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Chapter 45 : You Got Tricked!

Seized by the System

Somewhere in the secluded wilderness, glistening rocks guided a spring to the waters below. It was a where pen might meet paper.

There were three beautiful women there and then, dancing beneath the mesmerising moonlight, between the spring and the mountains. Their movements spoke of elegance, and their silhouettes carried the grace of a sparrow.

Had angels themselves descended into mortality? They must have, for surely none in this realm could compare. In the words of the Immortal Poet Li Bai, this was a beauty worthy of the goddess's abode.?

Not far away from the flitting women, a tough yet graceful looking man watched as he busied himself with peanuts and some pork. Usually, people would regard this as an absolute ruin for the atmosphere, but Fang Ning had different ideas.

As the System has activated its Spirit Eyes, Fang Ning now had the temporary ability to discern the truth from his surroundings. The scene before him differed vastly from the one that could be seen by the common folk.

Where was the angel beneath the moon that everyone was speaking of? In contrast, Fang Ning saw three corpulent and gigantic rats clumsily twisting their bodies. Their faces were pulled into a terrifying grimace as they danced uglily, and although it might seem funny, the stench of blood that originated from the mice painted the surrounding with streaks of horror.

In the System Space, the System informed, "Host, the System Map shows that the red area around is indeed shrinking. Only half of a baby's bathtub is left, and it was less than half the size of what they started with. You're right, their power will decrease the longer these?monsters continue their strange dance. That's really weird, they are actually really powerful beings; each of them were initially as powerful as the monster that came last time that their aura was as wide as a whole baby's bathtub, the strongest among them had an aura even stronger than that. With such power, adding to the fact that there were three of them, why did they start dancing for us after a round of b*llshitting? Why didn't they just start fighting us? Say, they're quite a stupid bunch, right?"

Fang Ning huffed, "They're not stupid. Instead, they're being too smart about this. The only mistake they've made is that that they've never expected my body to be seized by you, Sir System. If it was a human like me that was controlling the body with no way to find out their true form, this seducing dance of theirs would probably take effect immediately. Once we became mindless, charmed beings, then we're cooked meat. They could easily do whatever they want with us, and we won't even resist. Judging from their strength and Immorality Points, I would never believe that they never ate any human."

The System replied, "Ah. Thankfully they are self-assumed geniuses. Else we would never be able to capture all of them if we were to fight all three of them directly."

Fang Ning's smile was smug. "This is why it is important to have the advantage of They don't know anything about us, and yet they're still proud of their tactics and assumed that we would be charmed. Instead, they were tricked by us, and were only wasting their time while they dig their own grave. Once they've lost most of their power and can no longer escape, there's no need for us to even use our Esoteric Skills. We'll be able to kill them all just by using the Fire Dragon's innate power."

At the same time, the three gigantic rats exchanged as they danced. They talked to each other via telepathy.

The largest of the rats said, "We had simultaneously activated the maximum capacity for our Dance of the Seraphs for such a long time already. The average men would have long been lost in the Seraph's Fantasy, trapped within the lewd scenes that would erode their Morality and their hearts and minds. However, this man's hasn't even changed even after he's been watching for such a long time, he's even eating while he's at it! He definitely hasn't into the Seraph's Fantasy yet. How irritating! If all of humankind was like this, then there wouldn't be any foothold for our kind!"

"Who knows! I'm quite exhausted from all this dancing now, should we take a break?" asked a slightly smaller rat.

The smallest rat agreed, "The sister is right. We should take a break now, big sister, my Mana is quickly running out."

The biggest rat quickly disagreed, "We can't do that. It seems like this A is indeed extraordinary, and as a person who could already summon the Celestial Dragon Form at this age, he must have willpower that surpasses any men we've met before. We underestimated him, but the Dance of the Seraphs are going to be at its peak soon. You'll need to hold on even if you need to burn your primordial soul. The more powerful he is, the more essential it is to the Celestial Dragon Form he's nurturing. Once we've broken his Morality Chassis, we'll be able to deliver a heavy blow to the Celestial Dragon Form's growing process, and thus greatly affect its rank when it's matured."

