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Chapter 28 : Just A Single Move

Seized by the System

It was a quiet night. The city was empty, the street lights surrounding it barely lighting the up.

"You're finally here."

Spoke Qi Tao who stood in the , a woman in his embrace. With a fling of his arm, she was flung onto a flowerbed quite a distance away. Despite the throw, the woman barely uttered a sound.

Opposite him stood A.

"Let me guess who hired you to take revenge on me. Was it that useless upstart that had fainted because I got him angry? Or was it the prince of the Qi family, worried I would threaten his , or that I would one day end up angering the wrong people with my arrogance and affecting the Qi family's development, Qi Ye? Or did you find out that I used to be a terrible bully, and even captured people to let my grandfather use them to conduct experiments using the Golden Needle of Internal Energy?"

Qi Tao's radiated confidence. The bratty and domineering aura at the banquet was barely half of his current state.

Within the System Space.

Fang Ning said, "This seems to be purposely baiting us? It seems that his taunting wasn't done without purpose. What is his aim?"

"I don't know," answered the System.

"Could it be that he obtains power after killing the strong, just like us? Or at least something ;


"Then are you certain you can defeat him?"

"I still need only one move."

"Then I'm going to continue …"

"Sure sure, but when I call for you, you are to appear immediately."

Qi Tao noticed that even after listening to him speak, A remained in his spot, unchanged.

He shook his head lightly, "That won't do. I don't like it when my prey dies , it takes the fun out of everything. Let me tell you, it really isn't fun at all. You must be like them instead…"

Right after he finished speaking, Qi Tao's silhouette split into half, and two more people emerged from his body!

Right after appearing, the pair leaped towards the flower bed in the distance and grabbed two men in suits, who were immediately thrown onto the ground with a "bang".

They covered their mouths with their hands and coughed into them, only to pale in the face when they saw all the blood on their palms.

"Look at that! That kind of fearful makes things fun! You see, humans are such amusing toys. All those rapidly changing is such a sight to see!"

Qi Tao looked towards the sky and breathed in deeply, an indulgent look on his face.

"Hey, you two! You should be Feng Niao's people right? Who hired you?"

"We're not hostile, we're just spies, nobody hired us! We're just gathering ," answered one of the men, Qi Tao made him feel unspeakable fear.

"Haha, if you both were hostile, do you think you'll still be alive now?" said Qi Tao frankly.

"Our will need an audience, so consider you both very lucky, for there's no need for you to die yet…" continued Qi Tao while looking at A.

"Wow, what a strong body, is that why you're not afraid? Because you think you're strong enough? Oh yeah, you've killed your fair share of strong people. But the thing about me is that I enjoy watching strong people get angry and get scared. A lot of strong people that think they're all that don't get scared at first, they get angry instead. Then when they realize how powerless they truly are, the fear creeps in and they start sobbing, begging me to let them go. Since you're not afraid, I'll summon more people and you'll know what true fear is…"

Qi Tao smiled as he spoke, while more and more people kept rushing out of his body. There were males and females, both young and old, and there were even children and babies… Each person that came out had a look on their face as they hovered in mid-air, trapping Fang Ning and Feng Niao's spies in the middle of a circle.

The spies, on the other hand, were paralyzed with fear. They knew that they were smack in the middle of a supernatural incident that was above the ;s D grade. An incident of this grade could no longer be solved with material things like guns or Kung Fu; only mystical powers could be used to deal with it.

"Sh*t, A32. Are we going to die on our first ; asked the first spy as he embraced his partner.

"Don't be afraid, at least we won't be the first ones that do," answered the spy, returning his partner's embrace.

"You're only making me more afraid…" warbled the first spy, tears threatening to spill.

A's remained unchanged as he watched on. It felt like he was putting on a show.

"That's no fun. Aren't you scared?" Qi Tao shook his head, expressing his disbelief at the

Actually, A's true identity, Fang Ning, was just as scared as the two spies. The only difference was that he had somewhere safe to hide, whereas the pair of spies had no other choice but to stay where they were.

Although he was in the System Cyber Café just now, some of the ghostly wails and faces from the outside were still being projected into his brain.

This was more than enough to scare him into stopping his game before running to cower by the ;s for security. Fang Ning then said, "I'm about to be scared shitless. Oh System, out of the four people alive right now, you're the only one that doesn't know fear. So stop spacing out and do your thing to exterminate this monster!"

