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Chapter 3 : Birthday Present

My Mom in Another World

Yuuki was awoken early in the morning. He was being thrown away into the sea.


Yuuki woke up and shouted, "WHAT THE FUCK!!" He looked around and found his new mom was in front of him while wearing some kind of white military uniform.

Elena was also holding a whip in her hands. She looked quite strict but strangely excited him.

"You've got four years to go," Elena suddenly said.

"Four years?" Yuuki was confused.

Elena nodded and said, "In four years everyone will do a baptism to get their abilities."

"Baptism? Abilities?" Yuuki didn't know anything and was dumbfounded.

"Whether you're getting trash or strong ability, it isn't a problem but you need to strengthen your body, I'll train you in the next four years," said with a strict tone.

Yuuki opened his mouth wide at her,'What?'

"I didn't hear your answer!!" Elena moved her whip and hit the ground.


"YES, MOM!!" Yuuki stood up and said.

"IT'S MAM!! NOT MOM!!" Elena moved her whip again.


"YES, MAM!!" Yuuki saluted her.

Elena nodded in and threw him something.

Yuuki caught it with a reflex, "This is?" He looked at the bracelet on his hands.

"This is a gravity bracelet, you need to run around this 10 times," Elena suddenly said.

"WHAT AN ENTIRE 10 TIMES? AND GRAVITY BRACELET?" Yuuki thought he was teleported into medieval times since Elena's house material was from wood but he came to the futuristic world? Or the same world?

Yuuki started to worry whether his past knowledge would be useful in this

"DON'T SAY NONSENSE!! HURRY UP AND PUT THAT ON YOUR WRIST!!" Elena hit the ground with her whip again.


Yuuki shuddered. He was wondering if it would hit his body. It would break one of two of his bones. He hurriedly put on this bracelet and suddenly he felt his body felt heavier.

"Fuck!!" He cursed and felt his body was being crushed by something. He fell down and gritted his teeth.

"You need to stand!! I'll have to force you even if you don't want to!!" Elena said with a cold tone.

Yuuki started to miss her from yesterday who kept giving him kind and loving from time to time but he knew it was for his own good. He tried to stand up and had a determined on his face.

"ORAAAA!!!!" Yuuki stood up even though he was swinging around.

Elena seemed satisfied with his , "Good, you only need to run 10 laps!!"

'10 laps, huh?' Yuuki looked around. It was his first time seeing the around him. He knew he was stranded because he didn't expect he was living on this kind of small He was wondering why his mom was living here.

Yuuki started to move slowly like a snail and his body was very heavy as if there was a boulder on being stuck in his body. He was wondering if it was a really futuristic world?


"YES!!" Yuuki didn't care anymore. His stamina would be drained if he started to think about something meaningless. He only needed to think about how to finish this exercise as soon as possible.


Yuuki had already run ten times throughout the He couldn't even feel his legs anymore. He almost fainted every time but he gritted his teeth.

His will was very strong, he remembered when he was being chased by his deadline. He could make his manga in one day.

Yuuki was resting on his mom's lap pillow. He didn't know thighs would be this soft. Her smell was also very nice.

"Good job," Elena was praising him. She didn't expect him to be able to finish this exercise. She thought that he would faint in the middle of running but he gritted his teeth and continued. She was quite proud of him,'It seems I need to reward him."

When she wanted to give him a reward, she noticed he was already sleeping on her lap. She smiled and a green light suddenly appeared on her hands. She touched his chest and her hand there.

Yuuki didn't notice anything and slept soundly on her lap.


Yuuki had continued this training for the entire year. He had kept running throughout the every single day. He was that he wanted to see other people but his mom had always said that she would take him when he was 12 years old.

Yuuki knew he couldn't do anything and only trained his physique.

Oh, he had also done his surgery. He didn't know where his mom learned of the surgery but it was fucking painful because he didn't receive any anesthesia. He also had to fight his Having during your surgery wasn't funny after all. He thought his mom was already on the borderline super sadist to do him surgery without anesthesia.

He also had a tattoo because of his mom. Elena had a dragon tattoo on her back. It was kind of sexy for him though.

He had one because of the His entire arms were covered by a koi fish and water tattoo.

Koi are given masculine qualities in Eastern folklore such as strength and bravery. The Koi in China are known to swim upstream in the Yellow River, but very few swim past a point known as "Dragon's Gate". Koi who make it past Dragon's Gate is said to be rewarded by turning into dragons. For this reason, Koi also symbolize and a strong desire to and "something more".

Water tattoos convey the belief that life, like water, ebbs, and flows. It is strong and swift when necessary, but can be gentle and calm as well.

It was very suitable for him and it reminded him of water since the first thing he saw during his was water.


Today is his birthday.

Yuuki is nine years old now and his mom said she would give him something special for today. He had noticed that somehow his mom could suddenly disappear. He was wondering if there was a teleporting device on this

He was looking around the until he heard a woman's voice.

"What are you doing, son?" was quite

"Nothing, I'm just looking around," He couldn't tell her that he almost had enough of this and wanted to go away.

He was enjoying his life with his mom, flirting, bathing together, and sleeping together but he wanted to see other people.

Elena looked at him with a but didn't force him. She pressed something on her arms and suddenly a lot of swords came out.

"Choose which weapons do you want to learn and I'll teach its basic, this will be your birthday present!" said happily.

Yuuki started to pale. He knew his training would be several times harder today.

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