The smaller rat dragged, "Alright. We'll hang on for a while longer. He must've been faking his ease, and it would definitely not take long until he breaks. Before this, we've also have had another Morality Core that had great willpower, but he did finally fall into the Seraph's Fantasy after a long fight. He became lost in the lewd scenes and we took his Morality Chassis, and he was still suffering from the effects now. If it wasn't for his background, he would've been fresh meat on our ;

The largest rat immediately , "That's right. Let's work hard, sisters; A is a lone wolf with no background, and was incredibly arrogant as well. Once we've broken his Morality Chassis, we'll divided him up and consume him to greatly improve our power. Then, we'll tell those old folks that the refused to submit and escaped from us. We have the support of the Bai Family while he has no one. Youngest sister, you can take a bigger of him to better improve your strength."

The other two Bai sisters' eyes brightened after they heard their eldest's bewitching words. They clenched their jaw and continued to dance, sweat trickling down their bodies…

If the three monsters knew that they were using the Dance of the Seraph to seduce the non-human System and were exhausting all of their powers for it, they would probably be coughing up blood from pure anger.

Good ol' System had neither needs nor impulses, and it would never fall into the likes of Seraph's Fantasy. It was basically a machine, and no matter how mesmerising the dance were, it would evict a response (or lack thereof) as if they were dancing for a blind man. Lewd scenes? Those were even further away from it.

When the three monsters nearly exhausted all of their energy from dancing, the biggest rat finally realised that something was off. The hero's remained the same from start to finish, and showed no signs of even being affected by the dance.

With a wave of its hand, two of its younger sisters almost to the ground, relief washing through their bodies.

The biggest rat at the hero with an icy stare as it spat, "No wonder you're the first one to summon the Celestial Dragon Form. As China's supreme totem, the Celestial Dragon's choice is indeed Great!"

"Younger sisters, burn your primordial soul, and kill him off with me!"

"Ah!" yelped the two rats. Their faces ashen as they understood the meaning behind their eldest's words. They're fighting with their lives on the line now, and their opponent was someone that could summon a real dragon. That was never within the !

Their initial was to charm and seduce him to break his Morality Chassis. Once he could no longer summon the dragon, then his abilities would no longer be relevant.?

"What, you've spent so many years eating so many people, and had enjoyed such a great life with us. Now is the time for you to contribute to our !" The eldest rat at its sisters, its hands forming gestures for

The two rats suddenly felt a sharp pain in their chests, and that pushed them to make up their minds. They nodded simultaneously. The next , all of their human forms dissipated into thin air, and three rats the size of small elephants suddenly appeared between the spring and the mountains. It was such a big contrast with the angels they were before that it was terrifying to even look at.

Fang Ning, who had seen their true form within the System Cyber Cafe, got used to the view early on that he no longer felt fear.

However, a pang of hit him right then. Weren't these three women from the Truth Department? Did none of the people find out? Or is there a bigger, more unbelievable truth beneath this?

He thought it was necessary to hide his identity before his abilities were good enough to allow him to be independent and formidable to his opponents. Sure enough, this had proven it to be true, and he should stay low so he wouldn't be killed out of nowhere.

As he made up his mind, Fang Ning took out his mobile and aimed the camera at the scene below through the System View. He started to the proceedings. If his guess was correct, these could be sold at an extremely high price if he went to the correct parties, and he would need to stock up some evidence to protect himself especially since there aren't any other witnesses around.

A was not even worried about the three monsters' intent to fight till their deaths. They attempted to trap the Host, but was instead tricked in return that they lost almost all of their Mana. They were no longer as strong and powerful as before, and he could exhaust the Morality Bars to transform into a dragon and use the Celestial Aura to suppress their abilities. Then, taking them down would almost be too easy.

A's body levitated into the air like a God descending to the realm of mortals. His eyes swept across the three evil beings below him.

"The evil beings have caused chaos in this world of law and order, attempting to break the peace of our lands in broad daylight. I will follow the will of God and the people, and I must terminate you!"?

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