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Chapter 4 : Which sword you choose?

My Mom in Another World

Yuuki was pretty confused, "Isn't there a beam sword or something mom?" This was a futuristic world after all since there were a gravity bracelet and pocket bracelet like she had shown him. It wouldn't be strange if there was a beam sword or something.

Elena shook her head and said, "That is still too early for you, you need to learn with this kind of sword first."

Yuuki shook his head and looked at the number of weapons on the ground. There weren't any long range weapons, only melee weapons.

Ax, halberd, sword, spear, sickle, clubs, sticks, etc. He was quite confused about which weapon he should choose from all of this.

"Choose whatever you want," Elena said with a loving

Yuuki was in a dilemma. He was inclined to choose swords but there were many kinds of swords in the ground and each of them had their own advantage.

Katana, rapier, giant sword, double sword, he held every sword on the grounds and swung it around. He tried everything until he felt which one was the most comfortable for him.

"Have you chosen?" Elena asked.

Yuuki nodded and held the sword he had chosen, "Yeah this one." In his hand was Zweih?nder,

The Zweih?nder, also Doppelh?nder, Beidh?nder is a large two-handed sword primarily in use during the early decades of the 16th century. In its developed form, the Zweih?nder acquired the characteristics of a polearm rather than a sword due to their large size and weight and therefore increased range and striking power. Consequently, it was not carried in a sheath but across the shoulder like a halberd. Its length was almost 1.8 meters and it was quite heavy.

He chose this sword because it was the most comfortable on his hands.

Although it was too big for him since he was only 135 cm tall. It couldn't be called tall but he was still a child. He could have his growth spurt later.

"Why did you choose this one?" Elena asked.

"You said I can choose whatever I want right? I choose this because this one is the most comfortable," many of that sword was too light or too heavy for him. This one was perfect in both weight and grip.

Elena nodded and didn't really think much about his choice. After all, it was all the same after you started. She took a random sword from the ground and said, "Let's start, I'll attack you and you need to survive from my attack."

"What?" Before he was ready, he suddenly saw her raise her sword and wanted to cut him.

He blocked it but it wasn't over. He kept moving his sword to block her attack.

"The first thing you need to learn is how to defend," Elena said while attacking him. "No matter what they said about the attack is the best defense or something but if you can't defend against an attack you'll be killed."

'Fuck!!!' He was cursing inside his mind. His arms were numb to block her attack. He knew his movement wasn't efficient because he was a beginner. This was his first time holding a sword. What did you expect from a beginner?

Yuuki kept blocking her attack while Elena kept attacking him. His high stamina was his only advantage but it kept draining fast with him blocking her attacks. He needed to use both his mind and physical to strategize the best way to defend her attack.

A wound kept appearing on his body. He had always thought that his mom had a yandere and sadist attribute on her. She liked to tease him and make his little brother stand up all the time but since he couldn't let out a white thingy. It was like hell for him.

He was wondering when he would bring a daughter in law for her if she would cut his little brother or not. The thought of that made him shudder and decided to get stronger.

He knew his mom was a monster but a beautiful and sexy monster. As a hero, he needed to defeat her together with his little brother!!

"ORAAA!!!" He almost used up all his stamina after blocking her attacks. He couldn't move his arms and could only move his wrist.

Now, he felt dumb to move his arms widely during the first hours. He could block her attack by only using his wrist.

Zweih?nder was very big for his small body and moving around his arms would drain his stamina faster rather than moving his arms around he could use his wrist only to block her attacks. It would be more efficient that way and didn't use a lot of his stamina.

His arms were like jelly but he didn't really care. He needed to protect his little brother and his happy life!!


"Hooo," ;s eyes lit up when she noticed him. She knew her son was smart but to think it would be to this extent. She had high for him and didn't have to worry when he failed his baptism. His physicals were already top-notch since she had trained him.

She licked her lips thinking about her little brother. It was the thing that she always observed every day. She also used a secret message to make Yuuki's little brother more curved so it would hit her sweet spot all the time.

"Three years, huh?" needed to be patient.

She had the seed and would wait for the fruit to bear in three years. She looked at her cute son and clenched her sword. She knew that there would be a lot of girls appearing around her son. His personality, handsome appearance, and his little brother.

She was the one who worked very hard to train him and massaged him with everything and the thought that some women would steal him from her.

Veins appeared on her head and she moved faster than before.

"STOP!!" She heard her son screaming but she kept attacking him. She needed to imprint her image on him.

'You're the only one for mommy.'

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