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Chapter 37 : Eat Before Working

Seized by the System

Fang Ning was of course as to what Sir System meant by an 'extremely huge monster'.

He immediately opened the System Map to see, and it was, indeed, extremely huge!

The System Map showed an enormous patch of yellow appearing on some somewhere. If Madam Zhao was the most powerful monster Fang Ning has ever seen, her indicator on the map would've probably been as big as a washing basin. However, the monster that was appearing was probably as big as a tub…

Fang Ning felt shock pull at his heart before he realized something was wrong. This enormous patch of yellow seemed dull, in comparison to Madam Zhao's bright yellow.

However, when he looked closer, the yellow was growing brighter, although it was doing so at a slow pace…

Fang Ning immediately asked, "What is happening?"

The System answered, "This huge monster isn't completely in our world yet. It's forcing itself to arrive in our world, it should be passing through the World Boundary now."

"Oh, I understand now. It's passing through the World Boundary, so its body is slowly appearing in our world, which is why the System Map is showing it like that."

"We can't let this monster go! Once we farm it, we could possibly grow 15 levels!"

Hearing this, Fang Ning came to understand just how important this was. The System wasn't human, and yet it had spoken with such an excited tone, which meant only one thing: this monster was incredibly valuable and the System had to use such a tone to remind him.

However, would they be able to farm this monster?

Fang Ning spoke up, "Having such is always good, Sir System, but I distinctly remember a System that popped up the last time that said you're barely on par with Madam Zhao. The only thing different from before is that we've learned that Ability. The only thing that has directly strengthened our battle abilities is the buff that permanently doubles the power of all Dragon Series martial arts. There's also that effect that allows the of martial arts, but because we've just gotten it, we haven't seen any results yet. Are you sure it'll work?"

"It's more than enough. You haven't mastered the Ability yet and you also don't know the true power of Morality, so you have no idea how powerful both combined are. Don't worry, just watch…"

Fang Ning rolled his eyes, "Like the last time, just don't mess up. Is it going to be one move this time too?"

"Of course not."

Fang Ning was shocked. "Would it be too difficult?"

"I'll need around three moves."

"Alright. I hereby sincerely wish for Sir System's victory and for you to make a triumphant return. Are you going to start now?"

"No, I'm going to eat first."


"Oh right, you don't know. This Ability is incredibly powerful, but it has a small weakness. Every time it's cast, it consumes a large amount of the body's nutrients. I have to eat a week's worth of food or it'll consume life force instead. The monster isn't going to appear for a few more hours, so I have time for an abundant meal."

"As long as you're happy…"


Mo Xing and his henchmen were all patiently waiting at one of the in the city. The citizens and passers-by around them had long since been chased away, and everybody within a two-kilometer radius from their had also been evacuated.

All the members of the Special Affairs Department were currently on standby. Although they were all armed with specially-made weapons, instead of separating into numerous groups in echelon like their usual battle strategy, they separated into eight teams. Seven teams were dispatched across seven on the , while the last team stood by as backup.

Out of everyone on the field, only Director Mo knew the full details of their battle ?What he was arranging now was a battle that the Truth Department came up with long ago, specifically to target powerful aliens – Eastern Wood Jade Dragon Battle Array. Although the name was old-, the was incredibly efficient. It echoed the Truth Department's Traps Above Snares Below's capabilities; it was connected to the stars above them, and to the land below them.

This battle ;s advantage was that it highly depended on their world's topographical advantages, by uniting the weaker Cultivators to fight against an extremely strong alien arrival. It also allowed the Truth Department to watch the battle in real-time, using their Traps Above Snares Below ability, giving them the convenience of sending people on mobile

Although it seemed like a high quality ploy, Mo Xing knew from the first look that this whole thing was just another way to execute them all with guns!

The personnel in the battle would drop one by one while fighting the powerful alien due to their lack of power. The backup team would then be used to fill any gaps left, until they finally exhaust the enemy to death.

As for whether or not they would emerge , Mo Xing was confident that his underlings from the Special Affairs Department had enough training and knowledge on the basics of He strongly believed that they would persevere and sacrifice, like the soldiers on the frontlines of war who held on, until their enemies were all defeated. However, before that could happen, a lot of people would have to die first.

Which was why he had repeatedly said that this would be a difficult , although he never said that they couldn't He believed that he had enough manpower this time, but that didn't mean that he would have enough the next time.

