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Chapter 1 : Adopted Son

My Mom in Another World

In front of him was blue. There was only the sea and sand beside him. It was very cold since there was nothing on his body.


He sat down and tried to remember why he was suddenly on the beach and naked.

Was he kidnapped by an alien?

His wee-wee was also smaller than usual. Then he looked at small hands and trembled. He stood up and walked slowly toward the sea to see his appearance.


He looked like an eight-year-old boy from the he saw from the sea. But he sighed in relief since his wee-wee could grow more in the future.

"Ugh, why the hell, I'm drinking that much yesterday," he didn't really want to drink but because of the atmosphere that forced him to drink with everyone. He held his head and tried to remember what he did after he was drunk.

He remembered that he was celebrating his project with everyone. It started with a light party but became very wild after someone ordered They started to drink and lost all their reason. They started to dance and scream, as if on adrenaline. They were very high and ordered some women to them.

He also got his woman and wanted to rest together in the bed but suddenly when he entered the room, he fainted and appeared in this

He wanted to smash his head remembering what he did yesterday.

He was a mangaka and did a bit of novel in his past life. He and his friends tried to make the best visual novel together and it became a high

That was why he decided to throw a party.

Thinking back to his , he started to regret his if it led to these incidents.

Suddenly he appeared on the beach, naked, and regressed back to the eight year old kid.

"AAAGHHHH!!! LET ME GO HOME!!!" He was screaming hard several times to let out his until something hit his head and made him faint.


"SHUT UP!!!"

That was the only thing he heard before he fell to the ground.


"Ugh," he groaned and woke up. His head was very hurt and he could feel it throbbing hard. He could feel a lump on the back of his head.

The person who threw something on his head was very merciless.

"Oh, did you wake up?" He turned his head and saw a tall mature woman with long bluish-gray hair, yellow eyes, and tan skin.

He was stunned and opened his mouth wide. The woman in front of him was probably one of the most beautiful women he had seen during his life.

Her huggable legs, soft yet full lips, beautiful abs on her stomach and her fragrance sweat made her head start to stand.

She wore a loose white long sleeved shirt, tight pants, and sandals.

"Oh, your head also stands up," the woman had a surprised on her face.

He didn't really care about it since he was still a child. His head wasn't gonna lose to some adult size.

He looked at this woman and was since he could understand her words but he was still pissed since this woman was probably the one who was responsible for the lump on his head. He looked at her with resentful while caressing the back of his head.

It was still throbbing hard.

"Hahaha, sorry about that, my head is quite hurt since I was drinking a lot of yesterday," she looked quite embarrassed, "But it was also your fault to scream out loud in the morning!!" She looked at him with an angry

'This woman is very unreasonable!!' He wanted to be angry at her but he didn't know his It was better to follow her.

"Where is this?" He needed to know where he was being stranded since it was near the ocean. He thought it must be near Hawaii or at least somewhere in ocean pacific.

"We're on the border of the Vatasha Kingdom," the woman said.

'Vatasha kingdom? Where the hell is that?' He held his head and became confused.

"Hey, are you fine?" The woman seemed very worried about him. She caressed his back and tried to calm him.

"Sigh...." He didn't know what to do.

"Where did you come from?" The woman asked softly since she knew this little boy was probably stranded.

He shook his head and said, "I don't know, I don't remember anything." He didn't lose his memories but it was better to act like he was amnesia.

It was probably another world like the manga or novel he had read a lot in the past, only, he wasn't being hit by a truck but being swallowed by darkness.

He didn't have anyone here and he didn't find any cheats on his body. He was trying to find a system, an old grandpa, or an old artifact but he couldn't find anything.

He was very sad until he felt something soft pressed on his cheek.

"Oh, what a poor boy," the woman hugged him on her chest.

"Uwaaa!!" He also cried a little and put his entire head on her chest. He was sad but her chest calmed him. He wanted to feel the warmth of her body, oh, he also hugged her like a since he was a child. He could make this his advantage.

His face was pretty cute and if he grew a few more years older. He could live with only relying on his face in the future.

There were many lonely women in his past world and of course, in this world too.

The woman was also affected by his She also hugged him and caressed his head.

They kept doing this until this woman said something unbelievable to him.

"That's right, how about I adopt you to my son!!" The woman seemed very excited with her genius idea.

"What?" He was stunned.

"I'm also an abandoned child like you," the woman caressed him with a tender , "my name is Elena Amanto."

"As my son, I'll name you Yuuki Amanto," Elena said with a loving

Yuuki was stunned, he didn't know that after being transferred to another world. He was being adopted to her son.

'Isn't this development a little too fast?' He didn't even agree to her son.

'I can't marry you if I your son!' he screamed inside his head.

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