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Chapter 6 : Give you something nice

My Mom in Another World

Yuuki was his guitar while resting on the hammock. He made this guitar with wood from this and the gut of fish.

The gut was used as a guitar string. It didn't sound bad since he made it himself.

He had always tried to study one thing every year.

When he was eight years old. He tried to make something with wood around him since he cut it with his sword.

When he was eight years old. He learned how to garden since he didn't have any energy from working out every day. It was quite a joyful experience to watch your start to grow from seed.

When he was nine years old. He learned how to carve a wood since he had a sword in his hand. He made a lot of things from a chair, a music instrument, and some furniture.

When he was ten years old. He learned to musical instruments, especially the guitar, since it was quite easy to make.

He really missed his past life. He couldn't read manga, watch anime, or a game.

All he could do was distract his mind by doing something. If he came back to his original world and made a DIY video channel. He would definitely have 100 subscribers or something.

He was thinking about his life in the past three years. Besides training, the only happy thing in his life was flirting with his mother. He didn't know what would happen to his life if he didn't meet his mother.


He avoided an arrow from somewhere while still his guitar. He shook his head and shouted, "Mom, stop it!!"

He had been in hell for the past few years. He didn't know how many times he had to avoid her attacks every day.

"Well, I'm just testing you," came while smiling. She walked to him and hugged him. She couldn't wait to eat her son but she needed to be patient. She needed another one year and the seed she had would bear its fruit.

Yuuki didn't move and rested his head on her chest. It would be such a waste to spend this day to do something when he could with this chest.

"Moo, you really like it, huh?" Elena caressed his head.

Yuuki knew today was his birthday and that meant he would get another hellish training. He didn't want to do it again and only wanted to sleep on her chest.

"But you can't sleep now! I'll give you your birthday present," Elena said.

"I hope it's not another weapon, mom," Yuuki said.

shook her head and said, "No, it's not a weapon."

"What? Really? You're not lying?" Yuuki was excited. He almost didn't believe that he didn't receive a weapon for his birthday present.

nodded and said, "Yes, this will be your present." She pressed the device on her arms and something came out.

Yuuki had always been what the hell was that device but she didn't tell him and smiled He looked at his gift on the ground and his face started to pale.

Oh, he didn't like this present at all. He needed to run away but she hugged his body.

"Mom, you don't need to give me something like this," Yuuki didn't want this birthday present.

"Mooo, I'm working hard for you to get this gift," said with a pout

Yuuki sighed, he knew that he needed to learn but he didn't want to do it. He saw a lot of books on the ground and he knew that he needed to learn all of them.

He didn't have an IQ of 200 dammits!! His IQ was at least above average but to reach the level of someone who always stuck his tongue all the time. It was practically impossible, he didn't even have any interest in science.

He was also not a of the type who could learn on the table all the time. He was the practical type.

"Don't worry, I'll teach you all of this," Elena smiled kindly but this smile made him shudder.

He needed to run! Run away from here! But suddenly he felt something on his leg.

"What??" He saw his leg being shackled by a chain.

"I'll teach you for the entire year," Elena said while pulling the chain.

"No!! Please, no!!" Yuuki tried to fight but it was impossible. He was being dragged into the house and was forced to learn all of the knowledge in the book.

He knew it was very important for him but still, it was inhuman. He was forced to sit on the chair and wanted to run away but stopped since he saw Elena change her clothes into a sexy suit.

His little brother still didn't produce a white thingy. It seemed he was a late bloomer but he didn't care since his little brother grew splendidly.

He was still looking at his mom who dressed sexily until she dropped a large number of books.


He gulped and looked at the tower of books.

"Read all of them and I'll give you a test in 12 hours," Elena said while she took out her whip.

'Not this whip again,' Yuuki wanted to cry, but all he couldn't in his mind was how to solve the problem.

"I'll give you something nice if you are ," Elena said while sitting in front of him.

Yuuki could see her purple underwear. His eyes were burning and took one of the books. He needed to get that something nice.


Elena was looking at him with a smile,'How cute.' She only needed one year and she would get him.

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