Unlike Mo Xing's confidence and struggle, the pair of students that were in the backup team were scared to bits.

Mo Xing only allowed those that had underwent military training onto the battlefield. As a matter of fact, he hadn't hoped for them to be of any use, at most he just wanted to expose them to the battlefront.

After all, they had abilities. Once the methods were publicised, they would be excellent seedlings for , since they would already have had battle experience. This was the true reason behind Mo Xing bringing students with him.

Time continued to pass, as the entire gradually grew into a palpable silence.

Slowly, the night began to descend upon them, affecting even the streetlights in the distance around them.

The itself soon followed into darkness.

Everything else seemed to be as usual, save for an odd eeriness around the vicinity. A sense of fear enveloped everyone on the

Lu Er, who was hiding behind Director Mo, felt his heart thud rapidly against his chest. Within his body, his unique ability – the ability that provided him with super speed, seemed to be warning him of a far stronger, and far more valuable ability approaching him, urging him to turn tail and run.

He turned to look at the other student, Shao Han, and only saw the other male trembling. He immediately understood that although Shao Han's ability was weak, it was still an ability all the same, so when it was faced with a high-level threat, it instinctively warned its host of the imminent danger.

However, Mo Xing heaved a long sigh; the sacrifice this time wouldn't be too huge. He whispered to a correspondent, "The enemy seems to have lost a lot of power forcing its own arrival. It shouldn't be more than a Grade B, order everyone to prepare to activate their powers. Make sure that all for the activating the are without mistakes too."

The correspondent immediately disseminated the orders to the other teams using a special device.

Seeing how his underlings carried out his orders without fear despite the imminent danger, Mo Xing felt pride blossom in him. So what if A was the Hero of Qi City now, when it came to critical moments like this, people still depended on us fighters, who were willing to put ourselves on the line. Not a couple of

Mo Xing shook his head and reprimanded himself, "Why am I comparing myself to some fellow who serves justice of his own The fact that he could do whatever it does is quite amazing. The true culprits were the people from the Truth Department, they valued their own too much and purposely misled the higher ups, saying things like how the alien was nothing to worry about, and that if its power were to be emitted simply, the aftermath would be terrible to handle due to the appearance of hard-to-control ;

This made things incredibly difficult for a bunch of willingly sacrificial soldiers, those who foresaw the chaos. They were only allowed to learn the very basics of , which posed no potential or threat, so they could only use a unifying battle against the enemy.


Meanwhile, within headquarters of the Truth Department somewhere in the north, a group of people were in with each other.

"The monster is about to arrive at Qi City, have the Traps Above Snares Below found its origin point yet?"

"The comparison of its power levels with the power levels of the aliens already in the database is still ongoing. It needs a bit more time…"

"Finish up quickly. I think something's different with this monster."

"Haha, Elder Xu, are you worried about Qi City because your student is deployed there?"

"Don't speak bullsh*t! I wouldn't bat an eye even if he died in battle right now. I'm just worried that if he were indeed to be killed, nobody would be able to stop that monster, and Qi City's 8 citizens would all be in danger!"

"Elder Xu, the comparison results are out!"

"Spill it!"

"Its Power Level is below Grade B, but its power signature is extremely peculiar; it seems to specifically target the spiritual level. to a report made by Qi City's Special Affairs Department, an Enchanter was recently destroyed there. I'm afraid it is to this alien."

"What characteristics did that Enchanter have?"

"The final result isn't out yet, and feedback hasn't been given to Qi City's Special Affairs Department. to the current test results, we can only project 2 possible abilities. One is the ability to strengthen itself by consuming the of orders. The is the ability to summon a of reckless ghosts."

"What?! That's terrible! Order Relentless Swordsman to provide backup for them. Where is he now?"

"He is currently at XX Base in the northwest. It would take him about two hours to arrive, even if he flew over on a private military aircraft and immediately left for the upon arriving at Qi City's airport."

"How long does the alien have until it arrives?"

"1 hour 40 minutes."

"20 minutes! How many people would they have to sacrifice to stall that monster for so long? If only the Relentless Swordsman had honed his sword driving to its peak, then he wouldn't have to waste time at the airport. But I can't order him to use emergency measures; with such a weird monster, it would only make things worse if he got hurt because he couldn't handle it well…"

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