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Chapter 7 : My Dream Shattered

My Mom in Another World

Tonight, Yuuki looked at the night sky while watching beautiful stars. He was wondering if in this world there were different names. He didn't have any interest in star but it was useful to make the romantic with girls in the past.

Yuuki remembered the Tanabata festival in the past when he saw a star.

Tanabata is known as the Star Festival and is a Japanese festival originating from the Chinese Qixi Festival. It celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi (represented by the stars Vega and Altair respectively). to legend, the Milky Way separates these lovers, and they are allowed to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the calendar.

Yuuki didn't have that kind of romantic love story in his life. Maybe only once during his high school life. He was still very naive but he kind of missed that feeling. When you got older all you thought in the was all about sex. He didn't hate it but still, he missed that bittersweet feeling.

"What are you thinking?" Elena suddenly came and sat next to him. She also looked at the sky.

"Nothing, I'm just that I met you," Yuuki turned his head and looked at her. He didn't know anything in this world and he was in a confused state but Elena helped him. She became the most important figure in his life now.

Elena blushed at his sudden statement but since it was night and her skin was tan. It was hard to see her blushing face.

"Tomorrow is your birthday, is there something you want?" Elena asked.

Yuuki shook his head and said, "As long as I have you around, I don't want anything else." He said the truth. He didn't want another hellish training. It was better she didn't give him anything at all this year. He felt complicated when he remembered his last gift. He was being tempted several times but he couldn't get his carrot. Well, he got his carrot but it wasn't enough compared the stick he got every day.

Yuuki had a young man now. His height around 160 cm and his fat level were quite low. His body was full of muscle but it was like a swimmer body, not the bodybuilder type. His hair was as white as an elephant tusk and his eyes were brown. The overall beside his hair and eyes almost his last feature right now was the same in the past but became even more masculine because of training. He could definitely live only using his appearance without even doing anything dangerous.

After that one year, Yuuki knew how dangerous this world was and this little was probably the safest in the world even though he didn't know where it was.

Elena became mesmerized at him and kissed his lips.

They had gotten used to this kind of but still, he was bloody hell healthy male. His weewee stood up proudly. He was quite proud of his weewee. The size was the same but the curve was different. He was confident he could touch any women's sweet spot with this beast.

They exchanged their tongue and kissed each other fiercely. She started licking his teeth as he was licking the bottom of her tongue. Slowly she let drool trickle into his mouth. They did it for a few minutes they had saliva string that they slurped up together.

They had done this kind of thing several times and wanted to continue but he was waiting for his white thingy. The next day, he would 12 years old and he would produce his white thingy.

"I know what I'll give you for your birthday," suddenly said.

Yuuki raised his eyebrow. He didn't want to hear it and didn't want to do another training

"Your birthday gift is me.." said with a beautiful smile.

His mouth became O-shape and was startled. He was still in a shocked state but Elena brought him to the house.

"Wait! Wait! We're both son and mother!" Yuuki said with a flustered tone.

"Then? There is nothing wrong. We're not blood after all," Elena smiled and threw him on a bed.

'We're not blood-!' Yuuki suddenly remembered and the chain that bonded him broke. His eyes were focusing on her body and he licked his lips.

Elena also licked her lips and pushed him like a cougar hunted its prey.

This was his birthday present.

[Title: Non-Virgin (Unlock)].


Elena caressed his hair while looking at his face. She looked at her boy toy, no, her son. She felt that raising him for the entire four years was worth it. She didn't regret it and felt happy about it. She looked at his face and wanted to kiss him again until she felt someone trying to communicate with her.

"Nee-san, where are you? You've gone for the entire 4 years!! Hurry up and come back!!!"

Elena sighed. She knew someone would find her but she didn't expect it was now. She still wanted to watch her son go to school but it seemed she couldn't do it. He caressed his face and kissed his lips.

"Get stronger and meet me!"


Yuuki woke up and felt that the bed was quite different. He opened his eyes and saw an unfamiliar ceiling. He looked around and knew he was in a different room. He stood up hurriedly and ran toward the window. He opened his mouth wide because he wasn't in that stranded again. He was in the damn city with and he was in some apartment building. He felt something on his wrist and he frowned. He saw a watch on his hand and pressed it. Suddenly a screen appeared out of nowhere and he saw Elena's face there.


"Yuuki, if you see this message that means I've gone. Don't try to search for me because you won't be able to find me."

Yuuki clenched his hands.

"I'm happy to adopt you and you've a splendid young man. Your weewee was also awesome." Elena said while blushing.

Yuuki twitched his lips.

"Well, enough of that, I've got some matter that I've got to do and I'll probably come back in a few years. Don't think too much and enjoy your school. Try to the Conqueror as soon as possible so maybe we can meet faster." said with a smile.

Yuuki sighed in relief.

"That's right! I've given you a gift. You should try it. It's on the table."

Yuuki looked around and found the case. He opened it and saw small round

"You should try it! I'm sure you'll handsome!!" Eleana said.

Yuuki didn't think much and tried to wear these He wore it and looked at his appearance in the mirror. He was stunned and he couldn't say anything.


Yuuki removed his but it was as if these had been glued to his face. He tried to take it by force for but suddenly he felt a huge headache.

"Hehehe! I've used my power to make these can't be removed unless you're powerful enough!!"

Yuuki was trembling.

"I won't let someone steal you from me!!"

Yuuki wanted to stop this message but he couldn't.

This message by itself as if it told him to watch the entire message.

"....You're only for mom," her was dark like the 'Yandere' character he drew in his past life.

Yuuki could only sigh in tired while thinking about his mother who had big son complex.

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