The System answered, "Hold up. I want to see what it still has up its sleeves, which would make it easier for me to roughly estimate this enemy's powers. I'll only need one move to deal with it anyway."

"You better don't mess it up. I'm afraid I don't have any good ideas in dealing with spirits and whatnot."

"Alright, I'll make a move then."

With that said, A immediately started floating. He pushed an open palm strongly forwards, and instantaneously, a force impacted Qi Tao!

Qi Tao was unable to foresee the speed at which A moved. Being unable to evade, he disintegrated into bubbles with a loud "bang!".

"Hahahaha!" His voice suddenly emitted from all around them.

"I'm hiding amongst all these ghosts, so try finding me. There's no use in having a lot of power if you don't know what to hit!"

Qi Tao laughed to himself, he couldn't help it. Numerous people have died because of this simple yet unsolvable skill!

This A was amazing, however. That short distance attack was the fastest Qi Tao had ever seen. Out of all the strong people he had met, he was afraid nobody would be able to evade that attack.

Sadly he would only die of !

A was doomed to be unable to find Qi Tao's true body. He could only continue running while he killed ghost after ghost, before finally running out of energy, letting Qi Tao kill him off!

When that happened, Qi Tao will gain another strong spirit servant.


Fang Ning , "System, you messed up! You said you only need a single move…"

Fang Ning could only watch from the sidelines while the System controlled his body. The palm that had attacked Qi Tao didn't stop, but instead drew a circle in the air, before it pushing outwards again. Just then, Fang Ning heard the roar of a dragon…

A slender red dragon appeared from the circle that was drawn, and without budging an inch, flew headfirst into a spirit's torso. The body of the red dragon followed closely before disappearing entirely into the ghost's body.

The spirits surrounding them vanished before their eyes. The spirit's gaze shifted from one of emptiness to one full of life, before it shifted again to a gaze that contained fear, despair and shock all in one.

Qi Tao gradually reappeared. "That's not possible! How did you manage to find my true body so easily! Why didn't my Shapeshifting work! I will not die here! They told me themselves that nobody possessed the skill to kill me!!"

He held on, barely able to finish speaking before his entire body rapidly expanded. With a loud "bang!", his body disintegrated. Blood, bones and clothes across the

Peace returned to the night once more.

Fang Ning thought to himself, "You were so red you were purple. Even the night wouldn't be able to hide your self from the System Map. What's so weird about the System finding your true body?"

A popped up. [ The System attacked Enchanter Qi Tao on its own

The System used the Esoteric Skill " Dragon's Roar to the Heavens". Third level Aggro Bar consumed.

The System hit Qi Tao's true body. Qi Tao suffered a critical attack of the Yang Attribute and was inhibited by Dragon Force. Qi Tao's passive skill "Shapeshifting" failed to cast.

Crit! Defense ignored! Critical attack!

Enchanter Qi Tao suffered 1800 points of damage.

Enchanter Qi Tao is dead.

The System obtained 75000 experience points. The System leveled up to level 11...

The System absorbed a large amount of Morality, first level Morality Bar full. ]

The System spoke up then, "A single move."

Fang Ning spat back, "There's no need for you to anymore… Oh sh*t!

"He isn't dead yet?!"

"No, but you've smashed him to smithereens. The Dragon's Cloud-Searching that we always use after farming can't be used anymore. We've lost a bit of ;

Right after Fang Ning had finished speaking, he watched the System control his body to walk towards the pair of Feng Niao's spies, who had miraculously survived.

"Great Hero, thank you for saving our lives," said the first spy, kowtowing his head against the ground.

As compared to when they were face-to-face with Qi Tao, the pair of spies were not afraid of A. All of Feng Niao's people knew that A never attacked the innocent.

They were new spies, so they were sure that they've never committed any crimes. They thought to themselves, "He walked over here to console us both before letting us leave right?"

Just then, A spoke up, "Go, look around here, and pick up the things that that person had dropped for me…"

The pair of spies was dumbfounded. As they stood up, they looked around the ; Qi Tao's bits and pieces were everywhere, how are they going to find it?

They shared a before retrieving their torchlights, then proceeded to comb the They were crying at first, but as they continued searching, their despair turned to gratitude. This A was stronger than Qi Tao by a hundredfold, so thankfully he was a good person…

Noticing A's leisurely aura, they realized that they wouldn't be able to leave unless they found something…

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