Hmph! They didn't! I definitely won't talk to them!" She was really mad to both of her husband and son. She looked at him and thought to have some revenge on her husband and son. She remembered his well-endowed little brother and thought what if that entered her body.

'You can't, Misaki!! He is still a child!' Misaki didn't want to attack a 12 year old boy.

Yuuki titled his head in when he saw her moving her head around. He didn't think much and ate his breakfast.

"Are you going to train?" Misaki had seen his training room and she was quite amazed. She thought that his family was rich.

Yuuki nodded, "Yes, I'll train after this, you can do whatever you want."

Misaki thought for a while and said, "Can I watch you?" She wanted to know how he trained. She had done a baptism in the past but she didn't have any interest to The Conqueror. She decided to a nurse then met her husband. After married, she decided to quit her job and focused to full-time housewives. She would have never thought that it was very boring to full-time housewives, especially when both of your husband and son didn't come home so often. She was very lonely at home.

"Sure, you can watch," Yuuki didn't mind for her to watch him training.

Both of them finished eating breakfast. Yuuki entered the training room while Misaki was washing the dishes. She would come after she finished cleaning all the dishes.


Yuuki entered the training room and sat in the middle of the room. He sat there while using his gravity bracelet to train. He trained the breathing method that his mom had taught him. He didn't know how his mom could get this but this breathing method was really powerful.

Yuuki was sure that his raw power was at least comparable to the 8th Iron Level or more. He knew there was still a gap between Iron Level and Bronze Level and this gap couldn't be broken with only his muscle. He needed to get his aura after his baptism.

His muscles moved along his breath.

"Huuu..." Yuuki focused on his training and didn't notice Misaki entered the training room.

Misaki looked at him quietly and blushed. His body was enough to make any women wet their pants.

The most handsome moment of man is where they are working hard.

Misaki didn't take her eyes from his body. If she looked closely she felt his face wasn't that bad. The more she looked at him the more she felt he was quite handsome.

'I wonder how he looks when he takes off his ,' Misaki wanted to take it off but she couldn't do it. She needed to take it off tonight.


Yuuki continued his training with his Zweih?nder. He swung it for thousands of times while under gravity pressure. He was training hard because he needed to protect himself and took off these He also wanted to meet his mom as soon as possible. He wanted to know her identity.

Yuuki kept training until afternoon. He needed to eat to refill his energy. He continued to train until night. He wiped his sweat and walked to the bathroom. He needed to take a bath since he was full of sweat.

Yuuki cleaned his body suddenly someone opened the door. He was startled and looked back. He saw Misaki only covered in a towel.

"Misaki? What are you doing?"

Misaki blushed and smiled, "Let me wash your back."

Yuuki didn't react but his little brother was reacting.

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